Birth of a Rich Episode 1

Well, I’m not gonna say this is a hit drama with its 1st episode. It started with a post-one-night-stand event between two complete strangers. They were completely drunk. So the next day they woke up and saw a big news about an airplane crash. The man said he should’ve been in that plane. While the woman felt ashamed, the man just looked pleased. He even surprisingly thanked her for saving his life! Then he gave her two things: a “Great Gatsby” novel with his phone number at the last page and a necklace. The thing that annoyed me very much was that they didn’t even really share names.

The woman finally found out that she’s carrying a child. She was about to tell this news to that guy, but you know…drama! Incidents didn’t let them contact each other for the rest of their lives. Times passed, the boy has grown to be young man. He’s no rich, but even in his most difficult life, he always prepared himself as a billionaire man’s heir. He’s a very smart and talented man. Speak English well, learned all the high society manner, is able to play music instruments…he just has the look, the brain, the manner, everything you may ask from a man, but only one thing: money.

He works as a bell boy in a high class hotel owned by Oh Seung Co. The only reason he sticks in there is the big opportunity to meet all the Korean top CEO’s and billionaires who often spend nights there in a hope to finally find his father.

Then faith drags him to meet the Oh Seung CEO, Lee Shin Mi, the ‘monster woman’ whom all the hotel staffs wish to make a distance with. No one dares to volunteer for the job to be in charge for her room service even though the manager, Mr. Bullgdog, promised to double up the payment. However, the dare devil Choi Seok Bong decided to take this job.

What I like the most about this drama is its success to make me laugh quite many times in this 1st episode. So I think I’m gonna continue on watching.

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