Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 15 Quick Summary

Kang To was begging Dam SAri to tell him where Mok Dan was. Shonji was shock about the fact that KAng To knew Mok Dan’s childhood name.He instantly connect him with Mok DAn’s dagger and then to Gaksital.

This hypothesis was very hard to believe for him. Gaksital was the man who killed his brother, so Kang To was. Kang To, his own buddy –or ex-buddy. He summoned Goiso, ordered him to keep his eyes on Kang To 24 hours.

The circus leader was back to his place, injured and refused to go to the hospital. Suddenly Shonji came and asked him to tell Kang To about Mok Dan’s where about. Shonji was setting a trap to get a solid proof to confirm that Kang To was Gaksital.

And Shonji was not even leaving when Kang To came to the inn. Kang To was visiting the Circus Leader. He said as a Joseon person who had lost a brother who was also a freedom fighter, he understood their situation and sincerely wanted to help. Circus Leader finally told KAng To to go to a chinese restaurant tomorrow’s night where he could find Mok Dan. The traitor girl became Shonji’s ear to overheard the conversation and reported to him.

Shonji came to meet his father who was having an important guest: Chae Hong Joo and Katsuyama. He noticed her as a girl who was with Lee Kang To at the club. She informed them that her father would come and he would kick Konno and then put Kimura back into the office to become the leader. In this way, Kishokai would have a strong power in Joseon.

The police was having a thorough inspection to the people. They checked people’s ID and to those who were suspected as freedom fighter was bullied. Men who wore white was splash by black ink. Kang To saw Goiso was beating an old man when he was driving pass the market. Goiso was ignoring the little grandchild’s begging. Gaksital soon showed up to help.

Goiso came back to the station beaten and lost. Shonji immediately looked for Lee Kang To. They lost track of him.

KAng To was treating his wound in a toilet in the hotel. When he came out from the cubical to wash his hands that have blood stains on it, he was standing right next to Katsuyama, Hong Joo’s body guard.Kang To recognised him, of course, and that mute guy was suspecting Kang To as well. He even knew Kang To was following him.

Shonji summoned Kang To. He asked if KAng To would surely get Mok Dan. Then they both went to Dam Sari in the torture dungeon. Shonji asked him who Gaksital was. Dam SAri asked if there’s really a way to get Gaksital. Shonji was very emotional hearing the provocative words and tortured him worse. Then he ordered Kang To to get Mok Dan.

Mok Dan was still hanging around the town. She avoided the police and was in a catch and run scene with them when suddenly Kang TO saw it. Mok Dan, as always, was very hard to catch. While he’s running to catch Mok Dan, he begged in his heart, “Please, let me catch you this time.” And he did, but suddenly someone hit him from behind. He’s the market guy. KAng To reported his failure to Shonji and Shonji pretended to be very disappointed. Shonji showed him Mok Dan’s last message for Gaksital. Then he clearly declared his plan to to KAng To. “As soon as I get Gaksital, I would tortured Mok Dan, right in front of his eyes. I would surely get that man whom he had been waiting for, the owner of the dagger, Gaksital.”

Mok Dan walked passed Chae Hong Joo in front of the hotel. It was Hong Joo who noticed her, not vice versa, so she followed her. Mok Dan was making a call to Circus Leader. They’re meeting that night as they’d planned. What Mok Dan didn’t know was the circus members were all under police gun point.

After making the phonecall, Mok Dan realized Hong Joo was the disguised nun. Then they’re involved in a woman with woman fight, but it’s a no way grabbing each other’s hairs like other women’s fight. It’s the heroine style of fighting, with kicking (Hong Joo tore her tight skirt and suddenly she was on hot stylish red short!), punching, and yeah slapping was still there. Hong Joo won the battle.

Konno came down to the police office, making a review to his men’s failure in catching Mok Dan.

5 oclock, Shonji and his friends were alert. He summoned Kang To telling that they’re getting Mok Dan at around 6 oclock. He gave a briefing to his men to share the strategy to get Mok Dan. KAng To’s part in this was to watch over Dam Sari while they’re out to get Mok Dan. Then Shonji got a phone call from Hong Joo, telling him that she had caught Mok Dan. Shonji told her to set her free because she’s getting in his way to get Gaksital. Hong Joo warned Shonji if he failed again this time his punishment would be harsh. And Shonji threatened her back by saying that if she ruined his plan, he wouldn’t care whose daughter she was and would give her a hard punishment too. Hong Joo let her go.

While the troops and Shonji were off to ambush Mok Dan, Kang To who was in the dungeon, imagining if they really get Mok Dan, that girl was going to die in the interrogation dungeon. KAng To decided to go to save her. Shonji’s man followed him straight away.

Kang To really did come to the restaurant. He was about to take Mok Dan away when suddenly Shonji came pointing his gun, “Turn out to be you. Glad to meet you, Gaksital.”

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I really hope Kang To has a surprising grand plan, otherwise his double lives is gonna be more difficult to keep a secret. And ahh…no preview!


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