Baby-faced Beauty Episode 4 Summary

Though Baby-faced Beauty doesn’t get a really good response from viewers, i think it’s still worthed it to watch this drama and continue on writing the summary…

Seo Yeong tried to overhear the conversation between Seo Jin and Yoon Seo by bringing drinks for them both. She tried to linger by pretending to clean some dust on sample dresses, but Yoon Seo spotted her and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Jin Wook was so shock when Yoon Seo suddenly called his name and approached him. It was confrim then the old love was back in town…and she worked at the same office! Anything better than that? Well, Jin Wook seemed to be uncomfortable though. He looked as if he’d been trying so hard to forget about Yoon Seo all this time and then bam! she’s back right in front of his nose. He even still had their photo together in his cellphone.

But I don’t think the writer is letting us to know the whole story on one page. Just slowly and piece by piece…typical.

The scene then turned into this singing audition. Someone was auditioning and he did sing very good. He looked quite familiar…and then I remembered Jungle Fish…yeah, the teacher.

Anyway, he sang beautifully that it actually blew the judges…but that didn’t mean he passed. It’s a cruel world, you know, and Newton’s principle ruled! When there’s a baby-faced beauty person…there has to be an out-aged-face beastly. And this person is none other than Lee Seo Yeong’s own young uncle, No Yong Joon. This uncle is only 25 years old.

No Yong Joon has a passion in music and his obsession is to be a famous singer. Unfortunately, his look didn’t sell, so he could only be an average music teacher.

The department store where The Style always sent their items were making a rearrangement, and The Style team was so worry. As part of managing director team, Jin wook was obliged to make sure everything would be okay with the new arrangement. The idea was to please the department store managing director by offering him a date with a pretty young girl, with age of no more than 25 years old. So the option only left on Seo Yeong. Senior Jang and Jin Wook tried so hard to persuade Seo Yeong did the set up date.

It was actually Seo Yeong’s birthday. Jin Wook found an incoming text on Seo Yeong’s phone saying birthday, but Seo Yeong immidiately avoided him to see further because there’s a detail on age in that message.

So the design team worked together to make sure their maknae looked perfect for the date. They made her put on some sample dresses.

The date went on boringly. The MD talked so much and he’s obviously a womanizer with a big level of lust, kind of. Meanwhile back in the office, the design team was having a trouble because Dir. Hyeon asked for the sample dress Seo Yeong was wearing. The team made some excuses and Dir. Hyeon just let it go, with one condition: the sample needed to reach President Ji by 9 pm that evening.

Jin Wook waited for Seo Yeon to come back to the office, but he saw President Ji was leaving. So he dragged along Seo Yeong to Ji Seung Il’s apartment. Seo Yeong needed to change her dress, so the only option on her situation was to pay for the cleaner ajumma’s uniform.

Seo Yeong was determine to leave, but Jin Wook didn’t want to be left alone in this unlikely situation. And these couple were just so comical. This was what Ji Seung Il saw when the two asked his permission to go up to his unit.

Seo Yeong didn’t go up with Jin Wook. She went home by bus. And when she was just out of the apartment, Joo Hee who had visited his brother, saw her and offered her a lift. Seo Yeong refused. Joo Hee definitely thought that Seo Yeong was really one of the cleaning service ajummas in the apartment.

The rain suddernly came down pouring. Seo Yeong was already soaked when she arrived at the bus shelter. And just that time she remembered that she had put her mobile phone in the sample dress’ pocket. She was worry that the President would find out about her lies. So she ran back to Ji’s apartment.

Seo Yeong was very awkward. Ji Seung Il banned her from stepping her feet any further than the foyer area because she was so wet. And when her boss was looking for her phone, stupidly Seo Yeong dropped her coins.

It was very hilarious when Seung Il came back to the foyer area and found Seo Yeong was picking up one by one those change coins. He avoided her to step further into his house, so he did the coin pick up for her.

Surprisingly, Yoon Seo came by Ji Seung Il’s house. It’s so awkward for Seo Yeong. She was curious if her boss was having a relationship with President Ji. But what she wanted that time was to go home a.s.a.p. President Ji lent her an umbrella before home.

Choi Jin Wook started to have some level of worry about Seo Yeong. He was calling her (but she didn’t pick it up) and was about to send a quite long message when Seo Yeong called him back. They ended up having a fight on the phone. I think Jin Wook had developed a certain feelings for Seo Yeong.

the next morning, Seo Yeong got a terrible flu. Jin Wook caught up with her in lobby and they went into the elevator together. But wait, another passenger was coming…it’s Ji Seung Il. The situation was awkward, but Seo Yeong just kept sneezing and she told him she would return the umbrella soon. President Ji Seung Il just asked (without turning his head) her if she got a cold. Jin Wook was confused not knowing anything they’re talking about, and Seo Yeong felt more awkward.

Seo Yeong was so worry that she would get a hard life in the office because Yoon Seo might misundertand her. However, she’s still curious if Yoon Seo had a special relationship with President Ji. She was cleaning up Yoon Seo’s room when she accidently dropped Yoon Seo’s working journal and found this picture:

Park Na Ra told Seo Yeong to go home early since she got cold and kept sneezing badly. Having a rest at home, someone kept calling her and it was the department store managing director. He paid a visit to Seo  Yeong in front of her house. He gave her many things and one of them was that fancy hair pin. Seo Yeong refused to take it, but he really insisted.

The next day, Jin Wook insisted that Seo Yeong had to go on a date again with that MD. Seo Yeong had said she wasn’t going, but Jin Wook brought her to the department store. Jin wook kept trying to persuade Seo Yeong saying she’s great and the company needed her blablabla, but unfortunately the MD overheard the conversation and felt betrayed.

They went out to have a drink together, but the MD was getting nasty. He bad mouthed Seo Yeong and that just made Jin Wook got angry.Then the two started to punch each other. They had a serious fight…all because of Lee Seo Yeong.

They ended up in the police station. The MD kept saying that Seo Yeong was guilty for everything. The police officer then asked for Seo Yeong’s idea, but she tried her best to get away from that demand. Jin Wook volunteerly took the blame. He told Seo Yeong not to worry and his parents were rich so they would set him free soon.

The fight turned out to be a very serious issue that it influenced the business relationship. The next morning company was holding  a meeting about Jin Wook’s current situation and President Ji refused to help Jin Wook out of the jail. Seo Yeong felt guilty and decided to help Jin wook herself if the company wasn’t going to do anything. She came to the MD and literally beg him to forgive Jin Wook.

Seo Yeong was surprise finding out that Yoon Seo was seing the whole scene. I think Yoon Seo also wanted to help Jin Wook, but through another way.

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