Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 1 Quick Summary

It’s started with the funeral parade of a Japanese higher officer. The parade was disturbed by some protests. Then came this officer, ordering the people by force to bow down to the late Japanese higher.

But suddenly there’s a girl who threw a stone and it hit the photograph of the late man. The officer noticed her and then she fled. She was almost caught but managed to fight first before being arrested.

But then came this hero riding a horse wearing all white and his face was covered by the bridal mask. He’s creating a mess on the parade, throwing white notice to the Japanese highers on the parade, fighting all Japanese officers, tearing the flag and saved the protestant woman.
The officer shot some fires but missed it and then screamed out, “Gaksitaaaall!”

The plot went backward to some moment earlier before this event happen.

An officer was receivng an honor award on a ceremony for his heroic action. The officer name was Lee Kang To. He’s really a devoted officer to Japanese colonial.

Later that night in the club.Lee Kang To was celebrating his success with his friends and some girls. He’s performing a dance on the stage with a girl. Oohhh the danceee…

The next morning in the market. A vendor lady was attacked by another vendor lady and her son. The son said, “This market is only for Joseon people!” He’s smashing her goods. It seemed that the son of that poor lady was a Joseon betrayal, I sensed he’s Lee Kang To. Then her son came, but this son was having a kind of mental retardation.

In his nice car, Lee Kang To was trying to be nice with some kids knocking his car window asking for something. Kang To opened the window and planned to give them some sweets, but as soon as the kids recognized his face, all of them ran away. Then Kang To heard a woman’s voice screaming out “Kang san!!” Kang To ran to the market and fought the man who’s beating Kang San. Kang To fought the man, but that man managed to flee. Kang San was bleeding and crying, while the mother telling Kang To not to interfere. She said she didn’t have any son like him. Kang To gave them money and told his mother to stop going to the market.

Apparently Kang To’s father died and they lived a poor life. Kang San’s condition became like that after their father passed away so Kang To had to support his family and  becoming the colonial officer was his only way to get out of poverty. He’s disappointed with his own country and was upset of his hard life in the past. After arguing his mother, Kang To decided to leave the house right away. His brother begged him to stay.

Kang San was just a normal man and he was so close with his brother. Even though they’re very poor, they was once a happy family. The mother cried for that memory. Kang To kept driving his car, but his brother kept crying and begging for him to stay. Kang To ignored him.

In a school, a male teacher was ending his class for that day. After his students went off, Kang To came. They’re practicing the Japanese swords’ martial arts. After the exercise, Kang To was sharing his burdened heart with his best friend.

There’s a circus show. A girl was expecting someone from behind the stage, observing the audience. She’s holding a dagger. There’s an initial on it. That girl was actually the girl who threw a stone at the parade.

Looking at the initial, that girl was recalling her memory of the past. She was with her brother hiding in bushes from some bad guys. Her brother left her a dagger saying, “You should live. We’ll surely meet again.” So her brother was distracting the bad guys so his sister could escape.

It’s finally the time for the girl to go on the stage. She was performing the Peking theater kind of stage action, but it’s more of a mask dance. She’s changing her mask over and over again until the end she showed her face.

Kang To slept in his best friend’s place that night. His best friend was remembering someone, a little girl. “Now can we meet again?” he murmured.

The survived little girl with the dagger was praying in the church. His best friend was going to continue their conversation, but Kang To was already snoring.

In the colonial court. Some freedom fighters were waiting for their sentence. They’re singing the fighting anthem which actually a mocking song  tell the colonial to get the hell out of their country. It turned out that one of the men was the girl’s father.

She managed to flee from the guard and sneaked in to the court and watched what happen in there. The men received their sentence. Kang To noticed the girl, saying “Bingo!” Then after the judges left the room, Kang To took some pictures with the convicted. Kang To put a wide smile on his face. The girl finally jumped down and fought all the guards. She’s attacking Kang To, but Kang To could tackle her down in just few moves. She spit on him. Kang To almost hit her, but there came Gaksital. Kang To fought Gaksital himself. The girl was releasing her father and they managed to flee from the court room. And Gaksital also managed to escape.


The girl’s name was Mok Dan. She and her father were still trying to find their way out. They entered a Japanese senior officer’s office. Thankfully there’s a distraction that made the officer hesitated coming to his room. It’s a beautiful lady coming towards him. I’m not really sure what’s their relationship. But then Kang To came and asked for a permission to search his room to look for the fugitive and the girl. At first the officer refused but then he let Kang To in. The fugitives were already finding their way out downstair outside.
Kang To thought he shot the right person, but the fugitive was in disguise.

In the higher officer’s room, Gaksital suddenly appear after the man opened the package brought by the beautiful lady which turned out to be a large amount of money. Gaksital was threatening that man. Kang To was still busy searching for the fugitive when suddenly his boss fell out of the window. Kang To ran upstairs and saw Gaksital. He was busy searching for Gaksital when his brother came tailing some officers. He was playing with his flute. Kang To couldn’t ignore him and was very upset. “What are you doing here??” he asked his brother. “I like to play with you. Let’s go playing,” said Kang San innocently.

Mok Dan was separated with her father again. It’s too dangerous if they’re together. The girl could only speak to her father’s picture that they would reunite again one day.

Kang To was reporting to a police higher. He’s asking that officer to let him investigate Gaksital case alone. That man refused Kang To’s request.

Then they checked on the corpse of dead Japanese officer. There’s a mark left on the dead man’s chest: the fence mark.

The plot went back to the time when Kang To was screaming “Gaksitaalll!” after shooting Gaksital at the funeral parade.

Kang To went to the crime scene and searched something there. He noticed something behind the framed Japanes flag on the wall. He found a picture of two persons, one of them the police higher he was talking to the other night. Kang To reported his finding the police chief. That chief was summoning all the police highers including the officer Kang To talked to. The chief ordered him to let only Kang To to investigate Gaksital’s case.

Apparently that officer and his right hand man didn’t like Kang To that much. They were watching Kang To’s move and seemed like palnning something bad to Kang To that night. The night came and Kang To was putting his stuffs in the car when suddenly a gun was pointed to his head.

This drama reminded me so much of Kang Ji Hwan-Ryu Jin-Han Ji Min’s “Capital Scandal.” The setting, the conflict, the wardrobes…even the music! And I have an optimism that this drama would also give us a good quality drama and non-typical story..but hopefully not as bitter as Capital Scandal. And Joo Won is just so cool here.. :D

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