Baby-faced Beauty Episode 16 Summary

Okay, this color blind issue…I really hope it won’t lead to any deathly illness or anything like that. I mean that kind of story plot is so first k-wave era, right? Let’s hope for the best climax and anti-climax for this story.

The meeting summoned Seo Yeong to confirm about what really happen and Seo Yeong gave them explanation as best as she could. Dir.Hyeon and Yoon Seo attacked her and President Ji couldn’t do anything to defend her. Seo Yeong would probably get fired soon.

Jin Wook was worried and upset in the same time seeing Seo Yeong hurting herself, but his words turned out to sound like a pesimistic cheering. He said that Seo Yeong shouldn’t make clothes anymore if it’s just going to make her suffer in the future. And Seo Yeong was more upset because of those words.

We were distracted by Seo Yeong’s issue for a moment, but when it came to the Style management meeting, we’re back to the silent war between Dir.Hyeon and Dir.Baek. Since it caused some loss for the company and for the reason that Dir.Baek had known Seo Yeong’s sight issue, Dir.Hyeon attacked her right away. Dir.Baek had to take full responsibility on this matter and step down her position.

Dir.Baek agreed, but as a final request, she asked for President Ji to keep letting Seo Yeong be in the company as a designer. She said Seo Yeong’s eyes could be treated.

Dir.Baek really left and that made Seo Yeong a public enemy.The production team couldn’t accept their legendary teacher gave up her 35years career for a controversial new employee like Seo Yeong.

Seo Yeong begged to Yoon Seo to speak to her mother for considering Dir.Baek back to the office, but of course, Yoon Seo refused it coldly.

President Ji, in his silent looked very sad having no more Director Baek in the office. He loved her as his teacher, guardian, mother…almost everything. Facing the fact that she’s leaving the company, he knew he was really alone from that moment on.

Everyone was worried and sorry for Seo Yeong. Fortunately, the wise team leader Kim let Seo Yeong rest at home for a couple of days and Seo Yeong agreed. She got a phonecall from the hospital informing that her eyes could be treated and that’s a little good news to sooth her pain that moment. Senior Jang informed Jin Wook that Seo Yeong was going home. Jin Wook consoled Seo Yeong, saying that he was sorry and worrying her and he would be a good boyfriend for her to rely on.

Jin Wook thought he had to do something right. Even though he had known Ji Seung Il’s feelings for his girlfriend, that man was still their boss. He told President Ji the real history of how Seo Yeong could suffered from a color blind. He told him about the fabric experiment using some dangerous chemicals Seo Yeong did for the outdoor outfits competition to save Dir.Baek from being resign.

President Ji then came to talk to Seo Yeong in front of her apartment. He got a faith that if Dir.Baek believed in Seo Yeong so much, she had to have a certain quality. President Ji said she had to through it all and stood still to be able to continue Dir.Baek’s job. He said after Dir. Baek left, Seo Yeong was the only person he could rely on in the company.

Sun Nam saw the scene where President Ji had a conversation with Seo Yeong and thought he had to be another man who’s after her. And all this time, apparently, Sun Nam had been in thouch with Seo Yeong’s father. The pig trotters he always gave to Seo Yeong’s family actually came from Mr. Lee. So Sun Nam informed Seo Yeong’s father that her eldest daughter was having two men after her. Her dad was very happy.

Jin Wook dad heard about Mr.Lee’s daughter was having two candidates for future husband, he was worry about his son’s future wife. So he decided to come bursting in to Jin Wook’s apartment and made a scene. No wonder Jin Wook had a bad relationship with his dad, Mr.Choi got a very bad temper and was very dictatorship to his only son.He commanded Jin Wook to bring his girlfriend home in the next weekend. Jin Wook refused to do as he said and that just made his father left for home in a very bad temper.

At home, Seo Yeong’s mom slipped her words by talking about the congratulatory video intiated by Kang Yoon Seo. Then Seo Yeong recalled the memory when Joo Hee also accidently mentioned about this video thing. Seo Yeong tried to figure out and put the pieces together. Finally she came up with a realization that Yoon Seo had known everything from the beginning and aimed to bring her down at the first place.

A top female celebrity, Chae Shil Ah, appointed The Style to make her dress for a red carpet event. However, she wanted to have options in design, so she threw a design competition for all The Style’s designers. She would sort listed all the submitted designs and picked three. And from the three designs, she would wear one of them to the red carpet. Everyone was so thrilled about the competition and Seo Yeong had an idea of participating.

Seo Yeong confirmed about the congratulatory video matter to Yoon Seo and that woman didn’t deny it. She finally showed her true feeling to Seo Yeong. What made Seo Yeong so angry was that Yoon Seo had to bring along Dir.Baek and her mother. Seo Yeong said she’s gonna beat Yoon Seo at the competition.

Seo Yeong was back to the company in a good self confidence. She’s gonna do her best and wouldn’t let down Dir. Baek and President Ji’s trust.

Seo Yeong was touched of how Jin Wook always care for her in his amusing way. It took Jin Wook a moment of rehearsal before she called Seo Yeong. He was so surprised finding Seo Yeong was right behind him. He promised Seo Yeong to be a good boyfriend she could rely on.

Kim Joon Soo asked Joo Hee to go to the bridal with him to help him get an inspiration for the competition. He said that Joo Hee’s sexy body should be shown in the sexyness of a wedding dress. Joo Hee thought Joon Soo was being ignorant because she’s just a newly divorcee. But that information turned out to cheer Joon Soo like crazy because apparently he didn’t know that. Immidiately he said, “We should have a drink together then!”

Jin Wook became a very good boyfriend. He helped Seo Yeong with references and offered her to be her eyes. I like the way Jin Wook tried to describe fabric colors.

“This color is red. The kind of red that…do you remember the kimchi you threw to me on our first meeting here? that kimchi added with chilly sauce, that’s the red of this fabric.”
And when Seo Yeong asked to describe a green fabric, Jin Wook explained:
“Do you remember the rainy night when we spent time together in the car playing card and…no no, that’s not the point. It’s the morning after that. Remember the street with trees where we walked in the morning and were too shy to speak with each other. It’s the green color of the tree leaves there.”
I think that’s a very creative way to describe a color…I call it a color that tells history. Oh, I miss my studios…

Jin Wook even writing the name of the color on each of the color pencil…just for Seo Yeong.

Seo Yeong finally got her inspiration for the dress when Jin Wook showed her a picture of a famous actress wearing a nice gown on the red carpet. She was mostly inspired by the idea that every celebrity came walking on that red carpet, no matter whether she/he was the leading actors/actresses or supporting roles or even cameo, they came as the representative of themselves for their participation in a movie.

And here’s our star, Chea Shil Ah. Too bad she got the arrogant attitude of a famous star. She let her manager picked three best dress for her and to make sure Kang Yoon Seo’s dress was in because previously that woman called her.

The final three designers’s names were announced: Kim Joon Soo, Kang Yoon Seo and Lee Seo Yeong.

Yoon Seo said Seo Yeong should take a look at that list longer and be happy for that moment because she would make sure that’d be the last time for Seo Yeong to have her name in the same announcement list as her.

Seo Yeong didn’t drop her head because of those words. Instead she said, “No, i’ll make sure it’s the last time YOUR name will be in the list.”

Woowww…she got her confidence!

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