Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 10 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 10 started with the scene when Shonji was taking an oath, which I think to be part of the Kishokai. The initiation was held by Chae Hong Joo, witnessed by Kimura Taro and Shonji signed the seal with his blood.

And then we’re back to where episode 9 ended. Shonji was holding a briefing with his team. He’s delivering specific jobdesc for each member, everyone, but Kang To. He gave Abe the responsibility to be in charge on the 24 hours monitoring the circus. Kang To confronted Shonji, asking if it’s because of what happened to his father before. Shonji started to address Kang To with his Japanese name and he didn’t allow Kang To to just call him Shonji.

Kang To and Abe were on their way to the circus camp, but Kang To asked his partner to drop him in front of the club. He never entered it, instead straightly went to Baek Geon who was in a disguise of a shoe polisher man. Kang To expressed his frustration facing this problem with Shonji in the middle. “Young Master, are you okay?” asked Baek Geon. “It’s already started, so we have to go till the end,” said Kang To.

Shonji also determined to finish this case till the end. He told his father that he didn’t care about what his father’s real agenda. What he cared about was only pne thing: catching Gaksital.

Mr.Jo was in a disguise. People in the market were celebrating the come back of Gaksital, but the celebration didn’t last long. Many people suddenly received a warning letter, related to their property. And then a boy was spreading fliers about financial help for people’s property problem. He was ordered by Mr.Jo.

Abe came to warn the circus people that from that moment, the circus was gonna be under 24 hours monitoring by he and Kang To. While Abe was being bullied by the circus members, Mok dan and the Circus Leader were trying to contact Mok Dan’s father before Kang To arrived. Since no one picked up the phone, Mok Dan voluntary  went to her deliver the message by herself. On her way, she came across Kang To. She said she’s not running away. “I’m just going to the hotel to wash some clothes.” Kang To grabbed her hand to prevent Mok Dan from leaving, but that girl kept on going so Kang To just went with Mok Dan to the hotel.

Kang To was actually happy that he could spend time with Mok Dan. He watched her washing the clothes. He saw Mok Dan put the dagger while she’s washing and the memories came back to the surface of his mind. Mok Dan saw Kang To’s expression changed, so Kang To started to talk harsh to her. “Can’t you do it more quickly? Don’t you know how to wash quickly?” Then Kang To grabbed all the clothes and put them into the bathtub. He’s helping Mok Dan washing in his own way.

Mok Dan’s father was visiting the club to meet a girl who was the friend of Kang To and Mr.Lee’s son. He’s buying a walking stick, but there’re secret documents along with it.

Back to the hotel, Kang To really enjoyed watching Mok Dan. Suddenly Shonji came with a stern face, saying in a serious and strict tone. He’s ordering Kang To to keep his eyes on Mok Dan 24 hours very carefully. Mok Dan was so sad, but she held herself well, then she went in to the hotel first and then discussed something with the hotel man. But Kang To came in and was suspicious. And then came the disguised men, Kang To was also suspicious on them. In order to help those guys, Mok Dan decided to run away so that Kang To would leave them alone and ran after her instead.

Kang To stopped in the middle of the way, turned somewhere else to change into Gaksital. Mok Dan stopped at the point where she left message to the man she’s been waiting for. Then there came Gaksital. “I’m so grateful that you’re alive and survived. I’m still alive until now is also because of you. thank you very much. My father wanted to meet you. Just like you, my father also fights the colonial.Would you please meet him at least once?” She told him the place where he could meet her father. After meeting Mok Dan, Kang To didn’t go immediately back on his duty to watch Mok Dan. He’s resting at the hiding hut, buried himself in a deep contemplation.

Mok Dan called her father to tell him about Gaksital. While Dam Sari and his team was studying the Jongno office, Chae Hong Joo and Mr.Kimura were studying Jongno Market. Chae Hong Joo got a warning from Mr.Ueno, her step father, that if she couldn’t take care of Gaksital case soon, she’d go back to be Chae Hong Joo. And she seemed to be very frightened.

Because the people were in a difficult situation, Mr.Jo took this opportunity to buy people’s property in a very low price. Mr.Jo managed to get all the market area. After his last victim left, Kang To who was in a disguised, suddenly showed up before him. He demanded Mr.Jo to tell him the true reason why Gaksital was after him and he even couldn’t tell this to Mr.Kimura. “Okay, I will tell you the secret,” and he did.

Shonji had all his men around the city. Kang To was caught by Shonji after he met Mr.Jo. Shonji expressed his irresponsibility to watch Mok Dan for 24 hours. Kang To didn’t stay nice, so he asked “Do you think you can catch Gaksital?” He said he’s the one who had been working hard all this time to catch Gaksital. “Do you really think you can do it?” Shonji said now he understands what his father said not to get trust Kang To. “Okay, now I don’t know if we’re still friends or what. If I find something fishy about your father, I won’t hesitate to get him. Don’t get surprise.”

Mok Dan’s father was trying to get more information about Kishokai through pretending to be friendly to Mr.Lee. After doing his business with Mr.Lee, he came to the restaurant and looked for a note left from him. Kang To was there in the hotel restaurant, hiding himself and thinking if he should leave his message on the board.  But then Abe came and ruining his chance to get more information about Mok Dan’s  father. He called Masako, asking if she’s available tonight. KAng To got an information from Abe about the meeting, so he called her. Masako said she couldn’t because there would be guests coming, Mr.Jo and both Mr.Kimura. Shonji was preparing his man for tonight’s operation. Some ninjas were coming in to that meeting place.

Mr.Jo was drunk and leaving the meeting room to run away with his belonging. But he stopped, because Gaksital stood in front of him. He attacked Mr.Jo and got the documents, but some ninjas had awaited him outside. After all the ninjas were beaten down, it was Shonji himself who fought Gaksital.

“It’s been along time, Gaksital,” said Shonji.

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In the preview, Mok Dan get an information from her father that Gaksital and Kang To may be the same person. Mok dan’s father saw Lee Kang To was leaving a note on the message board for him, instead of Gaksital.

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    “Mok Dan get an information from her father that Gaksital and Kang To may be the same person. Mok dan’s father saw Lee Kang To was leaving a note on the message board for him, instead of Gaksital.”- Wow! On top of that cliff-hanger! Again will be waiting with bated breath for next week!

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