Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 20 Quick Summary

In this Gaksital episode 20, the secret was unveiled in each different way to each person. How? We’ll see soon. But first we have to go back to the moment where Murayama was dismissing Kang To (sorry for the mess I made at the ending of previous summary). Kang To asked why they did this to him, Murayama said because he’s a Joseon person. Then they beat up Kang To and kicked him out of the police.

Shonji refused to help Kang To and looked very cold. Goiso was the one who was overjoyed, and he slipped his tongue and told Shonji that Genji was the one who killed Kang To’s mother. He also told Shonji that Lee Kang San was Gaksital.

“Are you sure Kang To didn’t know about it?” asked Shonji, and Goiso was sure when he said sure. Then Shonji remembered the day when he witnessed his brother was killed by Gaksital. He could feel the outraged Gaksital that moment. “Could it be..that day Gaksital was Lee Kang To?” Then Shonji ordered Goiso to find Lee Kang To.

Kang To saught for a help –if not an answer– from Hong Joo, of what just happened to himself. “The new chief kicked me out. Do you know what Murayama told me? Because I’m Joseon people. Do you have any idea why it suddenly happened?” Hong Joo told him that it’s probably because she said she wanted him to be Kishokai. She promised to help him.

Shonji reported to his father about Genji killed Kang To’s mother and also about Lee Kang San. So their suspicious on Lee Kang To all this time might be true: Lee Kang To was Gaksital. But in the middle of their conversation, Kimura got a phone call. He’s summoned by Ueno and of course Hong Joo was there. She asked why they fired Sato Hiroshi. Kimura told them about the possibility that Kang To was Gaksital. Hong Joo argued him that it was Shonji himself who confirmed that Kang To wasn’t Gaksital.

then Hong Joo came to Shonji to ask for a favor. She’s still planning to make Kang To as Kishokai. Shonji questioned her plan and refused to help her. “Isn’t Lee Kang To your friend? Are you just like your father think that Kang To is Gaksital?” Shonji told her that they got a new hint, but he refused to share her their new finding.

Even though Chae Hong Joo seemed to deny the possibility that Kang To was Gaksital, she still re-think about everything. Then she asked her bodyguard in which part of Gaksital’s body he injured the other day. Joon told her that it’s on his right hand. Then Hong Joo invited Kang To for a dinner, but she had put something in his foods and drink.

Hong Joo opened their conversation by bringing up the idea of making Kang To as Kishokai. She asked him to wait a little longer she needed time to convince her father. but then she asked Kang To a question regarding Kang To insist on this matter, “Are you curious about me or Kishokai?” Kang To said both. Then with her background of having bleak memory with men in his life and the vicious step father was one of them, Hong Joo replied, “Really? Isn’t in your heart now there’s Oh Mok Dan? I knew well about men’s heart. I understand you’re so eager to know about Kishokai, but don’t lie about you curious about me.” Kang To said he’s really curious about her, about how a gisaeng became what she’s today, Lara. And then Hong Joo made Kang To drink his shot and he immediately fainted.

Hong Joo was ready to reveal the truth for herself. Before taking off Kang To’s suit, she said to herself that if KAng To was truly Gaksital, she would hurt his woman first. She checked on Kang To’s right hand and she found what she’s looking for..the bandage with still an unhealed wound underneath it. She was surprised and told herself to wake up and take the reality that Lee Kang To was really Gaksital. But she left him alone.

The collonial police was discussing about Beijing and I’m not really sure about it. Meanwhile the circus had a couple who came down the circus, but it’s too fishy for everyone and the circus leader hushed them away.

Kang To woke up and asked the gisaeng Masako about what happened to him last night and where Lara had been. It took him just minutes to get that she drugged him last night. He came to Hong Joo in the hotel, but she refused to open him her door. Instead, she made a call to Shonji just to tell him that Kang To was disturbing her in the hotel. Right when Kang To was stepping out of the hotel, Shonji arrived at the hotel. He told Kang To to just go with him.

Kang To was back to the office and put on his uniform again. He got a call from Mok Dan who reported about the suspicious couple who came to the circus. Then during the briefing with Murayama, the situation was tense. Kang To of course, still got the cynical stare. Meanwhile, Goiso got a promotion and it all made Kang To’s situation was not any better. It was Shonji who helped him stayed in the office.

Shonji got a report about Mok Dan and he came down to the circus right away. Mok Dan asked if the two strangers are their people, but they both were not spies from the police office. Kang To also came to the circus with Shonji and in front of him, Shonji asked for a private talk with Mok Dan. Kang To could only watched them from a distance. Shonji knew Kang To was looking, so he hugged mok Dan tightly and asked her to trust him. He did it in purpose, actually to express his anger towards Kang To. But in order to keep Kang To by his side, he always managed to control his emotion around him. Shonji told KAng To it’s time for them to leave. Kang To just quitely held Mok Dan’s hand before leaving.

On their way back, Shonji brought up the talk about how Kang To’s mother and his brother’s death. It upset Kang To that he stopped the car and confront Shonji. “Why are you bringing this up? Do you somehow know the bastard who killed my family??” Kang To tried his best to look furious and curious in the same time. Shonji said no, but in a mocking way.  Kang To realized that Shonji had finally found out that he knew Genji was the one who killed his family and he’s now Gaksital.

The circus people were making a provocation. They made themselves arrested and brought somewhere. Gaksital, as it’s expected, suddenly showed up.

In the same time, Shonji’s old nanny had a granddaughter and she’s going to study abroad. In the same time the truck that drove the circus members away was on the move, the truck that got her was also on the move. Then her truck was stopped by a woman. She’s one of the fishy couple who came to the circus earlier. She worked for Chae Hong Joo.

Gaksital fought the police and also all Hong Joo’s men. After fighting all the men, Gaksital suddenly heard a gun fire. It was Hong Joo. She’s pointing her gun towards Gaksital. In her heart she said, “Please, don’t make me regret letting you live.”

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I’m still trying to figure out why Shonji and Hong Joo kept the secret that they already knew Kang To is Gaksital. My guess is, for Shonji, he wanted to torture Kang To by keeping him near. But I’m not really sure he’s real plan, I cannot read it. As for Hong Joo…I think her reason is as simple as she loves him. Ohh I don’t know why but I think Lee Kang To’s position is getting more and more difficult and I don’t see any optimist way out for him, except for the hope Dam Sari had promised him.

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    And this is when the new soldiers show up in ep 21!!! My prediction!!!

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