Dream High 2 Episode 2 Summary

Dream High 2 episode 2 started with all JB’s fans in Kirin gathered in front of the broadcasting room because they heard JB and Yoo Jin’s fight. Yoo Jin couldn’t get himself out of the crowd, but JB was finally got help from President Lee.

After the broadcasting room incident, Hae Seong found herself publicly humiliated because Yoo Jin uploaded her embarrassing picture on the school’s announcement TV. Even Park Hong Joo put that picture as his mobile’s wallpaper. He said he bought 500 won to download it from Yoo Jin.

Hae Seong confronted Yoo Jin in his dorm room. She was the dorm leader, so she thought it was fine to burst in boys room. Ui Bong couldn’t do anything when the incident took place. Hae Seong blamed Yoo Jin for all unfortunate things happened to her. Fortunately for Hae Seong that moment, her mitten got caught on Yoo Jin’s ear stud. So Yoo Jin had no choice but to move along with Hae Seong’s excercise-like movement. In short, she bullied him.

“But you’re the one who couldn’t make a good song arrangement,” Yoo Jin tried to defend himself.

Then Hae Seong argued that JB had helped her, but Yoo Jin got rid of it. She said that JB’s musical quality was better than him. Yoo Jin was seriously offended by these words. He shrugged Hae Seong’s hand away and didn’t care about his ear lobe bleeding.

Yang Jin Man arrived at the crime scene and gave both Hae Seong and Yoo Jin a punishment: getting rid of chewing gums stuck on the school’s front yard in the morning. Yoo Jin was still angry at Hae Seong, but soon they’re facing a bigger issue than themselves. The press suddenly swarmed behind them. Oz Entertainment brought all their minor idols to school.

Funny thing happened when a reporter called out, “Hey pretty student, look here!” In this case, probably the reporter was aiming at one of HerShe’s members, but since Hae Seong was closer to the reporter, she’s blushing and turning around to the press…while Yoo Jin spontaneously argued, “She, you called pretty??” And their funny expression was captured for the media. :D

All Kirin students were so enthusiastic having their favorite idol groups as part of the family. They’re watching the school’s announcement TV seriously when Yoo Jin came out of nowhere and turned it off. He really made himself be the public enemy.

President Lee kept Principal Joo at his station, but since Oz Ent. had taken over Kirin’s ownership, he had set new rules for the students. No cell phone during school, no dating among students, no playing basket ball or any games that could cause injury, and so on and so on. Among all students, only Hae Seong who was determined to obey all the new rules. She said that’s what they need to do if they wanted to be hired as Oz Ent. singer.

Hearing the idols were gonna stay in the dorm, Hae Seong organized her friends to throw a welcoming party for them. And yes they did. All students dressed up in funny costumes and started the welcoming of JB, Ri An and other Oz Ent. idols. They sang T-Ara’s Roly Poly, then 2NE1’s I’m the Best, and G-Na’s Top Girl…the musics were fun!

The musical party ended up by students snatching the idols stuffs. Hae Seong got a CD from JB’s stuffs that brutally robbed by other students. Thankfully Ms. Ahn came and helped JB out. She was the new Dorm Supervisor, taking Yang Jin Man’s place.  Soon Ms. Ahn announced the new room arrangement since they had new students coming.  Students who failed the semester had to  get out of the dorm, and surprisingly Hae Seong was one of them. Despite her determination in study and being the most likable student, her grades were the lowest among all. Hae Seong was so sad.

And she wasn’t the only one kicked from her station. Yang Jin Man lost his place as the dorm supervisor. President Lee evaluated him as incompetent for his work. Since he had no where to go, the farthest he could reach was the janitor’s room. Yang Jin Man felt so humiliated. He remembered the moment when Kirin’s original president (Bae Yeong Joon’s character) came to his house and personally invited him to teach in Kirin. He also remembered his memories with Hye Mi’s class year…oooh, what a cruel life for him.

Feeling sad and disappointed, without any room to sleep at Hae Seong came into the audio visual room. She remembered the CD she snatched from JB’s bag and thought it was a very good song (since the CD was written “GOOD”) so she played it. It turned out to be a classical adult movie. JB in his room freaked out knowing that limited edition CD had gone.

Awaken by the noise, Yoo Jin who slept in that recreation room teased Hae Seong if they should watch it together. Hae Seong send him out. Yoo Jin said she could sleep on his couch since he had heated up the room.

And Yoo Jin found himself comfy in the president’s room. President Lee and Manager Hyeon came in and found him there. President Lee made some notes about some students earlier and it disappear. They accused it had to be Yoo Jin, but the boy was innocent. Principal Joo came picking up Yoo Jin, and that made President Lee and Manager Hyeon suspect him as the real thief.

With new rules, the students had to scanned before they enter classes. All forbidden stuffs were not allowed to get in. Besides new rule, they also had new curriculum and new classes. And they started the day with dancing class. The sexy Manager Hyeon was the teacher.

She showed the demo. The idols danced perfectly, while other students like Hae Seong, Soon Dong and Hong Joo danced awkwardly. Yoo Jin didn’t even move his feet.

The strict Teacher Hyeon scolded them, and Yoo Jin argued her back. He said it’s kind of normal for these kids to fail following her dance since its their first time. Hyeon Ji Soo said if they couldn’t dance they could leave her class.

Few students stay, and one of them was Ui Bong. He had a personal issue with JB. He challenged him a battle dance. And JB accept his challenge.

The battle dance ended up with Ui Bong tripped his step and couldn’t get up again, while JB kept on his offending dance. Yoo Jin came back on stage to help Ui Bong. He was about to throw a fist to JB, but Ui Bong held him.

While the tense was high in the dancing class, Si Woo was at the school roof top. He was actually the real culprit who took President Lee’s notes about some students. Si Woo found his own name.

JB-Ui Bong battle dance ended up to be Yoo Jin’s personal issue with JB. JB couldn’t lose his pride as an idol, while Yoo Jin couldn’t lose his either as an idealist musician. Their competition is more tense than the old Jin Gook-Sam Dong competition.


The whole week package of this drama have completed. In comparison with Dream High 1, Season 2’s opening and introduction is more fun and cheerful. We got more focus of characters in this season: the lovely clueless Hae Seong, the idealistic bad temper Yoo Jin, the s0-idol JB, the determined reckless idol Ri An, the cute dancer Ui Bong, the funny con-artist Soon Dong, and the mysterious Si Woo. Unfortunately for Hyeo Rin’s character Na Na is not very unique. She’s just the lovely and friendly idol, without any certain issue…yet.

If I have to review this drama and give a rank, I think 7 out of 10 is enough.

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