Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 21 Quick Summary

Gaksital was finally facing Chae Hong Joo. “Don’t make me regret letting you live,” said her in her heart. Hong Joo approached Gaksital closer. She couldn’t hold her emotion that her eyes were teary and her hand was shaking. “Why you, why?” Then Hong Joo passed out, Gaksital caught her.

Shonji immediately got the report that Gaksital showed up. Murayama held a briefing. He asked KAng To where he was when it happened. KAng To made his alibi and said he had no idea how the attack happened, but Murayama didn’t let him loose. He beat Kang To hard and only Abe helped him after the briefing was dismissed. The bully didn’t stop there. Goiso ordered him to make coffee for him and Shonji. Instead of showing anger, Kang To put a smile on his face showing them that he needed to be there so badly that he was willing to do this kind of work.

Meanwhile, the circus members were still so shock after the chaos on the road.

Hong Joo broke a mirror in her room in the hotel, kind of hated herself for her own dilemma.  A bouquet of flower was hanging on her wall in the hotel, and she threw it away angrily. She tried to remind herself that she had worked hard to survive as Ueno’s step daughter and Kang To didn’t love her, but her heart still in dilemma even for the fact that she hadn’t told anyone about his true identity..

Shonji asked Kang To if he had any special relationship with Lara (Hong Joo). He wondered because it’s related to her idea making him Kishokai member. KAng To said it’s not what Shonji think it was.

Kishokai higher was having a private meeting, discussing about the mission to catch Gaksital. Hong Joo was there too, of course. She also promised her step father to work hard on catching Gaksital and never to lose him again.

Mok Dan got a letter from her father, bringing a kind of good news from China. Mok Dan heard from the circus leader that someone called Mr. Yang Baek was coming to Joseon. This seemed to be a very good news for both of them, but the opposite way for Kishokai. They also heard about the rumour. I bet that man was a legend for freedom fighter movement. Kishokai prepared themselves very seriously for this.

Secretly, the freedom fighters in Joseon also prepared for an action, including the lady from Angel Club. She handed a secret letter to one of them. The freedom fighters were making Taegukgi, Korean national flag.

The collonial police was holding an official meeting to prepare themselves facing their great rebellion who’d been hiding in China and soon would be back to Joseon.Shonji led the meeting introducing the profile of those freedom fighters they’re afraid of, including Yang Baek.

Mok Dan was making a phonecall to the police office, thought it would be KAng To who’s gonna pick it up. But it Goiso and Kang To who saw the scene from the other side of room, kind of sensed that it was Mok Dan. He’s about to leave the office, probably to meet Mok Dan, when suddenly Hong Joo’s man showed up and told him that Lara was waiting for him.  KAng To came to the hotel to meet Hong Joo. He remembered how Hong Joo looked at him in teary eyes the day she pointed her gun to him. He knew she had known his true identity.

“Why, why should it be you?” Hong Joo wondered why Lee Kang To couldn’t be just Lee Kang To who’s working so bad to survive working for the colonial government after what they did to his parents. Hong Joo saw his faith was just like her. He asked Kang To if could stop being Gaksital because her step father would catch him for sure and there’s a big possibility that she would kill him. Kang To said, “I would never stop even if I have to die.”  Hong Joo begged him, “Are you stupid? You like to get killed?” Hong Joo was crying and begging, and Kang To was touched. He said, “I accept your feelings in my heart.” But he said he wouldn’t stop what he’s doing. Hong Joo said, “Once you’re out of that door, next time we meet i will kill you.” Kang To just left.

Shonji visited Mok Dan to ask about her father. He knew that Mok Dan had made a contact with her father, but he got no proof so all he could do was trying to threaten her. But Mok Dan was strong, she didn’t just sit and shut her mouth. She argued him back. In the same time, KAng To was already behind the door, listening all that. He waited until Shonji left.

KAng To and Mok Dan hugged when they finally met. Kang To worried seeing Mok Dan’s face had bruises because of the chaos in the circus earlier. Mok Dan told Kang To that soon he would no longer alone because her father and Mr.Yang would come to Joseon. Kang To asked Mok Dan not to worry about everything. And Shonji saw KAng To out of the inn.

Shonji visited Hong Joo to ask about Gaksital. He could sense that Hong Joo actually knew something about the relation between Gaksital and Lee kang To, but of course Hong Joo didn’t share him anything. “I hope you’re not lying to me,” warned Shonji.

The poeple were ready for the freedom movement. They’re spreading the news secretly.The next day, the collonial was having a parade. Suddenly, everyone showed their Taegukgi, waved it cheerfully and took over the parade. The nationalist reporter was making sure this event would be out in the next day’s newspaper. And it did. The police highers pissed off because of this. Murayama and both Kimura never intend to let it go. They ordered to arrest some people.

In the train station some people arrived. A wealthy couple and two men in servant costumes. The couple came to a place where the Chief police was meeting a tailor. They’re heading deep into the building where Mok Dan, the circus leader, the club lady had been waiting for them. And after that, the servants also showed up. They’re apparently Dam Sari and Mr.Yang.

The Kyeong Seong newspaper owner suddenly got a surprising visit from Gaksital. That man called the police office. Shonji who got the news immediately looked for Lee KAng To. He announced his subordinates about Gaksital’s appearance in the newspaper office.

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I’m actually touched by Lara too. Her feelings towards Kang To was true and that put her in a big dilemma. I hope her feelings will eventually lead her to help KAng To at the end. With Dam Sari was back to the country with Yang Baek, I think we’re having a bit of optimist for Gaksital. But I can’t let myself expect this drama will have a happy ending. I learn from “Capital Scandal.” So let’s prepare for the worst, but hopefully we’ll see a happy ending.


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  1. No, I don’t expect a happy ending either! As long as my hit list is completed :-D

  2. Thank’s for your recap it was really great for me because I was dying waiting for this ep and the next as I do not know Korean language it was really helpfull,once again thank you

  3. Thank You for the quick recap! Yeah…dunno if this one will end well or bad. I just wish the writer could find some nice ending for us, such as: kangto got hurt badly and need to be treated to china and survived, or somerthin like that would be awesome

  4. Thanks for the quick recap!!

  5. for my perception there’s a happy ending ……no Korea now if will die… maybe he will have only a badly hurt….

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