Baby-faced Beauty Episode 18 Summary

Last episode ended with a kiss, but the love atmosphere soon to be ended. Seo Yeong decided to leave Jin Wook. The next morning at  the office, while Jin Wook’s love enthusiasm was still up, Seo Yeong talked to him about breaking up. She told him that their relationship didn’t take them anywhere while her condition urged her to get a more promising future. Jin Wook was confused because Seo Yeong seemed to turn to be a completely different woman. She said she liked him, that’s true, but women in her age should be realistic.

Jin Wook couldn’t give up, he didn’t give up. He came to Seo Yeong’s house and introduced himself formally to her mother. He said he’s not proposing to be her husband yet, just to let Seo Yeong’s family give their blessing to Seo Yeong’s relationship with him.

Seo Yeong came and saw the scene, so she dragged Jin Wook out. She asked him not to do this kind of thing any further. She’s not seeing him anymore. Jin Wook still couldn’t get anything. He said he’s serious with her and would lead their realtionship to marriage though not for the recent time. Seo Yeong then said still, she saw Jin Wook as a man who wasn’t settle yet that he’s not ready for a marriage life.

The next day at the office, Jin Wook confront Seo Yeong, trying to convince her that he’s more than a stable man, he’s an heir of a rich family. He finally told her about his father’s business and all their family wealth. But as we know Seo Yeong had already known that, so she just coldly said that she’s busy preparing for the competition

The competition was actually unnecessary because Chae Shil Ah had already made her decision. Without even had a look at other design, she straightly put on Yoon Seo’s dress. She needed the new contract with The Style.

Seo Yeong realized that Shil Ah didn’t even take a look at her design. She asked for an explanation. Shil Ah just said that she already knew from the sketch that the dress was quite old style.

And yes, Chae Shil Ah finally got her renewal contract.

President Ji came to console Seo Yeong. He asked to have a look at the dress.

Jin Wook found out Seo Yeong didn’t win the competition. So he was trying to help in his own way, which was always wittyly creative. He started to act like a stalker fan of Shil Ah, just to persuade her to have a look at Seo Yeong’s dress. None of his effort worked.

Senior Jang and Na Ra had a serious talk about what would happen between them after what happened the other night. Both of them agreed the incident was not a big deal and they should stop acting awkward for the sake of their job…

But as soon as alcohol was running in their blood, this couple found themselves felt comfortable in each other presence.

The Style was holding a promotional event. Even though Shil Ah had secured her position by signing a new contract, she still felt insecure wherever her competition, a beautiful model named Sung Joo, was around. They pretended to be a good friend in front of the cameras, while behind all those smiles, they hate each other.

President Ji asked Shil Ah about why she didn’t even take a look at other designs. Shil Ah was very nervous. She could only made an excuse that she thought other designs were old style. President Ji soon made a call to Seo Yeong. As a good designer, he asked her to believe him. President Ji got an idea.

Mr.Choi came to Jin Wook’s place to make him choose between two girls, he brought their photos, to do an arranged date. Jin Wook refused and finally knew the reason Seo Yeong acted strange was because she had met his dad. His father said he knew Seo Yeong’s father well and couldn’t let him be that man’s son-in-law.

Seo Yeong was told by President Ji to come to the event wearing her own dress. President Ji asked Joo Hee to help SeoYeong to a beauty salon. Seo Yeong looked stunning.

President Ji waited for in front of the elevator. He was mesmerized. He had prepared a couple of pretty shoes for Seo Yeong. At first she’s going to wear them on her own. But because of the dress, she had a hard time bending her body. President Ji didn’t even hesitate to help her put on the shoes.

When the appeared in the event, everyone’s attention was drown to them. People asking to each other who that girl was and if she was Seung Il’s new girl friend. Chae Shil Ah was so surprised to see that sexy dress. People were also talking about the dress (where she bought it, who designed it, where they could get that kind of dres, bla bla bla).

Chief Go was about to put Seo Yeong’s dress for an auction, and Sung Joo was so ready to get that one, when Shil Ah finally said the dress was hers. She’s changing her mind and said she’s wearing that dress to the red carpet instead of Yoon Seo’s dress. Yoon Seo asked for an explanation, but Shil Ah only said, “Being sexy seems to be fun, too.”

Mission accomplished…just yet, for Ji Seung Il. Seo Yeong excused herself, but Seung Il made her stay. He asked for a dance. But it didn’t last long because in right in that moment, Jin Wook burst in. He took Seo Yeong’s hand and told Seung Il firmly, “I’ve told you to stay away from my girlfriend.” Then he dragged Seo Yeong out of the hall.

Jin Wook told Seo Yeong that he already met his father and therefore they needed to talk. Seo Yeong refuse and Jin Wook got more emotion by insisting her to leave with him. Ji Seung Il saw the scene and decided to interfere.

He said he knew Jin Wook was a rude man and this time he wouldn’t let this go. Jin Wook talked him back by saying that Seung Il was the one who always said not to mix professional matter with a personal matter. But for Jin Wook, Ji Seung Il had confused himself by making job issue as an excuse to steal Seo Yeong’s heart.

The cool Ji Seung Il was finally provoked. He grabbed Jin Wook’s suit and looked ready for a real fight.

But was he really ready for a fight? That charismatic cool President Ji was ready to give Jin Wook a hard punch on the face?  :?  Hmm, we’ll know the result on the next episode. Two more episodes to the finale everyone… ;)

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