Baby-faced Beauty Episode 17 Summary

Episode 17 was not very dynamic, though Seo Yeong finally met her father and also Jin Wook’s father. In the same time, she realized that she loved Jin Wook very much.

It’s funny that the couple acted like a high schoolies couple. They called each other “Yojin) (Yoja Chingu = girlfriend) and “Namjin” (Namja chingu = boyfriend).

The final three made a presentation to Chea Shil Ah for the dress. Yoon Seo made a good impression with her white fabric. While Seo Yeong dared enough to brought up the taboo color for red carpet: the red fabric. However Seo Yeong explained that she would make Shil Ah feel and look sexy on the red carpet.

Seo Yeong worked very hard to make the sample…

Seo Yeong got an information about her father’s whereabout. She found him in Jin Wook’s family’s restaurant. She was even introduced to Mr. Choi, who said that she’s a very pretty girl and a good daughter.

Mr. Choi had lost his patience, so he decided to go to Jin Wook’s office. But he’s meeting Senior Jang instead, asking what the girl was like. He asked to meet her right away.

Senior Jang told Seo Yeong to meet Jin Wook’s dad. And it was very surprising for both Mr. Choi and Seo Yeong. Mr. Choi straightly said he opposed the relationship.

Park Na Ra had to face the reality that Jin Wook-Seo Yeong’s relationship was blooming and they couldn’t help themselves to show affection to one another.

Park Na Ra was so upset that she went out drinking with Senior Jang. They both drank and ended up sleeping together.

The next morning Jin Wook smell a fishy familiar situation in the elevator where the stayed-out-all-night Senior Jang looked awkward being in the same elevator with Na Ra. Then Jin Wook hit the jackpot guess: “Did you guys sleep together last night?”

Hyeon-i came to Design Team 5 office looking for Seo Yeong. She met Joon Soo who mistook her as Joo Hee’s daughter. Hyeon-i gave him this expression:

and asked Joo Hee, “Is aunty dating this guy? Is he really like this? This man is stupid.”

And then she met Seo Yeong. They’re having drink at the cafetaria and had a nice conversation. Hyeon-i said she missed Seo Yeong very much. However, their reunion didn’t last long because Hyeon-i was picked up by Ji Seung Il. He told Hyeon-i not to distrub Seo Yeong ajumma because she was very busy.

President Ji paid a visit to Seo Yeong who was having an overtime work. He showed Seo Yeong the most beautiful dress he ever seen: Hyeon-i’s dress.

Seo Yeong then asked her, as Hyeon-i’s dad, what kind of man would he approve to be Hyeon-i’s husband when the time had come. Ji Seung Il said a dependable man with a great heart..but the most important thing was the man Hyeon-i really loved. Seung Il said he was glad that finally he could be just Hyeon-i’s dad to her.

When he left Seo Yeong he heard he receiving a phone call from Jin wook. And when he was on the corridor he met Jin Wook. He coldly teased Jin Wook, “Haven’t you finished your work today? Why are you still here? I don’t like an employee demand an overtime fee but he actually does nothing.”

Jin Wook left confused..

Seo Yeong said she might be an older girl who comes from a poor family with only a high school background, but she couldn’t leave Jin Wook because she liked him so much. Jin Wook’s dad said he’s fine with their age gap as long as she’s a nice girl, he’s fine with her from a poor family because they’re rich enough to support their lives, and he didn’t mind the education background as long as she had a well manner…BUT he objected having Jin Wook as his father’s son-in-law. Mr. Choi knew Mr.Lee so well that his life was real mess. He’s a swindler and he didn’t like his son to be the son-in-law of such a man.

Seo Yeong’s mom finally found out about her husband whereabout too and made a scene in the pig trotter restaurant. Seo Yeong came for a help and felt sorry that Mr. Choi’s business might get an effect from the scene her family made.

Her father was a real jerk. He said he’s not coming back home before he got the money to bring to his wife. He said he had known the gambling system and would try his luck again. He was so confident that he would hit big soon.

Chae Shil Ah was angry that she got a competitor to be The Style advertisement model. Therefore he manager told her to choose Yoon Seo’s dress because she’s Director Hyeon’s daughter. She thought that would help Shil Ah got the position.

Seo Yeong made a big surprise that she asked Jin Wook to have a date like other couples. Jin Wook was so surprise that he even thought Seo Yeong might have eaten something wrong. But Seo Yeong was very serious about it, so Jin Wook was more than happy to have a date with her.

They went to amusement park, holding hand the whole day that Jin Wook didn’t want to let her go accept for toilet time. They had a nice date.

When they’re already back in front of Seo Yeong’s place, Seo Yeong asked Jin Wook to leave first. She thought she was ready to let him go. But Seo Yeong turned back and ran after Jin Wook.

She gave him a sudden back hug. It was very hard for her to let him go. It might be their last dating. Jin Wook was confused, but of course touched.

He turned back to face Seo Yeong and found the girl looking at him in teary eyes. He lowered down his body, ready to kiss her…but hesitated. Surprisingly, Seo Yeong was the one who shot him a kiss first.

It was a romantic kiss for them…

Will SeoYeong let him go at the end? We don’t know yet, but hopefully not. Jin Wook was very crazy for her…poor him if Seo Yeong decided to leave him.

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