BIG Episode 10 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran unintentionally made a confession to Gyeong Joon at the end of previous episode of BIG. Gyeong Joon had switched off the recorder and heard what Da Ran said, but when he looked at her, he casually asked, “What did you say?” Da Ran was instantly panicking and muttered, “I’m looking for a drink. Do you want any drink? What do you want? Don’t you want to drink anything?”

They eventually watched the horror movie. Da Ran was worrying Gyeong Joon for any blood-shed scene in the movie. Gyeong Joon looked at her and asked in flat expression, “Gil Teacher, do you like me?” All of a sudden, Da Ran was back into panic situation. But Gyeong Joon dealt with Da Ran’s confession very cool.  Gyeong Joon saw the wedding ring on Da Ran’s finger. He told her that however she liked him, he wouldn’t think of it as a serious thing. He called her as being “coquette”, like a man’s bug. It’s a kind of expression to say that the woman is too girlishly flirtatious to get man’s attention, but the man looked very dislikes it. “Just don’t do it to me,” said Gyeong Joon.

Se Yeong was meeting Yoon Jae’s mother. Yoon Jae’s mother asked Se yeong for a favor, that was to tell her if Gyeong Joon gained his consciousness. Se Yeong was getting more curious about the possibility that Gyeong Joon might be Yoon Jae’s brother. She asked a friend to have a lab to run a DNA test.

Gyeong Joon asked Da Ran if she knew someone that Yoon Jae’s mother said about a person he’s supposed to be meeting long a go. Da Ran had no idea about it. They’re having dinner in Gyeong Joon’s uncle restaurant. Gyeong Joon’s uncle approached them and his curiosity on this doctor who’s strangely had so many relationship with Gyeong Joon as someone who’s sent by Gyeong Joon’s father. “Do you know Gyeong Joon’s father?” asked Gyeong Joon. The uncle told him that the father was a teacher and a man with a family.
Da Ran asked if he’s gonna look for his father, Gyeong Joon said he had no intention to do so.

On their way home, Da Ran was looking at the angels drawing in his wallet. She asked if it’s drawn by his father. Gyeong Joon said yes. Even though he never met his dad, that picture was from him. “Where have I seen this drawing before?” Da Ran felt familiar with the image. But she couldn’t recall her memory.

They went buying a present pretended to be presents from China. They bought some chains that’s written “made in China” and some small white bear dolls. Gyeong Joon said they could turn them into panda. They argued about panda’s black and white color’s position. “Panda’s belly is white,” said Gyeong Joon. “White belly is penguin. Panda has black belly color,” argued Da Ran. Then they made a competition of drawing a panda bear. After they gave the black mark on the white bear, they checked on the internet to confirm panda’s color pattern and Da Ran definitely lost the game. Dhe had to do massage Gyeong Joon and bear the whole night teasing from him too. They were having fun with the pandas and presents.

Early in the morning before school, Ma Ri and Choong Shik went to Gyeong Joon’s house and saw Gyeong Joon and Da Ran were fighting. Da Ran asked Gyeong Joon to eat the beans as well. “I’ve told you several times that I don’t like beans,” protested Gyeong Joon. “I don’t want to know. You must eat them all,” Da Ran was being an “educator” there. Ma Ri was happy seeing them fighting, but as soon as she saw Gyeong Joon ate all the beans (he ate them like eating pills– helped by water), Ma Ri was disappointed. She knew Gyeong Joon wouldn’t ever do it for someone else unless he had special feelings to her.

At school, Ma Ri approached Da Ran. She wanted to make sure if Da Ran was still hoping that Yoon Jae would wake up soon. “Teacher, you don’t like being with Gyeong Joon, do you? You want Yoon Jae to come back, don’t you?” Da Ran just told her of course she wanted Yoon Jae to wake up.

When Da Ran arrived home, Gyeong Joon was staring at the angels drawing.”You really never think of looking for him? You don’t want to meet him even once?” asked Da Ran. “I’ve thought about that, but I don’t care about it anymore,” said Gyeong Joon casually.

The DNA result was out. Se Yeong got the confusing evidence in her hands. “Yoon Jae’s mother is Kang Gyeong Joon biological mother.”

In the newlywed house, Gyeong Joon asked Da Ran if she remembered any occasion that coming friday, June 24. Da Ran couldn’t remember any special occasion. Gyeong Joon was upset that Da Ran didn’t remember his birthday. Then she said she remember about a book where Yoon Jae was in it. She made Gyeong Joon read it. The article told about Yoon Jae’s feeling related to his job and his compassion. But Gyeong Joon was still disappointed that Da Ran really didn’t remember his birthday. Eventually after Gyeong Joon left, Da Ran remembered that the particular date was Gyeong Joon’s birthday.

Se Yeong was trying to figure out Gyeong Joon’s relation with Yoon Jae’s mother. Yoon Jae’s mother was that kid’s real mother, but Gyeong Joon was raised by another mother…

MA Ri heard about the possibility to search for Gyeong Joon’s father. She suggested Da Ran to help him finding his father. “You’re not going to be by his side forever, that’s why finding his father would be important, “said Ma Ri. She really determined to do it and even talked seriously to Gyeong Joon about it.

Da Ran tried to convince herself that she’s not gonna be in Gyeong Joon’s future, so she needed to help him finding his father. Da Ran was having a conflict in her mind. She kept thinking about Gyeong Joon’s future..sort of, because she’d been thinking what to get for his birthday present that would be useful for his future. Then she remembered how she had waited for Yoon Jae in a park with a bike. She was so bored that she drew a heart on the bench, but Yoon Jae never showed up.

The next day, Da Ran was moping the floor and then Gyeong Joon take it over, worrying that Da Ran would see him as a burden. But for Da Ran, having Gyeong Joon acting very independent made her thought that Gyeong Joon didn’t need her and wouldn’t need her in the future. To ease her mind, Da Ran went out for a fresh air by riding a bike in the park. She was looking for a mark that she left when she was waiting for Yoon Jae that time. She was determined to find it, to get the feelings of waiting for the person she loved…to make sure that she’s still waiting for Yoon Jae.

Yoon Jae’s father finally arrived in Seoul. Ma Ri came to Gyeong Joon telling him that she found someone who is a friend of Gyeong Joon’s father, a professor. And by the time they’re speaking, Yoon Jae’s father was visiting that professor. that man knew about Yoon Jae’s father’s other son and about the “miracle” angels drawing as well.

After talking to Ma Ri, Gyeong Joon came to the park to look for Da Ran. He called her asking where she’s about. Da Ran felt strange that her heart beat became more exciting and she felt the same way waiting for someone she liked. “I must be crazy,” she murmured to herself, and then hid herself behind a tree. “Where are you?” asked Gyeong Joon when he arrived at Da Ran’s previous spot. “I’m not here. I’m not waiting for you. Don’t look for me. I can’t see you,” said Da Ran. Gyeong Joon actually could see Da Ran’s hiding behind a tree nearby, but he said, “I get it. I won’t see you. I’m leaving.” Da Ran needed time to calm herself and made up her mind. She really struggled. “Gyeong Joon, you leave, i’m still waiting (for Yoon Jae).”

Professor Park, Yoon Jae’s dad’s friend, was looking at the angel drawing. “One is sSeo Yoon Jae, and another one is the other kid, right?” So the “Miracle” angels drawing’s meaning is more or less about sacrifice and salvation between the two sons, presented as the two angels, and how their lives are entangled by blood and faith.

At home, Gyeong Joon suddenly got the attack again. Ma Ri rushed to the hospital as soon as the care taker called her. Meanwhile Da Ran who was still at the park finally found the bench she left a mark while waiting for Yoon Jae. When she thought she still had the same feeling of waiting for Yoon Jae, Ma Ri called her telling about the situation at the hospital. Instead of thinking about Yoon Jae who was in the hospital, she ran towards home to check on Gyeong Joon. He was lying on the floor. Da Ran shook him. Gyeong Joon slowly and weakly opened his eyes and said, “Gil Teacher, it’s me. I was exchanged, but come back again” Da Ran was relieved. She cried. Gyeong Joon also dropped a tear.

Ma Ri asked how Gyeong Joon’s condition. “Still hurt. If going to exchange why should it be hurt,” complained Gyeong Joon. Then he walked out of his room to check on Da Ran. She was still in her room, crying. “I must be crazy.” Gyeong Joon looked sad, but hoped for Yoon Jae to come back.

Da Ran didn’t go to school the next day, taking a sick leave. Gyeong Joon came to her room. “Are you really hurt? Let’s go to the hospital.” Da Ran was still struggling with her heart. “If you’re really go back, will I still be able to see you?” Gyeong Joon just said he’s leaving to buy her some medicine.

Se Yeong visited Yoon jae’s mother. She asked if she wanted to see Gyeong Joon again, if she also missed him. “Why not? Isn’t he your son too?” she shot the question to Yoon Jae’s mother. The lady finally spoke up. Yoon Jae was 12 years old when he was so sick. The parents initiated another child to support Yoon Jae’s life. I think more or less it’s like Hollywood movie “My Sister’s keeper” where parents bore another child because the first one needed a part of the sibling’s body to support her life. Anyway, so the parents do a surrogate pregnancy to a woman who loved Yoon Jae’s father. When Gyeong Joon was born, apparently they didn’t need him anymore. So they just gave Gyeong Joon away to that woman.

When Gyeong joon was back, Da Ran wasn’t in her room. He looked for her in the park. Da Ran asked if he’s fine. “Now i’m okay, but when i’m back i’ll be hurt again, won’t I?” said Gyeong Joon in his casual way. Then he looked Da Ran in the eyes and said that if he’s back and they couldn’t be together again, Da Ran should just live her life well.

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I didn’t really concentrate on the last scene so I think i’m making some errors on the comprehension. But the point is, Gyeong Joon is actually struggling with his heart but his cool mind kind of makes him know his place. Though it doesn’t make him care for Da Ran any less. Poor him with his harsh life and ugly truth of his story…


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