BIG Episode 7 Quick Summary

Big Episode 7 started where it ended when Ma Ri finally found out that Yoon Jae was actually Gyeong Joon. He didn’t -couldn’t- deny it. Ma Ri hugged Gyeong Joon tight and then fainted.Gyeong Joon and Da Ran brought her to Gyeong Joon’s room. Choong Shik came to Gyeong Joon’s house because he worried about Ma Ri. He woke Ma Ri up and Ma Ri instanly looked for Gyeong Joon.

Da Ran tried to make Choong Shik leave, but Gyeong Joon already came before Choong Shik left. Choong Shik was still angry to him because for him Gyeong Joon was the irresponsible Yoon Jae who left his sister. Choong Shik was about to punch Gyeong Joon, but Ma Ri kicked him hard “down there.”

After Choong shik left, finally Gyeong Joon explained to Ma Ri about his true identity. After Ma Ri left, Gyeong Joon asked why Da Ran came down there after refusing to help him. Da Ran said she agreed to help Gyeong Joon as he asked, to stay by his side as if she and Yoon Jae were starting over again.

Se Yeong and Gyeong Joon’s uncle-aunty were discussing about Yoon Jae’s connection with Gyeong Joon. They finally knew that the two were involved in the same accident, but the aunty and uncle were still wondering how “Yoon Jae” seemed to know many things about Gyeong Joon.

Ma Ri came to Gyeong Joon’s house to live there on the second floor. She gave Gyeong Joon a fan that had Gyeong Joon’s face on it. She said she’d look at him that way because she couldn’t stand seeing Yoon Jae’s face and the she kissed him.

But Gyeong Joon coldly reminded her. “This may be the way you see me,” he said with the fan in front of him. “But this is how the world see me,” he showed his face. “This face is Gil Da Ran’s man.”

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon made an appointment to meet Yoon Jae’s mother. She remembered how Yoon Jae held her hand when she was very nervous meeting his mother for the first time. Gyeong Joon assured her that this time he wouldn’t be holding her hand.

Gyeong Joon opened the conversation with Yoon Jae’s mother,saying that he and Da Ran would start again. He said that he needed to be with Da Ran. But then the waiter came bringing a half-cooked steak which was Yoon JAe’s favorite. But Gyeong Joon couldn’t see it because of the blood-like red color and he became very nervous. Yoon Jae’s mother insisted him on eating it and Gyeong Joon got more nervous. Da Ran noticed it and she finally stopped the waiter from cutting the steak and closed the lid, saying that they should respect the current Yoon Jae who couldn’t eat meat anymore. This time, she’s the one who held Gyeong Joon’s hand to calm his nervous. It made Gyeong Joon involved in an argument with “his” mother. Then he brought Da Ran away and pretend to kiss her when Yoon Jae’s mother tried to catch up with them.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon went back to Gyeong Joon’s house. Da Ran drank the beer while Gyeong Joon just drank juice. Da Ran asked why he’s afraid of blood. Gyeong Joon told her his sad story about his mother in a casual way.

The next day, Gyeong Joon went to the hospital to go back working as a doctor. As a pediatrist, he had to deal with kids.One of the kids was wounded and his bandage was opened. Surprisingly, Gyeong Joon could see the blood on that kid’s wound. He said kid’s cut was small and he’s fine seeing it.
Se Yeong saw him and they had a conversation. She asked if Kang Gyeong Joon was the person involved in the same accident with him. Gyeong Joon said yes. But as Se Yeong never stop seducing him, Gyeong Joon drew a strict line with her saying that he and Da Ran were back together again.

Gyeong Joon was sending Da Ran’s funny text, playing with the way he address Da Ran in a casual way. Ma Ri gave Da Ran a spell-paper from the sorceress she went to with Choong Shik the other day.

Gyeong Joon’s uncle and aunty were eating in Gil Restaurant. It turned out that Gyeong Joon’s uncle used to like Da Ran’s mother.

Da Ran and Gyeong Joon went shopping together. They really looked like a happy couple.

In the same supermarket, Da Ran’s mother and Choong Shik also went shopping. Da Ran prevented them to meet, because Da Ran’s family now strongly opposed her relationship with Yoon Jae again. She finally showed herself up to her mother, pretending that she’s just shopping alone there. When she went back to look for Gyeong Joon, he already waited her outside.
Gyeong Joon cooked the chicken and they had to wait for 1 hour 30 minutes for it to cook. Suddenly Da Ran got a call from his friend who tried to match her with Teacher Na. Gyeong Joon was waiting for Da Ran, but it was Ma Ri who came by. He quickly sent her away.
Da Ran’s friend took Da Ran’s phone mistaken it as her phone. Yoon Jae called and Da Ran’s friend answered it. She told Gyeong Joon that Da Ran was meeting another man.

Ma Ri found a ring in Yoon Jae’s room and asked Gyeong Joon if that ring was from Yoon Jae for Da Ran. Gyeong Joon was already uspet waiting for Da Ran and heard she’s meeting a man, and now finding that ring..he just stared at it and buried himself in a deep thought. Da Ran called him to say that she’s coming, but Gyeong Joon told her not to. “Gil Da Ran, do you really feel uneasy?” he asked. Da Ran had no idea why he asked that. Gyeong Joon made sure she didn’t need to come to eat the chicken together with him.

The next day Gyeong Joon made Se Yeong tried the ring, but it didn’t fit her. So the ring was for Da Ran. Gyeong Joon asked Se Yeong about the key she gave him before, saying that he didn’t remember anything. Se Yeong said that she’s still unclear about Yoon Jae’s feelings that time, if he was just nervous about his wedding or he really liked her (Se Yeong).

Yoon Jae’s mother came to visit Da Ran’s parents. Of course, Da Ran’s parents were in shock. They put Da Ran sat before them and asked her if it was true she and Yoon Jae were back together. “If you’re meeting each other again, you should get married. If you’re not gonna get married, better not seeing him again forever.” Da Ran immediately discussed it with Gyeong Joon. He said that they should just get married. Gyeong Joon put the ring into her finger and it really fit her. “This is yours. Seo Yoon Jae bought it for you. In this way, i’m, Kang Gyeong Joon, will forever not be falling in love with you.”

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