Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 8 Quick Summary

This episode started with Kang To shaving and got dressed with his tailor made uniform. His Japanese name is Sato Hiroshi. Then he came to report to Konno and ready to go back to work. He told his boss that Gaksital was not yet dead and he promised to finish this case well.

The police office was crowded by the men from the market the police had caught the night before. The police were interrogating them. Kang To came and straightly attacked the man who attacked him in the market. He accused him from being one of the men who had burnt down his house and killed his family. Kang To had become more fierce and more merciless. He pointed his gun to Kenji’s man who kept talking cynical to Kang To and then to the man he attacked earlier. He really meant it. But suddenly Kimura Taro showed up.

Kang To came to Mr.Kimura office. He was dissatisfied with Kang To who failed to get Gaksital and caused his son dead in that mysterious man’s hand.

Shonji had changed to be a different character. He had lots of anger and he expressed it to his students.He couldn’t control his emotion and Mok Dan watched the scene. “I know how upset you are. But you’re teaching Joseon kids. You should stay strong.” He hugged Mok Dan from behind. Somehow, Kang To saw this scene. Shonji said he couldn’t live when Gaksital still alive. Shonji was talking about Gaksital in full emotion. He told Mok Dan to tell him when she met Gaksital again, but Mok Dan changed the topic about food.


Kang To was releasing his stress in the club, drinking. Chae Hong Joo came and took his drink. “You don’t know me? Don’t you remember me?” She asked KAng To. “Do you like this oppa?” Kang To caught her hand and she sat in his lap. Chae Hong Joo kissed Kang To on the lips tenderly. Then she whisper, “I know. Don’t forget it.”

Meanwhile in the woods, Mok Dan was leaving a sign to the boy she’d been waiting for. The sign was written by her blood: “Booni”

On a train where there were many aristrocrats, a terrorist took Mr.Lee as a hostage. He brought an explosive. The man already lighted the dynamite. A man did a heroic action. His name is Cha Tae Geon. Apparently the terrorist was Mr.Cha’s co-worker.

Kang To was playing with Mr. Jo’s Geisha. I think he’s using her to get information about that Bank director.

Taro was having a meeting with Chae Hong Joo. But at the end Hong Joo brought up the topic about Shonji. She told Taro that his son was having a relationship with a Joseon woman. Taro asked Kang To about the girl Shonji had been having a crush on. Kang To told him what he knew. Shonji met Mok Dan in the hospital when he was young. It was when he brought the nanny to that hospital and Taro remembered how he lost his sword because of that event.

Kang To came to school to meet Shonji. He saw Shonji was letting out his anger to the masks in the art class. Kang To told Shonji that his father had found out about Mok Dan. Shonji was arguing to Kang To why he had no other way to get Gaksital but to get Mok Dan. “She had no idea who Gaksital nor where he is,” Shonji defended Mok Dan. “Do you believe that girl that much?” asked Kang To coldly. “Your brother died because of Gaksital.” But Shonji kept defending Mok Dan. In the same time, Mr.Kimura came to the school and watched the two men’s conversation. After Kang To left, Shonji realized that his father was there. Mr. Kimura shot a class sign above Shonji’s head. “From now on, Shonji is not a Kimura!” said Taro to the school principal.

KAng To shared an information related to Gaksital to Mr.Jo. It made Mr.Jo panicking , so he went in rush to Jo Il Bank to get his worthy things and to escape. But Gaksital came to stop him. Few guards came and Mr.Jo managed to flee. But Gaksital didn’t let him go that easy. He caught Mr.Jo on the way and did something to that man.

The traitor girl came to the police station. Kenji’s right hand man threatened her to tell him Mok Dan’s whereabout.During a circus performance, a troop of policemen came to search for Mok Dan. In the same time, Shonji was walking around Mok Dan’s place. A boy came crying to Mok Dan’s hiding house, telling her that policemen came looking for her. Shonji tried to prevent Mok Dan to go to save her circus fellows. But Mok Dan insisted. To make Shonji let her go, she said a harsh thing.

In the police station all circus members were interrogated. The traitor girl kept giving signs which person to be further asked. Mok Dan finally showed up.Taro got the news immediately.

Shonji came to his father. He kneeled before Mr.Kimura. He said now he understood. His brother was dead and he wanted to do something about it. He wanted to serve Japan by helping his father just like Kenji did. He asked Mr.Kimura to let him use Mok Dan to get Gaksital.

Suddenly the whole circus members were released but Mok Dan. But eventually Mok Dan was released too. she came across Kang To at the entrance. After exchanging some hatred words with Kang To, Mok Dan left. Kang To asked Abe who released Mok Dan. Abe told him that it’s an order from Mr.Kimura.

The Kishokai men were bribing Konno’s friend. That man hesitated, but those men persuaded him. Konno came protesting him. Konno was backstabbed by his own friend thanks to those Kishokai men and Mr.Kimura too. That bribery was to let Shonji joined the police squad with straightly high rank. Now Shonji became Kang To’s higher.

Joo Won seems to know very well how to make himself looked so cool. :mrgreen: The opening scene was cool. Anyway, about Shonji suddenly becomes a policeman…i think one of the reasons was to protect Mok Dan. This is gonna put everyone in a very difficult situation. things become more complicated with Shonji getting involved in Gaksital case.

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  1. thank you for the summary, the story is great n as always joo won’s acting is awesome… ^_^

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