Dream High 2 Episode 3 Summary

Dream High 2 episode 3 started with Yoo Jin’s personal issue with JB on the dancing class. Yoo Jin said that just because they’re idols, they couldn’t just push away other students who had already been there before them. He’s referring to dorm’s new arrangement. And JB defended himself by saying that it’s not their fault because it’s the regulation that low rank students had to leave the dorm.

And to add some acid into the wound, the clueless Hae Seong slipped her tongue by saying that Yoo Jin also didn’t get any room anymore. Yoo Jin was upset and Hae Seong tried to apologize to him. Yoo Jin told her that she shouldn’t let those idol do this to the other students if she called herself the dorm’s leader.

And Hae Seong herself quarreled with Ri An in their room. Ri An put away all Hae Seong’s JB thingies and Hae Seong tried to defend them. But the fight ended up with Ri An winning.

Meanwhile Yoo Jin kept hijacking Yang Jin Man’s room where ever that shabby teacher slept at. This time Yoo Jin bribed him with lots of banana because Jin Man loved to eat it.

The students decided to make some action about the dorm arrangement. Hae Seong thought that JB would be thoughtful to help them with it or at least to  feel sorry about he’s getting the room while other old students don’t. But JB is such a jerk  that he had no care at all. So Hae Seong and other students tried to speak out their mind directly to their new school president because Principal Joo refused to help them. As expected, President Lee refused their demand coldly.

Ms. An’s eccentric teaching method stayed quite the same as before. This time she made the students compete to see who’s got the best breathing skill among the students. And the one who last the longest was Na Na (Hyeo Rin’s character).

Even though President Lee acted very cold to the protest students that morning, he eventually made a surprising announcement. He agreed to do it in a more “objective” way. All students had to compete in a duet performance competition. Those who pass could get the room. And President Lee pointed Principal Joo as the person in charge for this competition.

As Hae Seong was betrayed by Soon Dong for choosing Yoo Jin as her partner instead of Hae Seong, Hong Joo put himself on an auction to search for a partner. Hong Joo was well known for his good singing skill and he’s like a guarantee to pass the competition. Hae Seong did her best to give Ui Bong and Hong Joo the best offer, but when Ui Bong was about to decide that Hae Seong got the bid, Na Na stepped forward and offered Hong Joo her voice.

Ri An was such a loner that she decided to make a review on her own acting. JB came to talk to her and be her company. So it turned out that they kind of like each other (or it’s only JB’s one sided), but since they’re under the same agency and under the strict rule they couldn’t date. Ri An said that since they’re at school (out side the agency), should they start dating secretly?

Si Woo was out wondering around and then went to this club. JB was in search for him. Si Woo dragged away this drunk girl from the dance floor who seemed to be another celebrity he had a special relationship with. Si Woo said she should avoid anymore scandal. The girl said she’s the most searched woman in the internet.

This girl’s name is Kim Mi Joo and she’s a noona for Si Woo because she’s 22 years old. She belonged to a different agency, but seemed to have a special relationship with Si Woo. She’s rumored for being a mistress of someone famous that related to him as well.

JB couldn’t find Si Woo anywhere in the club so he walked down the street and found Yoo Jin was holding his street performance. JB challenged Yoo Jin if that one song all he only had, and Yoo Jin was about to sing his next song when JB suddenly took off his hat and people recognized him and forgot about Yoo Jin’s song just like that.

On the other side of the area, Si Woo was about to send the girl home when a couple of paparazzi shot some pictures of them. Si Woo chased them and broke their camera. They ended up in a fight.

Yoo Jin and JB walked together when they saw the scene. JB told Yoo Jin to just let it, but Yoo Jin couldn’t do that. They all ended up being involved with the fight with the two photographers.

In the dorm, Ri An seemed to get enough with Hae Seong that she lost her patient and kicked Hae Seong on the face. Hae Seong and Soon Dong were so scared that they moved to Ms.An’s room and asked her to let them stay for a night.

Hae Seong stayed up late and caught Yoo Jin sneaked in. They went to the pantry and Yoo Jin found a ramyeon and eat it raw. Hae Seong asked for a share. Seeing Yoo Jin’s wounds, Hae Seong put some band-aids on his face. And at that moment, Yoo Jin felt something strange in his heart towards Hae Seong.

Before leaving the pantry, Hae Seong told Yoo Jin that everything he said was right. She would do her best from then on.

On their way back to the dorm, they ran into  JB and Ri An. Hae Seong’s facial expression suddenly changed watching the scene, and Yoo Jin kind of noticed that.

In the morning, Yang Jin Man’s observed Yoo Jin’s face and woke him up by asking, “Yah, do you like men or something?” Yoo Jin (Jin Woon was shirtless again!) looked himself in the mirror and just realized that the band-aids Hae Seong put on his face are JB band-aids.

The school was visited by the policemen due to the fight last night. Rumor regarding JB and Si Woo being involved in a fight spread quickly on the internet. President Lee decided to save JB and kicked out Si Woo by transferring him to another school. Thankfully for Yoo Jin that he’s just dragged into the issue as a witness and the problem had ended with peaceful agreement (done by President Lee). But Principal Joo confiscated Yoo Jin’s guitar as his punishment.

Si Woo said to JB that him being transferred to another school was actually just about the time. He gave JB the confidential list he took from President Lee’s desk that contain the names of students to be expelled. Si Woo’s name was on the list. But JB was really such a jerk that he said he didn’t care at all about that and Si Woo shouldn’t feel so touched having him help him on the fight with paparazzi because it wasn’t because he really cared for him. JB tore the list.

President Lee turned out to be total jerk as well. He didn’t set up the competition because he agreed with the dormitory’s new arrangement. He actually use the situation to get rid of untalented kids. So the competition wasn’t actually group competition. It’s actually a competition between each duet partner. Partner competing each other. It’s a very bad situation and President Lee made Principal Joo to be in charge for such a cruel competition.

Outside the office, Yoo Jin confronted JB for what happen to him and the ending of the fight. JB said they had settled the situation with money because they had a lot of money. “Why? You don’t have money?” mocked JB. “If you don’t have any, i can lend you some.”

Meanwhile Ri An was in her own problem. She was thinking about moving to another agency and had met the president from another agency earlier with her mother. But then she felt that President Lee kind of knew about it, so she was afraid. And at the end of the episode, she made a surprising decision. She came to Hae Seong and say, “You haven’t got any duet partner, right?” Hae Seong had been searching for partner but no one wanted to take her in. “Let’s be partner with me.”

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