Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 16 Quick Summary

The tense was high in Gaksital episode 16. As KAng To and Shonji were facing each other…as arch villains?
Shonji:”You. You’re, right? Gaksital.”
Kang To: “I’m worry about Mok Dan.”
Shonji: “Why you worried about this woman? You’re just Gaksital!”
KAng To: “I love this woman.”
Shonji: “What you’re saying? Say it again.”
Kang To: “I love this woman!”
Kang To asked if falling for someone could be that wrong. Shonji ordered Goiso to handcuff Kang To, but Kang To ordered him not to. So Shonji handcuffed each of Kang To and Mok Dan, broken hearted and confused.

Kang To was bullied by Goiso, beaten down. Shonji was just watching from the window. Meanwhile Mok Dan was in jail, thinking what she heard coming out from Kang To’s mouth. The “beast” Lee Kang To said he loved her?? Where’s the sense in that? Mok Dan’s brain kept working. She also thought about the possibility that Kang To was Gaksital, just like Shonji said.

Shonji visited Kang To. “Since when?” Shonji’s first question. “From the beginning,you’ve been so obsessed to catch her in order to catch Gaksital.” Kang To made the scenerio like in the movie where the bad cop eventually fell for the heroine and he couldn’t do anything about it. Kang To said he’d been trying to catch gaksital like crazy, but faith made him kept arresting Mok Dan. He explained to Shonji that he fell for Mok Dan because it’s a kind of empathy that grew in the middle of his obession to catch Gaksital. And now with Shonji’s being crazy about getting Gaksital for revenge, he would do anything including something that would eventually hurt Mok Dan.  So he worried for her.

“What? Are you crazy? how can you accuse me as Gaksital?” asked Kang To. Shonji had a doubt, but Kang To’s story about how his feelings for Mok Dan had developed kind of quite assuring. He was struggling with his own mind.

Dam Sari’s woman co-worker visited Circus Leader. She knew he had leaked the information about Mok Dan and was about to stab him, but she never did it.

After taking some time to clear his mind, Shonji went back to face Kang To. He asked how Kang To knew Mok Dan’s childhood name was Poo Ni. “How could you know I called her Poo Ni? Did you hear when I asked Dam SAri? So that’s why you think I’m Gaksital? Are you crazy? I’ve arrested Dam Sari many times. Do you think I wouldn’t even know his daughter’s childhood name?” Then he told Shonji that the man who was trying to kill him in the Angel Club was Dam Sari and he could confirm it by getting someone who works in the club.

Goiso burst into the club. He confronted the table where there’s the club woman, Mr.Lee’s son, and Mr.Jo’s son the reporter. Goiso was taking the woman and the waiter, and some dancers. Shonji interrogated the club members, asking them about the person who’s trying to kill Kang To. He knew they had helped them in Kang To’s assassination plan that day. After dismissing the other club members, they got only the waiter.

The waiter was brought to Dam SAri, to identify him as the man who was trying to kill Kang To. The waiter finally admit that one of the men who was trying to kill Kang To that day was him, Dam Sari. Shonji finally ordered to release Lee Kang To.

Shonji summoned Mok Dan to his office. “Are you hurt somewhere?” asked Shonji softly. Then he asked where Dam Sari’s men. He’s begging her to help him catching Gaksital otherwise he couldn’t help her. They just needed to find Gaksital. As long as they still couldn’t get him, Dam Sari would be in difficult situation, and automatically her too. “I want you to live,” said Shonji. “I want to see my father,” asked Mok Dan. “Okay. Please think about this tonight.”Going out from Shonji’s office, KAng To could only watched them.
Kang To said it’s his turn to help that woman because Shonji had no longer been able to do that.

Mok Dan saw her father. KAng To went to the dungeon as well, dismissing both Abe and Goiso. He layed Dam Sari on the floor so that Mok Dan could speak to him a little comfortably.

Konno summoned both Shonji and Kang To. Shonji told him that they already had Mok Dan, but needed time to make them speak. Konno didn’t want to wait. He went to see Dam Sari himself. Meanwhile Mok Dan was lying on the floor with her father, recalling their good old days. At first Konno was still trying to persuade Dam SAri to tell the police who Gaksital was. Kang To told Dam SAri to tell them the whole things he knew. Shonji asked Mok Dan to persuade her father to tell them. Mok Dan said she had promised him nothing about it. Then Konno ordered to torture Mok dan in the torture box.

Both Kang To and Shonji were shock. Mok Dan dared the torture. Dam Sari was almost hysterical. Kang To was the second most emotional. Shonji could hold his expression well. Kang To stepped forward quickly. “Do you want to die? Please, just speak!” He tried to persuade Mok Dan. He, above everyone, knew that these two people knew nothing about Gaksital, himself! “Dad, don’t cry. We’ve promised,” said Mok Dan.”I have a request,” she said to Kang To “Please don’t let my dad watch.” Mok Dan was ready to get into the box, but Konno pulled her. He knew it’s just gonna be a waste if she died. He’d got nothing, so he just ordered to put her in jail. Both men were relieve.

Dam Sari would be transferred to another place. Dam SAri told Mok Dan that if he’s gonna be taken away to another place, the person she could ask for help was Lee Kang To. Mok Dan said why. Dam SAri told her, “Because he’s a Joseon man and he wanted you to live. He asked me where you were to keep you alive.”

Hearing Konno’s plan that upset Shonji, Kang To was the one who brought Dam Sari out of the Jongno Police station. On his way to bring Dam Sari away, the truck was attacked by Dam Sari’s comrade. Kang To tried to protect Dam Sari. When Dam Sari tried to escape, he held him and secretly shot his own man so he’d gonna be the one who’s left.

Kang To looked surrender, but he was actually about to hand over Dam Sari to his comrade when suddenly one of the men was going to shoot Kang To. But then that man was shot by a third party. Shonji and his troops arrived.

Well, I have to admit that it’s quite surprising that Lee Kang To’s alibi was as simple as that. But the thing is, Kang To’s arguments were true. His position was strong. The freedom fighter hated him. He knew Dam Sari well because they had history of several “catch me if you can.” He arrested Mok Dan several time and the girl’s strong spirit was touching for a man. If I were Shonji, I would probably also buy the story too.

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