Baby-faced Beauty Episode 6 Summary

Oh I was so excited for this episode. We can see the love sparks between Jin Wook and Seo Yeong. The couple seemed to be worrying each other beyond their own mind and surprisingly getting more comfortable with each other. We’ll see soon… ;)

Lee Seo Yeong woke up in the morning in her room. She checked on her cellphone and had a long list of Jin Wook’s name on the log. Seo Yeong was advised by her “seniors” not to get out of control anymore when it came to drinking. Jin Wook was the one with the loudest voice asking if she remembered anything from last night. Seo Yeong blurly recalled her memory from the night before. She remembered Jin Wook carried her on his back and threw up on his face. Jin Wook asked who helped her to get a taxi when he left her to buy a medicine. She remembered coincidently met President Ji on the street and he helped her get a taxi, but that’s when Seo Yeong found out the owner of the unknown number called her last night.

Jin Wook caught Yoon Seo having a romantic call with someone. He looked uncomfortable, but Yoon Seo asked him to keep their relationship as good friends.

Yoo Seo absolutely dislike Seo Yeong frankly saying, but she always made it look elegant. She didn’t give Seo Yeong any chance when it came to design. She said she had nothing to talk about her design. Well, her design wouldn’t be desired by 20-something girls..their market, that’s at least what Jin Wook said when she asked for his opinion.

Seo Yeong went out for lunch with Jin Wook…but turned out they went to the wrong place. The couple found Ji Seung Il and Kang Yoon Seo were having lunch together there.The scene was surprising for Jin Wook…and also for Yoon Seo.Unfortunately, they ended up sitting all four together.

Jin Wook tried to show Yoon Seo that he was having a more-than-friends-relationship with Seo Yeong. Jin Wook was about to boast about how he carried her on the back all night but she said she got home by taxi. When she was asked who helped her did that, Ji Seung Il answered that for her. Things were back to awkwardness.

Seo Yeong worked harder on her drawing. She was caught working alone by Director Baek. She asked her why she loved fashion design. Seo Yeong told her about her graduation memory when her mom bought her a new nice dress and it made her pretty and she was very happy. She wanted people to feel the same. Dir. Baek said, “Then you’ve lost your way. Everywoman, regardless their age are all the same. They like to feel pretty and happy.”

Seo Yeong worked on her design all night. She really tried her best.

But unfortunately on the next day when she handed it to Yoon Seo, she just trew it to the dust bin, but it was missed.The design was littered on the floor. Yoon Seo didn’t even bother looking at Seo Yeong’s drawing. She said she shouldn’t hand it to her directly.

Ji Seung Il was looking for something on Yoon Seo’s desk when she was away.And when he stepped on Seo Yeong’s drawing, he was interested and picked it up.

Let’s take a break a little while. Noh Yong Joon was having a problem with his firtatious ajumma-student. They accidently dropped from the chair and ended up holding each other with Yong Joon was on the top.Joo Hee was back to the class and saw the scene…

On the presentation, President Ji asked Yoon Seo to call the designer for the drawing he showed her: Seo Yeong’s drawing. Seo Yeong was summoned to present her design.Director Hyeon and Yoon Seo tried to bring her down by saying that the material would be the biggest problem for her design. President Ji asked the design team to make the sample of her design, but voilla! She had made it…no, she was wearing it! She impressed the president and Director Baek. But most of all, Jin Wook looked very proud of her.

Director Hyeon looked very displease about the situation. She didn’t like the fact that President Ji always on Director Baek’s side.

This was my favourite scene in this episode. Seo Yeong was told by senior Jang to take his socks from home since he badly needed them and Jin Wook refused to do it. Jin wook got his right hand injured because of that punching machine he overdone it when he was drunk the night before.

She was surprised to meet Jin Wook there, with his hair covered by foam.Jin Wook then asked Seo Yeong to help him out.They started the hair washing on standing position, but Jin Wook just couldn’t stop complaining.

So Seo Yeong made Jin Wook sit and wash his hair in a more comfortable position…

But that position was way too comfy for Jin Wook.Have you had your mother did this to you?It feels warm to be on mothers bossom, so you can imagine how it felt for Jin Wook :D

The situation was a bit awkward, but Jin Wook still needed her help for the tie.And it was so sweet for Seo Yeong to tie all his ties so he would have no trouble wearing them later on.She also started to worry about him having trouble holding the chopsticks and other things he couldn’t do with one hand.I thought they will start to act awkwardly to each other again, but Jin Wook was too witty to keep the awkwardness.

They had to attend one of the Director’s father’s funeral.Seo Yeong ex-boss was there and asked Seo Yeong to link him with The Style. He asked her to introduce him with Yoon Seo for business matter. Seo Yeong tried everything to avoid him talking to her, but she failed.Thankfully, Seo Yeong’s ex-boss addressed her with Ms. Lee. He was a little confuse finding out Seo Yeong was the maknae, but he didn’t ask anything further about it.

Hyeon-i called Seo Yeong to play again sometimes. Joo Hee who was there with Hyeon-i concluded that Seo Jin was hitting her brother as her next target. She went to The Style to visit Yoon Seo and warned her about SeoJin.But instead, she found SEo Yeong cleaning the room.Again, she mistaken Seo Yeong as the cleaning service and put a pitty for her.Joo Hee told Seo Yeong about the designer called Seo Jin and she was going to make her get fired.Seo Yeong told her to trusted everything to her and she would be her spy.

Joo Hee thought she had to help Seo Yeong in her position as a cleaning service.She went back to the design office to meet Yoon Seo.Joo Hee asked her to consider a cleaning service with a talent in fashion design named Seo Yeong to be in her team.They were looking for Seo Yeong but they couldn’t find her.

And when Yoon Seo was back to her office, she saw there’s a girl matched with Joo Hee’s description, was cleaning the room

She called her name, “Lee Seo Yeong-ssi?” and in full confidence, Seo Yeong turned back and said, “Yes!”

I think there will be more misunderstanding between these two women…huffft. But I’m expecting more love sparks between Jin Wook and Seo Yeong ;)

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  1. tnx a lot
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    they are lovely with each other

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  3. l like seo yeong and ji seung better

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