Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 5 Quick Summary

Kang To searched for the culprit who threw a dagger to him in the middle of the crowd. Meanwhile in the same time, Kenji was watching from the second building window of a neighboring building. Apparently the traitor girl reported him about the circus members’ plan. Kang To was fighting the masks dancers and he shot the last person who’s gonna threw him a dagger. She turned out to be Mok Dan.

Seeing the attempt failed, Kenji fired his guns towards Kang To, but he missed. And Gaksital also helped from another building.
Kang To went in a rush to the hospital to save Mok Dan, but the doctor refused to treat her. Kang To pointed a gun to that doctor and told him his position in the colonial police force, but that doctor was still in his words. He told Kang To to ask for another doctor.

Kang To burst in to Mr.Lee where Doctor Woo was treating him. He asked that doctor to do surgery to Mok Dan, making the Gaksital case as his reason.

After the surgery, Doctor Woo reported to Kenji about Mok Dan. He said that Kang To’s urged to save that girl seemed to be not really in order to catch Gaksital. Kenji told him to keep reporting the update.

Kenji then tortured the traitor girl asking about how Gaksital could be on a the scene. He bribed the girl to keep her eyes on Mok Dan.

Kang To stayed by Mok Dan’s side in the hospital.Shonji knew that Kang To’s first love that entangled in Gaksital case was Mok Dan. He was a bit upset, but receiving the news about Mok Dan, he rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile Mok Dan finally gained her consciousness, finding herself in the hospital and handcuffed. Seeing her awoke, Kang To didn’t hide his happiness. He almost said his childhood name, “It’s me, Lee…” Kang To’s good mood suddenly changed into the Gaksital-chaser mood again as soon as Mok Dan said, “Where am I? What happened to the others?”  Kang To figured out, “The others? The circus people?” Knowing those people attacked him, he could only screamed out his anger.

Then Shonji burst into the room and punched Kang To hard. Shonji confessed that he knew about Mok Dan. He also told him about the incident that night when he was almost got caught by Kang To hiding Mok Dan. He also said he put a trust on Kang To in handling her. Kang To realized that the bare back of a girl he saw was actually Mok Dan. “I really can’t see her dead.” Shonji wanted them to trust each other.

Chae Hong joo ordered her bodyguard to find all information about Kang To. Then she remembered the incident 5 years earlier when Kang To saved her from his step-father’s man. She was protesting to Ueno about something and the cold step father let his sword-man to punish that girl. But thankfully suddenly Kang To prevented him from doing anything to her. He fought with that guy.

Kang To came back to Mok Dan’s room and found it empty. Shonji took her out for a walk. Kang To saw how Mok Dan looked at Shonji tenderly and they look happy together. The scene somehow hurt him. He expressed his upset to the guard who suppose to watch over Mok Dan. He was more frustrated when Mok Dan asked Shonji to helped her walk back to her room.

Kenji was trying to figured out the relation between Kang To-Gaksital-Oh Mok Dan. The informant girl came to his office and informed him that Mok Dan had a close relationship with Shonji, his own brother.
Shonji came to the circus. He informed the circus members about Mok Dan. He explained about his relation to both Mok Dan and Kang To and asked them to trust him about Mok Dan’s safety.

Kenji came to Shonji’s place. He asked about Mok Dan and what Shonji’s relationship with her. Shonji told him how he knew Mok Dan. Figuring out the connection, he accused Shonji as Gaksital. Kenji pointed a gun towards Shonji and they both ended up fighting. Kenji was saved by his right hand man who came to pick him up.

Gaksital came to Kenji. He suddenly appeared in front of Kenji’s car, still not far from Shonji’s place, and managed to attract him. He knocked down Kenji’s man and was about to finish up Kenji when Shonji came to help him. Gaksital decided to leave him.

The bad guys were delivering the dirty money around their circle. That money was supposed to go to the people, but those old-greedy-Joseon traitors-guys eat it for themselves. When the package came to Kimura Taro’s residence, he thought the boxes were his money. But the packages were sent by the disguised KAng San. They were just rotten apples.

Mok DAn was trying to escape but she couldn’t because of her wound. She dropped her glass tube and she was going to clean scattered glass. Kang To prevented her from doing that because he didn’t want her to get hurt. “What do you care if I get hurt?” asked Mok Dan. Kang To was once again almost revealed his real identity to Mok Dan, but hesitated and instead said, “If you’re hurt, I can’t catch Gaksital.” Kang To was going to handcuff Mok Dan, but seeing the bruises on her wrist, Kang To refrained. He decided to just sit in the room, watching Mok Dan closely. It wasn’t long until Abe came came in a rush to  inform him about Gaksital’s action. He delivered money to those who had the rights on it: the people.

Kang San came down from the rooftop in the same time her mother was coming on the way. He was going to continue his acting, but his mother saw the gaksital mask. She knew the truth, but remain silent that she just looked at Kang San meaningfully.

But suddenly, Kenji came to their house with a troop. That man had figured out the connection and “right-guessed” the connection was Kang To’s family. He threatened Kang San to reveal his real identity and fake-mental-deterioration, otherwise his mother was going to die. Mrs. Lee gave the eyes-sign to Kang San not to reveal himself and let her be dead, if she had to. And just few seconds later, Kenji shot Kang San’s mother. Sadly Kang San had to surpress his feelings. He just slapped his face several times and crying. Then Kenji’s man came to inform him about Gaksital’s appearance at another place. After those people left, Mrs. Lee tried to speak under her last breath. His mother’s last words were for him to take care of Kang To. Experiencing these whole things made Kang San screamed out a heartbreaking cried that moment…


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