Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 18 Quick Summary

Gaksital episode 18 started with Shonji who was going to visit Mok Dan, even brought a bucket of flowers. But when he got there, he found the guards were unconscious. He got the info that a man took her away. Shonji knew where to go and whom to confront: Chae Hong Joo. He came and directly pointed a gun to her in front of his father. “Where’s Mok Dan?I’ve told you not to touch her!”  he warned her. Mr. Kimura and Hong Joo argued that he had been compromised by his feelings toward Mok Dan and went against Kishokai’s plan. Shonji said, “I won’t give up on catching Gaksital,but won’t give up on Mok Dan either. Where is she??” Chae Hong Joo then told him that Mok Dan was running away with Gaksital.

In the woods, as episode 17 ended, Gaksital finally showed up, badly injured and unconscious on his horse. Mok Dan took off his mask and saw the surprisingly familiar face behind it. She helped Kang To got off the horse and let him lied on her lap. Kang To gave her back the dagger, Mok Dan cried more emotionally. Mok Dan flashback to the times when Kang To had several times given her the hints about his identity but she always refused to listen. Kang To finally had enough energy to be back on his feet, and then they hugged…without any words, just hugged in tears.

Following up, to everyone’s expection, they finally had their first kiss.

Shonji was looking for Mok Dan to the inn, but no one knew her whereabout, not Mok Dan’s friends nor the circus leader. Shonji was holding a briefing when he noticed that Sato Hiroshi aka KAng To wasn’t present. It made him automatically relate Mok Dan’s missing with Kang To being unpresent at work.

Mok Dan helped Kang To to reach Gaksital hidden shed where BAek Geon was standing by there. Kang To had his wound treated.
Kang To shared his sad story about his Gaksital bother and what happened to his mother and his brother in the hand of Kimura Kenji.Mok Dan said that she would walk together with him on this rough path.

Back to the police station. Shonji got the news that Kang To was no where to be found, not in his place nor in Angel Club. He tried to embrace himself about Mok Dan-Kang To missing wouldn’t affect his plan to catch Gaksital.

Mok Dan visited the last two freedom fighters.They shared their plan for Shonji and Kang To. Mok Dan told not to do anything to KAng To. “Do you know who Lee Kang To really is?” But we never heard the rest of the conversation.

Shonji got a call from Chae Hong Joo, but he received it coldly and just hung up. Hong joo was furious and visited Shonji in the office while Shonji was having a briefing.Shonji made her wait in his office for around an hour. Hong Joo was going to slap Shonji but Shonji caught her hand. She reminded him that  what the plan her father had set up related to Gaksital. shonji reminded her that he joined Kishokai just to catch Gaksital,not to kneeled before her. But Hong Joo threatened him with his father’s position. But their discussion was interrupted by a phone call. Shonji got a report that the police got Mok Dan.
In the hotel, the guards pointing their guns to Mok dan until Shonji came.

Mok Dan tried to lie about her try to run away, but Shonji asked her about Gaksital. Mok DAn said that Gaksital just helped her flee but she ran away alone.Mok Dan said that Gaksital knew his old time young master, that’s why he kept helping her, but she never saw his face. Shonji hugged her, saying that it’s okay, she’s doing well and from now on he’d be the one to protect her.

Shonji walked Mok Dan to her house.He was back to be the sweet Shonji to everyone around Mok Dan. Before Shonji left, Mok Dan asked him not to get too rough to her father. Shonji said okay. Mok Dan was still under 24 surveilence by the police.

Kang To woke up and got the news that Mok Dan had go back in order to distract Shonji’s attention from him for awhile. At night, Mok Dan’s friend and the little boy helped Mok Dan to distract the guards attention by serving them food and makgeolli. Mok Dan needed to go out to visit Kang To.  Kang To reminded Mok Dan about Mr.Kimura and Chae Hong Joo.
To anyone surprise, Shonji visited Mok Dan’s place and found Mok Dan was not at home.He tried to dig information from Mok Dan’s friend. But in the right time, Mok Dan finally came back home. Shonji said later on she should go anywhere with him, but Mok Dan was against the idea. It made him curious.

Shonji was holding another briefing on the next day and noticed Kang To’s seat was still empty. Shonji got the idea to whom he must ask. “Lee Kang To, where is he? You know where he is?” asked Shonji without hesitation. Mok Dan acted like she’s being offended by his question,”Are you crazy? Why should I know where that bastard is?” Shonji said,”Because he loved you.” Mok Dan’s next answer was quite assuring, “I have no business with him.” Finally Shonji said, “I’m sorry.” Then he informed her what the police plan for her father tomorrow, the execution plan.

Kishokai had a meeting with Hong Joo’s step father was present. They were planning for tomorrow’s event of Dam Sari’s public death sentence and of course the attempt to catch Gaksital. Dam Sari was to face his death sentence. Circus Leader prepared himself for the event, wearing the freedom fighter spirit symbol of white hanbok. KAng To received the last treatment before back in action. While Mok Dan could only pray to her God.

Dam Sari was ready on his execution stage. Suddenly Circus Leader stepped forward to pledge his loyalty to Dam Sari’s fight for Joseon freedom. Then many people, one by one including the lady from the circus, also in white hanbok stepped forward, making chaos. Until suddenly someone fired a gun and he was Shonji. The circus curly lady was shot on her chest. The rest of circus members ran her to the hospital.

After the chaos was under control again, Dam Sari’s execution was ready to proceed. But suddenly Gaksital showed up.
This Gaksital got shot quite easily and suddenly he stood in front of Shonji and others, untied his shirt and showed a surprise from beneath it: dynamites. Gaksital finally blew himself.

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Our patient got paid off in this episode. Mok Dan finally reunite with her long-waited young master and also knew Gaksital’s true identity. This episode is also about our hero taking a break, physically and psychologically. It’s a big relieve for him, for sure, that now Mok Dan knew who he is. So now we just have to wait and see how long will it take for Shonji to realize that Lee Kang To really is Gaksital.

Well the suicidal bomb Gaksital? Of course he’s not the real Gaksital. He must be one of the freedom fighters.

This scene…I don’t know why, somehow reminds me of Hollywood’s “Twilight”… :D

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  1. NewKDramaAddict

    Your recaps excite me and depress me at the same time! I never watch an episode until I consult my all-knowing kdramachoa, Thanks again! So excited!


  3. thank you so much 4 d’story…how sweet see d’couple being together,,,n d’kiss too…love jowoon….d’charming actor…can’t wait d’next ep…

  4. I love this drama so much…waiting for ep18…

  5. thankyou so much for your recaps! seriously, i can’t wait for next ep. what a plot. please keep writing :))

  6. this week they only broadcast episode 18

  7. i am goin’ 2 collapse. n’ tank god they finall’ kiss O.M.G plus i am lokin’ 4ward 4 the next ep…

  8. i am goin’ 2 collapse. n’ tank god they finall’ kiss O.M.G plus i am lookin’ 4ward 4 the next ep…

  9. mokdan n’ joowon sittin’ on the tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love zn comes marriage zn comes…?

  10. i really really really need to see z nxt ep… ASAP

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