Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 4 Quick Episode

Before Kang To could open Gaksital’s mask, the mysterious man in black knocked him unconscious. That man named was Baek Geon, Lee Seon’s subordinate. He treated Kang San’s wounds. In that hiding place, Kang San had a wall of article pieces about that group of collonial highers: Kimura Taro, Doctor Woo, Mr.Lee, etc. Apparently, Kang San was once caught by the police and tortured so bad. He started to act crazy in the prison where started to scrap the prison wall with his..hyakk..poo.

Apparently, Lee Seon, Kang To and Kang San’s father was one of the group. He worked together with them for Joseon, but it seemed that those men turned their back on him. Lee Seon was going to enter the palace, but what he found was Emperor Go Jong’s death. He was then chased by some men.

Kimura was having a meeting with the group when his eldest son came telling him that Konno summoned him. “Sasaki was dead,” he said. Konno gave him hard time and cornered him because Sasaki was Kimura’s man, but Kimura argued as usual. However, this time, Konno gave him a clear warning about staying away from Gaksital case and let Kang To handle it alone.

Kang To was having his leisure time in the club and then singing on the stage.Ahh Joo Won’s singing! :left:  He’s singing the song and suddenly figured out something related to Gaksital who saved him that night. He never finished his song and went out. His friend caught up with him asking what happened and not to get to stressful about his work. The contemplating Kang To asked his friend, “All across Joseon, who would not want me to die? But there’s this person who saved me from being killed. Who do you think would it be?” His friend said it must be his family.

Kang To hurriedly came to his house.”Brother, it’s you, isn’t it?” He pointed at Kang San. He tried to strip Kang San’s clothes, but Kang San acted panic and started screaming. Their mother came and defended him. Kang San freaked out on the floor and their mother screaming at Kang To. He finally just left.

On the train, there’s a beautiful woman (she’s with a body guard) attracted a man who was a journalist. This woman was the beautiful Japanese woman who got a mission from Ueno Hideki. The woman and the journalist played poker and the man lost over the lady.
He must strip himself and the woman didn’t give him any mercy. She’s a cold woman. Kenji picked her up in front of the station and the journalist came to him, asking for justice. Since the journalist threatened Kenji with tomorrow’s article if he didn’t help him, he let the woman be brought to the police station. The cold lady let it all happen, gave sign to her guard to stay back. Even Kenji didn’t know who she really was. Until Mr.Kimura came, punched his son hard and then bow 90 degree to the lady. Even though Kenji had bowed deep, that cold lady slapped Mr.Kimura and stepped on Kenji’s fingers hard. On her way out, she passed by KAng To. The cool Kang To made her turn, surely had caught her attention.

Mok Dan came down the city in a disguise of a man appearance. She went to the guesthouse to search for something. In the same time, Kang To also came down there. At first he was reluctant to get in, but then he saw the flashlight from the second storey of the building. Mok Dan was looking for her dagger. She finally got her dagger and was about to flee when Kang To heard her and burst in. He caught her. He kept demanded on Gaksital, but Mok Dan told him, “I just came to get the dagger.” She pointed at the dagger that now in Kang To’s hand. “Oh, just want to get a dagger….?” Then he saw the dagger and instantly knew who Mok Dan was. “How could you…?” Kang To checked her ears and found her distinct mole. His eyes went teary. Mok Dan managed to escape.

In the past, Kang To and his family were leading to Manchuria when a girl suddenly blocked their way asking for a help. Kang To persuaded his father to take her because her mother had no hope. The girl became close to Kang To. The dagger used to belong to Kang To. The group was still on their way when Kang To, his mother and Mok Dan made a promise that they would live together from then on. Suddenly some local thugs attacked them.

They all split their way to run for their lives, Kang To was with Mok Dan. It was the scene when he gave Mok Dan the dagger and told her, “Make sure you live. You have to live. Don’t die. We’ll meet again.” After hugging Mok Dan a goodbye, Kang To distracted the bad guys to let Mok Dan free. KAng To actually almost killed by the chaser, but Kang San saved him. Then from across the field, he saw the girl holding the dagger and a bad guy was coming from behind her, ready to beheaded her. Kang To never saw the end.
Kang To recalled the memory of how bad he had treated Mok Dan cruelly. “How could it be you…?” He just sat there, teary…too shock with the fact he just found out.

Kang To met Shonji in the club. Their mind was actually disturbed by Mok Dan…in each different way.Kang To’s mind was too troubled that he talked nonsense that made Shonji lose his patience and punch him. “Stop it and just go home,” said Shonji.

Later that night, Kang To came to his house, but was reluctant to go in. But then he heard his mom was praying on the courtyard. She prayed for both of her sons and it of course touched Kang To’s heart.He finally came to his brother’s room. Kang san pretended to sleep. “Are you really hurt, Brother?” he asked. Kang To lied down beside Kang San who had turned his back “Do you remember how we promised to live well as a family? ” Kang To recalled the memory how the three of them promised to take care of each other and live well after their father’s death. “Actually I don’t want to live this way,” Kang To started to cry. He said live had been so hard and wondered how everything had turned this way. He asked his brother to help him. He cried for his brother help. He grabbed Kang San’s shirt. Kang San also cried, but tried so hard to get obvious. Kang To just cried on his brother’s back that night, cried a heartbreaking little kid’s cry….Ahhh, Joo Won was an expert in this. Still fresh in my mind the way he cried in one of the episodes of Ojakgyo Brothers.
In the morning, Kang San made Kang To eat breakfast at home. The family had a warm peaceful breakfast together.

The circus family was ready for action. Before this they had decided to attack Lee Kang To all together. All of them put on a mask on their face.

Kang To just left house when a dagger almost hit him. He chase the culprit, but there was a group of mask dancers performing on the street. He spotted the culprit and chase her (she’s in girl’s hanbok). Then he shot her when she was about to jump off the fence. The girl dropped and a dagger slipped from her hand. Kang To realized the familiar dagger and hurriedly opened the mask. She was Mok Dan. Kang To held her tight.

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Earlier this evening, Joo Won twitted that Gaksital Episode 4 would be “taebak!” (cool!) and yes, he was right. Ahh I almost cried on the crying scene…it was very heartbreaking. More and more facts revealed tonight and things turn more complicated. Blossom kept saying this drama is the gloomier-version of Kang Ji Hwan’s “Capital Scandal” and getting into this 4th episode, she was true. The expensive production cost show how much it’s worth with the quality.

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