Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 19 Summary

Gaksital episode 19 started with the blast of suicidal bombing in the execution field of Dam sari. Gaksital was blowing out himself? No no, that sounds too fishy. And right after Shonji took off the dead Gaksital’s mask, another Gaksital showed up. Now this Gaksital not only armed himself with a stick, but he had a sword and some shuriken. He ripped off Japanese flag with the sword and attacked the police guards with shuriken. The effort of saving Dam Sari cost a chaos. Baek Geon came with a truck to help them flee, but unfortunately, Dam sari’s partner, the woman, got shot and she let herself left behind.

Kimura Taro came to the hospital and saw the corridor was full of the injured policemen. He gave a visit to his injured son, not to give pity but to scold him for his failure. In the right time, Konno came down. He was about to free Shonji from Gaksital case, but Shonji insisted that he had another way to get Dam Sari back and also Gaksital, which was through Mok Dan. Shonji succeeded to convinced Konno. Meanwhile in the woods, Gaksital was saying goodbye to Dam Sari. He’s not going with them. Baek Geon would drive Dam Sari away to the safe place.

In front of Mok Dan’s house, the guards suddenly came in an alert situation. They were guarding Mok Dan’s house. Mok Dan, who was still holding her praying beads, asked the guards what happened. The guard told her about Dam Sari’s escape with Gaksital, Mok Dan couldn’t hide her smile. “You shouldn’t be happy, but to worry…WORRY(about herself),” said the guard in a mocking way. Mok Dan was back to pray.

Lee Kang To came down to office with everything that might awaited him. He showed up in Shonji’s office, saying sorry for being late. Goiso mocked him but Shonji dismissed him.
“Just arrived now and said sorry, you feel good?” asked Shonji. “The man who was obsessed with catching Gaksital changed alot because of love?” Kang To said he’s going to give up everything for Mok Dan. Shonji punched him hard on the face. “Give up?” he asked. Then Shonji said if he’s caught helping Mok Dan once again, he’d be dead. Shonji also made a clear announcement that Kang To would never be allowed to enter the interrogation dungeon where they kept the woman freedom fighter.

In the dungeon, Shonji interrogated the woman. His first question was of course, “Who is Gaksital?” The woman of course didn’t tell him anything. “You, Dam Sari and Gaksital have been terrorist from the beginning,” Shonji said. Then he tortured the woman with hot iron and Kang To could only heard the scream from outside. When Shonji was out, he tried to convince Shonji to let him deal with the woman and tried to make her speak. Shonji let him.

The woman looked at Kang To in teary eyes, remembering what Mok Dan had told her about Kang To. “He’s Gaksital,” Mok Dan said. The woman said she wouldn’t give up until she died. Shonji, Goiso and Ishida came, so KAng To’s secret conversation finished. Shonji asked the woman again who Gaksital was. “Do you want to know who Gaksital is? Before that happen, I have a favor to ask. When you meet Gaksital, tell him that we’ve been very thankful to him and we will never give up until the end, would you tell him that?? You will never be able to know who Gaksital is, not until I die I will put my trust on Gaksital!!” Then the woman killed herself by bitting her own tounge.

After Shonji and the other left, KAng To let the woman go of the handcuffed and cried. Shonji was on his way back to his room, but suddenly fainted down the stairs. He was brought to the hospital.

Kang To reported the situation to Konno and then visited Shonji in the hospital. In the same time, Mok Dan also came to visit shonji. The two could only shared a smile and talked to each other without anywords. “How is your injured body?” asked Mok dan in her heart. Just like knowing what Mok Dan said, Kang To also talked in his heart, “Don’t worry. You’ve heard, right? your father had gone to the safe place.” Then the two were holding hands until the saw Shonji was about to open his eyes.

Shonji was surprise finding Mok Dan in his room. Kang To excused himself to let them speak. “Thanks for coming,” said Shonji. “I come because I have a favor to ask,” said Mok Dan. “The circus member ajumma died.I should go.” Shonji granted her request. Then Kang To came back to the room to tell him that Konno let him rest in his condition and gave the case to himself, Lee Kang To. Then Kang To handcuffed Shonji and ordered Abe to escort Shonji to the police station.

Mr.Ueno summoned Mr.Kimura. They already got the news about Shonji. Ueno was planning something evil to Konno. Kang To just bid goodbye to Konno when he heard his name was called. He ran back to Konno and saw a familiar face of a bald man was pointing a sword to Konno: the assasination of that chief police. Kang To remembered that man as a man whom he was having a fight to save Hong Joo years a go. In the same night, Konno’s higher was summoned by Ueno. He got a surprising present: the bloody uniform of Konno Koji. Ueno asked him that a person to replace Konno was Kimura Taro. Then Ueno’s “order” didn’t stop there. There should be someone else too to be hired. That man refused at first, but Kishokai’s threat left him no option.

In the same morning Mr.Kimura became the chief, Shonji was of course released from the jail by Kang To. The rest of the police officers were cheering for Shonji’s back to the office and for his father’s promotion. Kang To asked Shonji to let him investigate Konno’s murder. Shonji gave him the permission indifferently. Then the police station was ready fot their new station’s chief: Murayama.

Kang To made a visit to Hong Joo in the hotel, even brought her a bouqet of rose. He said he had something to talk to her. At first Kang To was still speaking nicely to her, saying that he’s curious how Hong Joo who was a gisaeng could be what she’s now. Then he said that he’s investigating Konno murder case. He told her that the man whom he’s looking for was the same man he saved Hong Joo from that day,in their first encounter years ago. “Can I ask you for a help in this?” asked Kang To.

Switch to another place, Goiso was spraying a black ink to the funeral of circus lady. Shonji came and scold at goiso. Goiso said Murayama ordered him, but Shonji dismissed him and the rest of his subordinates. Mok Dan asked for a private conversation with Shonji. She asked him to leave alone the circus leader and the rest of the circus members. Shonji could give her that, but then he asked Mok Dan if her father contacted her. “You’ve been following me everywhere and kept your eyes close to me all this time, do you really still think that I could get any contact with my father??”

Dam Sari was in fact hiding in Gaksital shed with Baek Geon. He, Baek Geon and Kang To were having a meeting there, discussing the situation following Konno’s death. Dam Sari said he’s goimg away to do some further investigation about the collonial’s plan. He promised Kang To to be back.

In the police office, Kimura got a surprise from Hong Joo who was planning to recruit Kang To as Kishokai member. Kimura was against the idea, but Hong Joo wasn’t there to ask a permission. Then Kimura had a plan for Lee Kang To and he shared it with Murayama.
That new police station chief told his subordinates that they’re mission on Gaksital’s case was no longer catching hi, but killing him. And he’s giving Kang To I think something like dismissal, not really fired, i’m not sure…but it wasn’t good.

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Kang To will need to keep his disguise as good and tightly close as he could with Murayama close to him and Dam Sari off for awhile. He’s strategy by using Hong Joo was something he must keep up too. But generally this episode is about to keep the story line rolling.

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  1. newkdramaaddict

    So sad after watching that! i think Kang To was actually fired! Taro found his way to get rid of him as he never liked him because he had always been Konno’s boy Friday!

  2. i didn’t understand z end but it is still awesome in a weird way n’ when is z nxt ep… comin’ ???

  3. bridial mask is a very great movie.i like it. but,what i don’t like is in ethiopia we see it only wedesnday and thursday.please add some days.

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