Secret Agent Miss Oh Episode 7 Summary

I love this episode! the story was getting a lot more interesting, more thrills, and more significant development in romance ;)

Ha Na finally could get out of the thrilling situation safely. Jin Hyeok rushed there to save her, but she did it well on her own. Jin Hyeok was getting more and more obvious in showing his care for Ha Na, which is i think beyond his own consciousness. :rolleyes:

Ha Na’s day at the office was a bit better, though Do Hoon was still hard on her. But the main thing everyone was worry about was whether Do Hoon remembered what happened last night or not. Well, good news for all, he didn’t!

It seemed that Ha Na wasn’t the only who got a bad day, Jin Hyeok encountered unpleasant event in the afternoon. when he pick up Ha Na as usual that night, he couldn’t hide his troublesome thought from her. So Ha Na had a wonderful idea for both of them to have a fun night: amusement park. I love the way they’re having fun together…

hmm, anyone could smell that love was in the air??

Like mother like daughter, like chief agent like his junior…these 2 couples always encountered in inconvinient situations, but yet  we can see their relationship were likely heading into romance. Since Agent Go had to help Ha Na on the field, Chief Shin volunteered to help Ha Na’s mom in Jin Hyeok’s place. Ha Na’s mom was fighting terribly with the granny who rented her house and they ended up in police station. the poor chief Shin had to deal with these two unbelievable ladies.

another thrilling situation was when Ha Na made Do Hoon upset and pushed him to say “go! you’re fired.” everyone was taking a deep breath. So it’s all left to Ha Na. She had to do all the best she could to keep her on the job. And it’s not Oh Ha Na if she couldn’t fix things right.

Meanwhile, Chief Shin was stuck with Ha Na’s mom at home. Jin Hyeok in the same time was looking for Ha Na. And the best way to look for this girl was in no other place than her home. He got it just right.

But what he didn’t see it coming was this scene:

What do you think Jin Hyeok would think seeing his chief (his CHIEF!) wearing apron cooking at someone else’s house? This scene is very amusing. It’s like a picture of a little “happy” family had a visit from the future son in law, but in this condition: the father was the chief agent of NIA, the future son in law was the junior of the father, the mother was a very trouble woman, and the daughter was a cute NIA “puppet” and an almost-ex-police. What a complication… :rolleyes:

So, what did these people do coping up with the awkward situation? Yeah, drinking! And where’s Ha Na? She’s peacefully sleeping on her mom’s lap like a small girl who missed her mom so much. While drinking, Ha Na’s mom was telling a story to Jin Hyeok about how Ha Na had always been struggling to save the family ever since she was at school. The story was somehow touched Jin Hyeok.

The drunk Jin Hyeok had Ha Na driven him home. This scene was hilarious that it reminded me of a title of a Hollywood TV comedy: “How I Met Your Mother” Seriously, for Ha Na, the answer was gonna be as bold as: “Carrying the drunken you on my back!” :lol:

Choi Eun Seo gave Ha Na a necklace as a disguise spying camera for the subtitution of her broche. But Do Hoon’s art-sensitive eyes caught it and mock it as “How dare you’re wearing imitation diamond?” So, Han Do Hoon asking Ha Na to come with him and surprisingly, he got Ha Na the real bling bling! Ohhh…

From the jewelry store, Ha Na and Do Hoon had to rush to an event without even went back to the office. Meanwhile, Geun Bae was sent to meet Do Hoon there. the NIA team found out about it and rushed out to avoid Geun Bae meeting Ha Na in the event. It would ruining their operation. Ha Na pretended to have a headache as an excuseto get away from Do Hoon’s side. Eun Seo found Geun Bae and went after him. Geun Bae and Ha Na ran into each other, which was an alarm for both of them. But thank God Eun Seo came in the right time and hushed Ha Na to go back and let her handle Geun Bae. But surprisingly, Do Hoon found Ha Na with Eun Seo fighting with Geun Bae just near by. Ha Na, with no other option to avoid Do Hoon saw the fight, did her trick which surprised Do Hoon…and eventually surprised Ha Na herself.

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