Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 26 Summary

This episode shows viewers another quality of our hero, Tak Gu, which is managing a big company. As a so-called uneducated person, he’s quite bright. Well, he’s doing the Tak Gu’s way and it worked, and I think that’s enough for people to buy the story. ;)

Tak Gu didn’t start the board meeting well. He acted clumsy and that made the Family side took over the first presentation. And when it finally turned to Tak Gu, I thought he’s gonna bring out some charts or maybe just speech, but he did make a surprise. He brought out fresh breads for the board members to eat. When the board members thought the breads were the company’s, Tak Gu said he made it in the morning. So our baker king kind of showing his real ability…which is making breads. I think thata’s a brilliant idea of presentation, so the result was good. Tak Gu left a good impression on the board members.

and Tak Gu was as close as inches to his long lost mother when he asked a sick lady in front of the lift lobby. i hated it that the script writer/director had to do such a cliche “just-so-close-but-not-yet” scene. I mean…all they needed was Kim Mi Sun to turn her head just a little. Rrggh…what a drama :?

Anyway, I loved this particular scene where Ma jun stood in his cool-interior-designed room in front of that colorful wall. Aside from the language confusion written there…I guess that’s a pretty cool idea.

Okay, let’s back to the story…So, while Tak Gu was busy dealing with company business, Ma jun got to deal more with his personal one. Madame Seo had no idea how far his son could go with his plan on marrying Yu Gyeong. When she confronted Ma jun at his office, his son had no choice but to use his powerful weapon: the story about how he found the bracelet in that rainy night years ago.

Madame Seo knew nothing about the word “to lose” the game. She approved the wedding, but never seemed to let Yu Gyeong live happily as her daughter-in law. She made Yu Gyeong kneeled to give her and advance sight about what kind of life she’s gonna have. What a vicious woman.

Even though Tak Gu got a good impression from most of the board executives, he had to work out on a challenge before they acknowledge him as the temporary Chairman of GeoSong Food. And the challenge was to produce a new product in Chongnam factory. For Tak Gu, that’s going to be back to hometown.

The challenge was quite hard since the factory was so close to be closed down. So Tak Gu had alot to think about…but just in the very least  expectation, he found Yu Gyeong’s dad working as a security at the factory.

Kim Mi sun got really sick. Either she’s too happy to see Tak Gu or she’s just too weak to handle all the heavy loaded surprising situation, I didn’t know. But one thing for sure, she felt terribly ashamed of herself. For the last 14 years, her mind was full of revenge. She thought she became vicious. While Tak Gu, the reason behind her vengeance, (she thought) had been living more than fine and had become a very kind heart person.

And just like his mom who was in struggle with herself, Tak Gu was too. Ma jun told him about the marriage and he had to deal with his own feeling. I bet it hurt so bad, but Tak Gu didn’t give the kind of so-broken-hearted reaction that Ma jun might expected. Instead, Tak Gu was very calm facing receiving this news.

Maybe it’s because of the job or could be for another reason. I guess without really realizing  his own feeling, he had let Yu Gyeong go not so long after finding out that Ma jun and her were actually seeing each other. He loved both of them and want them to be happy with or wothout him and that seemed to be enough for Tak Gu.

He definitely had no time to be so sentimental about that marriage issue. He smelled something fishy about the Chongnam factory,so he asked for the Palbong team a favour. Mr. In Mok, the senior Gap Soo and Jae Bok pretended to be three jobless men that needed a job. They became Tak Gu’s hand, eyes, and ears to investigate what’s hidden beneath the surface. And they found out that someone had manipulated the report about the ingredients quality. The factory was a real mess.

The risk of having your ex as your sister-in-law-to-be is the big possibility to see her and your brother making out or expressing love in other kinds of ways that actually could bring jealousy. And everything seemed to be awkward for Tak Gu, but soon he managed to handle it.

The Family, of course minus Director Gu, had just had a fight during dinner because the “I’m marrying Yu Gyeong soon” topic lifted up on the surface and ruined everything. the eldest sister was the first to leave the dining table. She just couldn’t take it why neither her mom nor her brother was thinking about the sick father. They’re planning the marriage before the father gain consciousness? So when the eldest sister saw Tak Gu’s sincere devotion to their father…I think she’s somehow envy…more than be touched.

In the morning, Tak Gu ran into Mr. Han and Mr. Shin in front of the Chongnam factory. He smelled something bad was going to happen and that had to be related to Yu Gyeong’s marriage plan. Tak Gu then rushed back to Seoul office but found Yu Gyeong wasn’t there. She was actually did the dress-fitting with Ma jun and Madame Seo in an exclusive boutique. So Mr. Han’s plan with Mr. Shin was obvious: to embarrass Yu Gyeong in front of Ma jun.

Meanwhile, at the hospital Kim Mi sun got an uninvited guest, Jin Gu. It was actually a reunion, but with a very gloomy history between the two. With the wheelchair he got in his hands, I guess he’s planning on taking Kim Mi sun into a hiding.

And when Tak Gu was just about to leave the office, he met doctor Yoon who delivered him a more surprising news. His mom was alive.

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  1. I have a favor to ask. Please write next episodes summaries soon. We are waiting. Please.

  2. i love reading your summaries.
    i can’t wait for the next ep… somehow i find that takgu let go of yugyeong too fast, he didn’t even fight for his love

  3. Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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