Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 27 Quick Summary

The fight didn’t take a long time until Gaksital managed to stab Mr. Kimura. He bled and fell down.

Too bad Shonji had to witness this nightmare scene again. If I had been him, I would’ve gone crazy. After seeing own brother dead, now own father? In the hand of one same man, Gaksital. Well, we couldn’t blame him when he outraged towards Gaksital. They stood face to face as real enemy now. Lee Kang To took off his mask. They fought, a very personal fight. Beat each other with no mercy. Kang To managed to tackle Shonji down. But they both were crying as they fought. It’s a very emotional fight. They remembered how they used to be best friends and look at them now! Kang To let go of Shonji and then went away.

Shonji went back to the room where his father was still on the floor, bleeding, and dead. He cried a heart breaking cry.

Kang To came back as he promised Mok Dan to have dinner together. Mok Dan served him the meals she promised. Remembering what just happened between him and Shonji, Kang To cried as he ate his dinner. “Right now how’s Shonji gonna be? I killed his father, Kimura Taro. He saw it. I hope we just never meet again. But i know he will never give up. Someday we will face each other again.” Mok Dan tried to sooth his feelings.

At the funeral of his father, Shonji pledged that he would avenge his father’s death. He’s making a phone call with Ueno and that Kishokai Leader give him permission to express his anger by killing Chae Hong Joo aka Lara. Her biggest sin for Kishokai was not telling them the truth about Lee Kang To identity as Gaksital, so she deserved to be punished by the death of Kimura Taro. Ueno sent Lara to pay respect to Shonji.

After paying her respect to the mourning Shonji, he suddenly dragged Lara to another room and drew his sword towards her. Fearless, Lara looked at Shonji in the eyes and said that she knew his step father had planned this. “It’s better for me to die in your hand than in father’s hand.” But Shonji, feeling pity to her poor situation, let her go.

Ueno was having dinner with the chief police and Murayama to discuss about using any method to finish Yang Baek and other freedom fighters. He was surprise seeing Lara came back, still alive.

Shonji came to work and then went to patrol around the city. On the way, he noticed the reporter Gaksital helped to flee, just stepped out of Angel club. He interrogated Madam Tasha and the waiter and finally suspect them both. Too bad those two people had to experience being dragged into the interrogation dungeon. Tasha never give up lying when Shonji asked him what that reporter was doing in her club. Shonji didn’t buy it, so he started whipping both of them. The waiter couldn’t bare the torture, so he opened his mouth and leak some information.

Soon the club Madam and the waiter were released. The waiter couldn’t stop crying and asking for forgiveness. But Tasha understood as their situation was so bad. She finally decided to close down her club.

With the information he got, Shonji shared this to Murayama and they set up a plan.

The freedom fighters also discussing about the strategy to enter the city. The repoter came and said tomorrow the city would hold a parade of students. They need more fighters to recruit.

Kang To was meeting up Mok dan somewhere among the bushes of flowers. He gave her the ring he made from the wild flower with the help of Mok Dan’s friend. Then he proposed her.

Lara told Joon Katsuyama to just go to sleep as he hadn’t been sleeping for a couple of nights. That loyal guard was worried about his lady. Lara said there’s nothing she could do anyway. Running away? What could Joon do? Feeling frustrated, Joon spoke out his true feelings,  “Why you can’t see my heart? Why you could see Lee Kang To’s heart and Kimura Shonji’s heart, but cannot see my heart?” Whatever they’re saying, Lara’s position was very bad.

The freedom fighters were ready for action. But Shonji was also ready for his plan. The city was having a parade of students with colonial propaganda. Gaksital showed up and then the rest of the freedom fighters.After beating down the colonial police, the freedom fighters were inviting the students to fight along with them. They’re taking the students to Dong Jin’s camp, including the circus traitor girl’s little brother. What they didn’t know was, Shonji had put a couple of his men among the students.

Shonji followed them with Goiso, but no ambush, yet. They just waited nearby. During lunch, one of the spies sneak out to report to Shonji about what he saw and heard. Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Gaksital were there…only one great ambush, Shonji could have them all.

Ueno reported to Ueno about his progress and Ueno was content. After meeting Ueno, Lara asked him to have a drink together. Lara opened the conversation about how they’re gonna deal with the fact that both persons they each love will soon die, Kang To and Mok Dan. It’s gonna be hard for Lara because she sincerely love Lee KAng To no matter what. But for Shonji, he accepted the harsh reality.

Kang To and Mok DAn was going to hold their wedding before their big action. Circus Leader gave Mok Dan the wedding dress Dam Sari asked him to give her when the time had come. Kang To promised Circus Leader that he would give happiness to Mok Dan and took care of her well.

And there it was the wedding moment. It was simple but nice. Circus Leader walked Mok Dan through the aisle. What these people least expect was their worst nightmare: Shonji and his troops were heading towards their base camp. They’re going to do the great ambush. Before leaving, on his briefing, Shonji said to his men that their main target was to kill Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Oh Mok Dan. “But Lee Kang To, spare him for me.”

The Circus Leader gave Mok Dan’s hand to Kang To. They all looked so happy. In the same time, Shonji had arrived there and saw the wedding in full of surprise.

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Oh nooooo…. I’m soooo not feeling good about the ending :( I sensed there’re gonna be many who die. Who’s gonna die first? Mok Dan? Arrgh. And who’s gonna be last man standing and bear all the pain? T_T Okay, I can’t be this emotional as if I’ve never seen it coming… But above all I really hope they’re gonna give many great scenes and amazing story for final episode. Can’t wait…


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  1. At the wedding?!! Boy, writer-nim’s how cruel!!

  2. omG!! Cannot imagine what’s gonna happend next!

  3. marriage on the verge of war ..seems to be good strategy too not only confession of love to be together forever even after death.Nio,shinju heartbroken—almostvin the mist of being crazy unable to decide,what to do if carry out harshly its the end for him but carry on the mission…then there’s going to be stream of blood in the finale…..caaaaannttt Wait.Thanks for quick recap

  4. Omo! My heart beats faster seeing how hot and gorgeous Joo Won is during his wedding. *drool*

    But I’m kinda worried about the attack at their wedding day especially they are not prepared. I hope that no one will day. But surely, Shunji’s heart is breaking for what he saw.

    Can’t wait for the last episode… I’ll miss MY Joo Won/Lee Kangto/Sato Hiroshi and of course, Gaksital. =]

  5. Really?does it hv 2 be like this?wish z main characters won’t die!but still can’t pridict the next

  6. oh,i think lee gang to is going to share all the pain b/c i think mokdan is going to die.oh my gosh i reallllllly hate shonji.

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