Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 11 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 11 started with the moment when Gaksital showed up in Mr. Jo’s room, hit him down and took the documents he needed, and then tried to escape from the house. But some ninjas blocked his ways. After Gaksital fought them, Shonji came down with sword himself. They fought and Gaksital almost lost the fight, Shonji’s sword stopped right before his neck. They both paused. Thankfully, Goiso took an initiative to shoot a fire to gaksital but missed it. So Gaksital managed to flee.

Shonji and Goiso tried to catch him, but they were late. Shonji knew exactly where he was going: the market. And yes Gaksital went there to give to the poor market people the documents of their property. When both Shonji and Gosio came to the market, Gaksital had already left.

Shonji kneeled before his father because of his failure. Mr.Kimura said to get Mok Dan as soon as possible. Shonji defended Mok Dan by saying that she really had no idea about gaksital. Mr.Kimura was upset and reminded him what Gaksital had done, his loyalty and consistency to catch gaksital. Mr.Kimura pointed his long sword to Shonji and told him to learn to manage his heart before trying to catch gaksital.

Dam Sari made a call to Mok Dan telling that Gaksital had not yet leave him any massage yet. He thought it was because last time Kang To was there. But when he was still on the line with Mok Dan, Kang To showed up and left a message. He wondered why Kang To did that.

Dam Sari discussed this matter with his main team. It’s weird that Kang To even knew he was waiting for Gaksital. Dam Sari’s man said that Kang To might be Gaksital. But Dam Sari didn’t see that as a possibility, counting Kang To’s reputation as Jongno police officer.

Kang To and Abe continued on their mission to watch the circus camp 24 hours. Abe was more enjoying himself playing with the circus members, while Kang To walked there happily because he’s gonna meet Mok Dan again. Watching Abe was playing with the circus member, Kang To realized that the only person missing from the scene was Mok Dan.

He came to where Mok Dan was. “Others are playing,but you’re enjoying yourself cleaning up?” asked Kang To. Mok Dan just gave him a her usual harsh replied.

Kang To stayed close to Mok Dan. Kang To asked her to go to the club with him, Mok Dan refused it of course. So he said he’s just gonna take a 10 minutes nap and for that, Kang To handcuffed Mok Dan in the chair next to him.

The smart Mok Dan didn’t stay still. She got her dagger and tried to stab Kang To. But Kang To never really slept. He caught her hand tightly. In that moment, Shonji came and saw the scene. Kang To played cool and shrugged her hand.

Shonji was giving warning to the circus members about his determination on catching Gaksital. He’s so serious that he even hit the lady when she’s questioning him. Mok Dan confronted Shonji that Gaksital was not the enemy of Joseon. Shonji was upset on the provocation. He drew his long sword and swing it. Kang To’s spontaneous action was to grabbed his gun inside his suit. Goiso clearly see that. But thankfully Shonji only cut Mok Dan’s hair.”Sato Hiroshi, arrest this girl right now!” So they’re taking Mok Dan.

Chae Hong Joo summoned Mr.Kimura after a tough telephone conversation with her father. The failure of catching or killing gaksital also affected Chae Hong Joo’s position as her father’s daughter, so she’s punishing Mr.Kimura for the mission failure. She protested why Shonji had not yet got Mok Dan to catch gaksital. She just had not yet received the latest news.

Kang To and Abe had put Mok Dan in the interrogation dungeon again. Kang To took a deep breath before talking to Mok Dan. It’s tough for him, of course. He approached Mok Dan closely and talked to her in low voice. “You see me straightly in the eyes. You really don’t know me? Next time when you see gaksital…” his words were cut by Mok Dan and her words was a bit harsh that Kang To never continued his words.

Goiso reported what he saw back then at the circus. He told Shonji that Kang To might have a feeling for Mok Dan. Shonji started to be curious about that. He came down to the interrogation dungeon to confirm it. Kang To was in his deep thinking. Shonji took out Mok Dan’s most precious thing from her pocket. “This dagger is his, right? He’s gaksital, right?? Answer me!!” pushed Shonji. Then he’s testing Kang To by ordering him to whip Mok Dan. Kang To acted cool very well and he just whipped Mok Dan as he’s told. Shonji didn’t expected that and was about to stop Kang To when his father came and told them to stop. He ordered them to put Mok Dan in the jail.

In the jail, there was already a nun there. It was Chae Hong Joo under a disguise. She played her role as a nice nun who sooth Mok Dan.

Goiso came to Kang To to tease him about his spontaneous alert action back there in circus when Shonji was drawing his sword to Mok dan. Kang To didn’t say anything but just kick that man on the stomach. Kang To came to Shonji to submit his resignation. He protested him that Shonji still doubting his will to catch Gaksital and made him whipping a girl. Kang To was about to leave, but Shonji stopped him. “Kang To, please help me. I cannot do this alone. Let’s catch Gaksital.” This whole scene upset Kang  To. “Are you making a joke now?” “I’m sorry.” Kang To punched Shonji.

Kang To came to the jail to check on Mok Dan. He expressed his sadness by teary eyes looking at Mok Dan. He didn’t know Chae Hong Joo was there and saw all that. She figured out Kang To’s expression as his hidden feelings towards that girl.

Kang To rushed to the hotel to check on the message for Choi Tae Geon. It’s still there. Kang To noticed someone was watching him and he ran to catch that guy. He and Dam Sari managed to flee before Kang To could reach them.

At the police station, Mr.Kimura ordered Shonji to release Mok Dan, while he himself was ordering to release the nun. Shonji drove Mok Dan himself. “You know my feelings aren’t you? Why are you making this far? I’m taking you to the hospital.” Mok Dan refused, saying that no matter what he’s still a Japanese man and she’s fighting for joseon. Mok Dan was cutting her good relationship with Shonji from then on. She left the car and walked away.

Chae Hong Joo figured out that Kang To loved Mok Dan. That made her more curious about Kang To. She’s looking for him.

Kang To and Shonji were drinking at the club. “Do you really love her?” asked Kang To to Shonji. “I don’t know. I’m not sure,” said Shonji. “But if I catch that jerk, I want to kill him right in front of Mok Dan.”

Then Chae Hong Joo came down the club and performed a song. Meanwhile Dam Sari and his men were on action there. They’re making a murder attempt to kill Kang To. Hong Joo saw it and alert Kang To.

Kang To and Shonji fought Dam Sari’s men. When their situation turned out to be bad, Dam Sari and the rest of his men fled. Shonji only got one man. He took the man and told Kang To to just rest. But Kang To remembered about the man who secretly watched him in the hotel. He went to the police station with Shonji.

Shonji whipped that man badly, then Kang To took over the job and told Shonji to just go. “Where’s your master?” asked Kang To. He didn’t whip the man. Instead of answering Kang To, that man started to sing the revolutionary antheme. That upset Kang To because it made him felt uneasy. He just punched that man until he’s unconscious.

When that man woke up, Gaksital was in front of him. He’s taking that man away and in the same time, Shonji went down to check the situation in the interrogation before going home. Shonji was aiming the gun to gaksital.

The preview really tricked me, but the freedom fighters were almost there right-guessing Kang To as Gaksital. And Kang To also started to give Mok Dan hints about his true identity. We’re getting close. But unfortunately, Chae Hong Joo will watch Kang To closer now since she found out that Kang To has a deep feelings for Mok Dan, so it’s gonna be very dangerous.

The preview told us that finally Mok Dan’s father will meet Gaksital.

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