Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 17 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 17 started from the moment when the police truck was attacked by Dam Sari’s men and Kang To was secretly helping them.

Kang To was actually handing over Dam Sari without a fight, but one of Dam Sari’s men was about to shoot KAng To. But Shonji and the troops came and the rest of Dam SAri’s men ran away. Kang To knocked Dam Sari down. Shonji was bringing back Dam Sari to Jongno Police Office. But Shonji’s way of looking at Kang To was sharp and intense. As soon as KAng To left to get inside, Shonji wishpered something to Goiso and it’s about Mok Dan.

Konno was very upset to Shonji because he didn’t obey Konno’s order. He immediately took off his rank level. Shonji said he wouldn’t give up on catching Gaksital no matter what. Konno ordered Kang To to arrest Shonji, but just before the two left, Konno got a phonecall from his higher. Shonji definitely had a higher back up. This made Kang To suspicious who was actually behind Kimura. It’s all thanks to Chae Hong Joo who was seducing The Chief police.

Shonji had a discussion with KAng To. They realized that their way of seeing this case was different, the way they try to catch Gaksital through Dam Sari and Mok Dan.

Kang To went to the prison looking for Mok Dan, but he found her in no place. Shonji seemed to keep Dam Sari somewhere else. He immediately remembered the hotel room where he saw the mysterious man, Hong Joo’s bodyguard.

Shonji was keeping Mok Dan somewhere in the hotel, Kang To’s suspicion was correct. He asked Mok Dan nicely if she’s okay. Mok Dan just spitted on him. He started to tell lie about how Kang To treated her father. Then he asked Mok Dan not to run away again and trusted him this time, for he’s the only one who could save her. Mok Dan, of course, refused the idea. For her, Shonji had been just the same as other bad guys. Shonji started to use his brother’s death again as his highest motive to catch Gaksital. But Mok Dan was firm in her principle and her word provoked Shonji’s anger. He slapped her hard.

Hong Joo accused Shonji for still having Mok Dan in his heart so it became his obstacle in mission. Shonji talked sharp to Hong Joo about Mok Dan. He really didn’t care about Hong Joo’s position if it’s related to Mok Dan. “Don’t even dare to touch her, otherwise you’ll die!” warned Shonji.

Kang To went to the hotel, not knowing that someone was tailing him, definitely Shonji’s man. He was about to knock room number 501 when the door was opened. From his hiding he could see Hong Joo and her bodyguard came out of the room.
Meanwhile Mok Dan was trying to run away again. The policemen fought Mok Dan and Shonji came in the right time. He brought Mok Dan back to the room and tried to talk to her. Shonji immediately got the news about this.
Mok Dan asked if KAng To was really a Joseon man having no heart treating other Joseon man that bad, just like what he had done to her father. She really had no idea why her father asked her to trust Kang To. Then Kang To, in his teary eyes, finally told Mok Dan about his identity as the dagger “oppa”. “You still don’t recognise me?” Then the memory of their harsh childhood together came back to the surface.

Mok Dan was just looking at him flat, while Kang To shed a tear. Meanwhile on the corridor, Shonji was in a rush to get to the room.
“Lee Kang To, who had arrested my father so obsessively, who had tried to catch me so many times in order to get Gaksital, the puppet of colonial police… is the young master i’ve been waiting for? How can I believe this?!”
“Please listen to me,”
“Get out now!! Get Ooouuutt!”
“Please believe me.”
Mok Dan kept yelling at Kang To to get out.
Shonji came in. “Sato Hiroshi, you didn’t hear she said ‘get out’?”
KAng To left the room.

Dam Sari was back to the torture dungeon. Kang To dismissed Abe.  Dam Sari remembered how Kang To shot his own man to save him. He didn’t really get Kang To yet, but he believed that Kang To had the spirit as Joseon man. KAng To asked Dam Sari to tell him where the rest of Dam Sari’s man. With Gaksital suddenly showed up in the freedom fighter camp, Dam Sari had definitely told Kang To.

Hong Joo reported to Mr.Kimura that his son had not gotten over Mok Dan. She said Mok Dan would die directly in her hand and he could tell his son about it. Meanwhile at the hotel, Joon was taking Mok DAn away. In the right time, Kang To saw this scene and followed them.

Hong Joo really thought of executing Mok Dan (through Katsuyama Joon) right in front of Mr.Kimura. Joon was ready to swing his sword, when suddenly came to rescue Mok Dan. Mr.Kimura took a sword and fought Gaksital. But Gaksital could take him down in only one hit. After all the men down, Hong Joo took a sword and run after Gaksital and Mok Dan. With Joon was back to his consciousness, it became man to man and woman to woman fight.

Mok Dan was trying to defend herself from Hong Joo on the bridge while Gaksital was fighting Joon in the water. Gaksital got stabbed again and he told Mok Dan to go away. Now he’s facing both Joon and Hong Joo alone. Mok Dan didn’t go as she’s told. She threw her dagger to Joon, but he could counter it, so Mok Dan finally just ran away as she’s told. After beating down both Hong Joo and Joon, Gaksital took the dagger before leaving.

Mok Dan arrived at the woods in the morning. In her wait, she prayed. And Gaksital did finally came on his horse, but badly wounded. Mok Dan slowly took of Gaksital’s mask and there she saw Lee KAng To’s face.Another surprise for Mok Dan!

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Okay, this is definitely what all of us have been waiting for: Mok Dan finally finds out that Lee Kang To, Gaksital and the boy she’s been waiting for are actually the same person. What a surprise for Mok Dan, but at least now Kang To didn’t have to fight alone. He really needed a back up otherwise he’s gonna be exhausted, really. So it’s a good progress. Let’s see what tomorrow’s episode brings us.

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  3. thanks for the summary. I was able to have this while waiting for a video with english sub. thanks a lot!

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    Next few episode is gonna is awesome… that Mok Dan knows who Bridal Mask is….!!!

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