The Equator Man Episode 2 Summary

The Equator Man episode 2 still tells what happened to Jang Il and Seon Woo’s lives in 15 years earlier. Last episode’s ending was Seon Woo found his father’s body hung on the tree.

Jang Il’s father was in the middle of his work in President Jin as usual. He was looking for his master when accidently saw President Jin killed Seun Woo’s father. He came in and check on the dead man. President Jin threaten Jang Il’s father using Jang Il’s future on the line. Jang Il’s father then made Seon Woo’s father looked like he’s dead from a suicide attempt. He even wrote the fake farewell letter.
Seon Woo’s father was actually still alive when Jang Il’s father was about to hang him, but we never knew what really happened in that moment. Worse thing for Seon Woo was that the police confirmed his father’s death as suicide.

At home, Jang Il’s dining table suddenly served a nice dish. His father even told him that Jang Il could go to good university in Seoul under the economic support from President Jin. Meanwhile Seon Woo was still mourning alone for his father’s death. Seon Woo still didn’t go to school and the school was having an event where students were performing and parents came. There Jang Il was enchanted by Han Ji Won, where she performed “Moon River” beautifully, singing and playing guitar.

Jang Il and his father was invited to President Jin’s house for the scholarship. There he met Han Ji Won again, who’s also about to meet President Jin. Then he met Soo Mi in the pharmacy. Jang Il finally said sorry for not coming on their date appointment.

Soo Mi’s father was a shaman and since he was the friend of Seon Woo’s father and Seon Woo was the friend of Soo Mi, he offered to help Seon Woo performing a ritual to find out what really happen to Seon Woo’s father. He did the ritual and suddenly Soo Mi’s father was possesed by Seon Woo’s dead father spirit. He’s showing the last moment of Seon Woo’s father and even said that the one who suffocate him to death was near. That time Jang Il’s father was there, but as soon as he realized the familiar scene, he left. Jang Il saw his father left. In the end of his possesion, Soo Mi’s father cried “I’m sorry that I can’t fulfil our promise.”

However, the truth was revealed in the flashback. Mr.Choi was almost making out with a lady in that woods when the lady rejected him. He drank soju and fell asleep. When he woke up, he recognized Seon Woo’s father on the ground. He witnessed the whole scene, but since it was dark and he didn’t really know Jang Il’s father, he remembered Jang Il’s dad’s wounded arm. So the shaman performance was only a fake, it’s his way to tell Seon Woo what really happened.

After pouring his father’s ashes to the sea, Seon Woo reread his father’s last letter. He recognized something wasn’t right. His father’s typing machine couldn’t make a perfect typing for the letters, while the last letter showed perfect letters. Seon Woo hurriedly came to Jang Il’s house to tell him his finding. Jang Il’s father was so nervous about it that on the next day he broke into Seon Woo’s house to steal back the letter he wrote. But Seon Woo caught him there. Jang Il’s father’s excuse was because he worried about Seon Woo and decided to cook for him.

President Jin ordered his man to find all information about Kim Kyeong Phil (Seon Woo’s dad) and his son. Meanwhile in the capital city, a man received a letter from Kim Yeong Phil. This business man’ name is Moon Tae Joo. Apparently, Seon Woo’s father himself wasn’t really sure whether Seon Woo was Jin No shik’s son or Moon Tae Joo’s son, because in the letter to Tae Joo, he asked the question.

Jang Il read the news in the newspaper that Han Ji Won, President Han’s daughter, was accepted in Korea University. Jang Il was happy that he would go to the same university with her.

At home, Seon Woo was looking for the letter, which he realized had gone. But when he was searching here and there, he found a photograph hidden in the drawer. The picture showed his father with two other men: President Jin and President Moon.

Jang Il’s father was celebrating Jang Il’s acceptance to Korea University in his restaurant. Soo Mi’s father was eating there with his friend when he recognized the scar in Jang Il’s father’s arm and realized he’s the murder. The worse was when he found out that Seon Woo and Jang Il were best friends. Jang Il made a promise to Seon Woo that as soon as he became a prosecutor, he would help Seon Woo to reveal the truth about his father’s death. Mr.choi and and Mr.Lee heard that all. Mr.Choi was frustrated about the truth he knew.

Seon Woo was on his way back home alone when some people kidnapped him. The bad guy wanted Seon Woo to kill someone, otherwise they’re going to ruin Jang Il and his father’s life.

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    I am seriously hating on Jang Il’s father right now! And the Shaman? How could you do that to a friend? It does not matter how drunk you are!!

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