Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 7 Quick Summary

The episode started with Kang To was weeping in front of the graveyard of his mother and brother. He cried out to his brother, blaming him for being dead that it left him with no idea what to do. He hit himself hard several times and took his brother’s Gaksital and the Gaksital weapon.

Then the next scene was back to the last scene of Episode 6 when Kang To became the new Gaksital and he killed Kenji in front of Shonji.
Gaksital managed to flee, but Shonji didn’t stay still. He ran out to catch his brother’s murderer. Meanwhile Mr.Kimura went speechless watching his eldest son’s dead body in front of him.

Because of this chaotic situation, the police was turning on the alert alarm. This condition was an advantage for Mok Dan to run away from the interrogation room. She was picked up by her friend.

Shonji didn’t give up at all. He was in full anger trying to catch Gaksital who was running away with a horse. After so many attempts, Shonji succeeded to shoot Gaksital’s horse. The horse fell and his body was thrown off the cliff far down to the river.

Kang To was drowning deep. However Shonji didn’t satisfy yet before they find Gaksital’s body. He had a troop searching for Gaksital around the river, even a diver to search for him under the water. Shonji insisted on staying, but Kenji’s right hand man persuaded him to just call it a day. After Shonji left, someone finally found the Gaksital mask, but didn’t know yet who that person was.

Shonji visited his brother’s dead body in the hospital. He asked for forgiveness and then wept.

Mok Dan was worrying Gaksital. Early in the morning, she ran to the wood to the area where Gaksital used to drop her there. Her friend tried to catch her. She didn’t tell Mok Dan what he saw in the police station: Shonji was trying to catch Gaksital.

Kang To survived. Someone saved him and brought him to the hospital. He’s not yet stabil, but he walked out his ward and in the corridor he saw Kenji’s corpse was moved from/to the morgue. Then Shonji approached him asking if Gaksital was also the one who tried to kill him. Kang To was still confused and his sight was still not focus. “Gaksital killed my brother too,” continued Shonji. Kang To was too overwhelmed. He eventually fainted.

Later in the morning, the news was spread out around the city. The colonial government officially announced that Gaksital was dead, killed by Kimura Shonji. They even showed Shonji’s picture in the article. The  pro-Japanese was celebrating that day, but not for Mok Dan. She didn’t believe that Gaksital was dead.

Chae Hong Joo reported the situation to her step father in Japan. Then she continued her operation by getting into the fun girls’ society in the club.

The Kimura was holding Kenji’s funeral. But the attempt to search for Gaksital’s body still continued. The curious Mok Dan went to the river to check on the situation. She dove in to search for Gaksital herself. But just like the police, she found no dead body. Strangely, she found her own dagger on the bottom of the river. She concluded that Gaksital was the little boy she’d been waiting for.

Kang To finally gained his consciousness. But as soon as the doctors came into his room,he pretended to stay unconscious.

In the funeral house, Shonji was surprise to find his cold father was actually weeping alone before his son’s full of blood police uniform.

Kang To was drinking outside. The lady didn’t want to serve him. People stared at him from outside the window. And then when he’s out, everyone was avoiding him. Walking through the market, a group of marching little boys that used to be led by Kang San suddenly stopped in front of him.

When the kids realized he was Kang To, they ran away, except for a boy. “I’m not afraid of you, Ajeossi.I know you’re a bad person, but your brother is our leader. Where is he now?” That boy cried and his mother took him away immediately. Kang To was attacked by everyone in the market.

Shonji was on his way to the police station when he heard some noise from the market. When he got there, KAng To was already a mess. A group of police tried to secure him. Kang To almost fainted. Shonji brought him away by his bike.

On their way, Shonji let out his burden of how he’s been frustrated about what Gaksital had done to Kenji, Kang to and his family and witnessed his father cried. Kang To also cried and lean his head to Shonji’s back. In his heart he apologized to Shonji. Those men cried out together their wounded hearts.

Later that night, the police burst in to the market and started hitting all the men there. Meanwhile Shonji brought Kang To to his place, but Kang To insisted on leaving. Shonji tried to stop him, but finally let Kang To go. Kang To went to the hut which was his brother’s hiding. He saw all the articles on the wall and then left with Gaksital mask and the weapon. Baek Geon saw him leaving and bowed deep. Kang To found Gaksital’s horse. He dressed up as Gaksital again, stood at the the big tree his brother used to stand, then he’s up on his horse and ready for action.

The story is getting more complicated as Shonji takes part in Gaksital’s hunting. He changed instantly from a wise and calm man to an emotional and revengeful person after witnessing his brother was murdered and his father cried so bad for Kenji’s death. Anyhow, I wonder why everyone in Kimura family could love Kenji that much, especially for Shonji. Kenji had never been good to him and even bullied him often. Kenji was not a loving person, period. But still, Shonji turned out of his mind after Kenji’s death and so full of hatred towards Gaksital. As Shonji seemed to be more and more obsessed by Gaksital, in the preview for next episode, Shonji finally took his oath as a police man.

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