BIG Episode 3 Quick Summary

Gyeong Joon figured out what actually Yoon Jae had been doing with Se Yeong behind Da Ran’s back. He tried to avoid being alone with Se Yeong, but Da Ran insisted on inviting Se Yeong for a drink or a small snack. Se Yeong tried to send Da Ran away while Gyeong Joon tried so hard to keep Da Ran around. But the innocent Da Ran didn’t get what Gyeong Joon meant and insisted on going to buy some snacks and drinks as Se Yeong requested. She kept saying, “(You should be nice to her) because you’re friends.” Gyeong Joon had to lift Da Ran and brought her back upstairs to stop her insisting on leaving.


Gyeong Joon explained how Yoon Jae was a bad guy and he’s a double player. He tried his best to tell Da Ran that Se Yeong and Yoon Jae had some kind of intimacy which felt like more than friends. Da Ran was either too naive, or too positive, or just simply stupid that instead of being curious, she just said, “Ahh…” It made Gyeong Joon confused. “Your reaction is only that? It’s supposed to be not just ‘ahh’,” he protested. Da Ran continued,  “Ahh, Gyeong Joon, you’re worrying your teacher, aren’t you? Thank you. But I trusted my fiancee. He and Se Yeong are a long time friends and they won’t develop that kind of relationship.” Then Da Ran asked Gyeong Joon to say again what he said in front of Se Yeong because she liked it. Gyeong Joon held her face and said, “I don’t love Gil Da Ran.” Da Ran was disappointed. “Hey i’m still Kang Gyeong Joon anyway.”

Gyeong Joon was quite frustrated that he decided to just leave. When he went downstairs and found Se Yeong was still there…”Oh ow.” Se Yeong asked him about something she shared him earlier and insisted that they need to talk. Gyeong Joon had no option but to go with her. Se Yeong brought Gyeong Joon to a bar for a drink.

Da Ran went back home and found her family was working on her wedding invitation. Da Ran said that she wasn’t sending the wedding invitation now. It surprised her family, but Da Ran made her argument. Later when she was in her room, her mother told her that she thought her relationship with Yoon Jae looked better now. In her opinion, before tonight, they looked very cold, as if not a couple that’s madly in love with each other, but it’s different with the current Yoon Jae.

Meanwhile, getting some shots of heavy alcohol Yoon Jae went drunk. He told Se Yeong that he’s marrying Da Ran for sure, got up and then fainted. When he woke up, he found himself topless in Se Yeong’s room. Gyeong Joon was panic. When he got back to Yoon Jae’s place, Da Ran was already at the front gate. He didn’t tell her the truth about what happened last night, even when Da Ran could sense an alcohol aroma in his body.

Gyeong Joon was really stressful about what happened to him last night. And just like other KDrama leading man, when they’re stress, they went for shower :D After changing himself into a nice yellow sweater, Gyeong Joon went back to Yoon Jae’s place to search for the thing Se Yeong was talking about. But instead finding that thing, he found money and passport in the ready to go suitcase. As a teenage boy, his reaction was quite natural that finding all those things, he decided to flee by leaving the country.

He was already in the airport and bought a flight ticket somewhere. He had his broken mobile fixed and while waiting for his flight, he checked on his message box and turned out to be receiving so many messages from his crazy girlfriend. She’d been calling and texting in an almost loony way that she went out of control being frustrated because Gyeong Joon didn’t pick up her calls. So she decided to came to Korea and even came down to the school during the school ceremony.

She came exactly the way Gyeong Joon came last time: by taxi and then ran towards Da Ran to asked for money to pay the taxi fares. Da Ran had no idea who she was, but later when they talked out side the field, Da Ran found out that the crazy girl was Gyeong Joon’s girlfriend. The ceremony just got back to its silence when another taxi came. This time was Gyeong Joon again. When that man looked around to find Da Ran, the students pointed their fingers to one same direction.

Gyeong Joon told Da Ran that he would handle Jang Ma Ri himself. He told that girl to never see Gyeong Joon again because that boy didn’t want to meet her again. Jang Ma Ri didn’t believe him considering she didn’t know what his real relationship with Gyeong Joon. She even accused if they’re gay couple. “Of course not!” said Gyeong Joon. Apparently, Ma Ri-Gyeong Joon’s relationship changed after Gyeong Joon’s mother death that Gyeong Joon felt like she’s part of the cause of his mother’s death. Ma Ri told the man in front of her that if the person she’s seeing not was Gyeong Joon what would she tell him and she said this, “I will absolutely marry you!” Then she told him, “Ajeossi looked like Gyeong joon. Stop copying him. Stop copying his ‘oh ow!'” But Ma Ri finally decided to leave the school.

Meanwhile Da Ran once again had to apologize to all the other teachers. Gyeong Joon saw it and felt sorry for her.

Choong Shik saw Ma Ri sat alone under the tree and then walked leaving the school. He ran to catch up with her at the school gate. He wrote his phone number on her bag, saying that if she called him he would buy her a new bag.

Da Ran asked Gyeong Joon why he tried to flee out of the country and sensed that the reason was because he had something to hide. Gyeong Joon finally told Da Ran that he drank alcohol and slept at Se Yeong’s place. They fought, but Gyeong Joon never really left the school. He waited for Da Ran on the way out of the school and apparently Da Ran got a chance to skip school again. Gyeong Joon came back to apologize to Da Ran.

Then they went to the hospital together. On their way back, they met Yoon Jae’s friends who insisted on they’re having dinner together. On the conversation after dinner, Yoon Jae’s friend told Da Ran how Yoon Jae fell for her in the first sight. It was his wedding Da Ran attended that day when she delivered the bouquet to the bride who turned out to be her old friend. That doctor told her that Yoon Jae actually met her before the incident in front of the church.

She actually bumped into him in the elevator and Yoon Jae helped her holding up the bouquet. Then they met again on the reception that Yoon Jae noticed her name, sat beside her on the table, and even passed her the salt. Later Yoon Jae asked his friend about a guest named Gil Da Ran who was the friend of the bride. His friend asked why he’s curious. “We just kept meeting each other somehow and I think she’s pretty.” Gyeong Joon was surprised by the story while Da Ran was blushing and felt like flying listening to that story.

Choong Shik finally got a call from Ma Ri, but it ended up far from what he expected. The bag was too expensive and Choong Shik was willing to do anything else to pay for it. Ma Ri told him to spy on Gyeong Joon. “But that would be impossible. Don’t you know? Gyeong Joon is hospitalized.” Then he brought Ma Ri to visit the coma Gyeong Joon.

Da Ran was so happy that Yoon Jae thought she was that pretty. She couldn’t stop talking about it and she was a bit drunk. They sat on a bench and Da Ran asked Gyeong joon to let her talked to him as if he was Yoon Jae. “I really really like you,” she held Gyeong Joon’s face with both of her hands. “I’m so happy that you thought I was pretty.” Feeling uncomfortable with the situation, Gyeong Joon shrugged her and yelled, “I’m still Kang Gyeong Joon!”

Then he told Da Ran that he thought the doctor friend was just drunk and telling her a made-up story. He said concerning the fact that her relationship with Yoon Jae was cold, the story might not be true. He said that if two people love each other, they would be like crazy and everything would seem to stop. “What do you know about love, you’re just a kid,” defended Da Ran. “A kid or adult, love matter is always the same.” Then he tested Da Ran about how far her relationship with Yoon Jae had been to. He held her hand, Da Ran responded well. He held her shoulder, Da Ran also responded casually. But when he leaned towards her…Gyeong joon sensed that Da Ran had probably never been kissed by Yoon Jae.

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I’m quite late publishing this one because yesterday was pfffttt what a monday. But Big this episode was as amusing as the previous two. Everyone was very comical here, even Suzy’s character. I don’t want to feel tired of the naive Gil Da Ran, but it just bored me whenever I think she’s a bit too much of her naivety.



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  1. Thank you for the summary, I enjoyed it very much, it helps me a lot. I have the same thought too, actually I’m so into the story, except for Da Ran. Why the writer makes her looks to dumb? It’s way over than naive. If it continuous like this, this story will be tiring. Oh ow..

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