Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 22 Quick Summary

Lee Kang To hurriedly changed into his police uniform and came to the office after everyone left for catching Gaksital in Kyeong Seong newspaper. Shonji was surprised but he stayed calm and just asked Kang To to make him a cup of ice coffee. “Do you think you can fool me?” He watched as Kang To left.

But Shonji didn’t lose any curiousity about the possibility that Kang To was Gaksital. He asked Goiso to take Kang To for Gaksital case. He needed Kang To to let him off his guard.

Then Kang To visited the new base camp of freedom fighter. He met Dam Sari again there. Dam Sari introduced Kang To to the other freedom fighters, especially Mr. Yang Baek. KAng To was giving him the official bow, and Mr.Yang was more than proud to accept it and even said thanks to Kang To for what he had done. He treated KAng To a tea and gave him a potato. It’s probably just a potato, but for Kang To the taste just brought him to the memory of his hard-but-happy life with his late mother and brother. He was crying while eating the potato.

Meanwhile in the club, Mr.Lee’s son was drinking in frustration because even the club madam wasn’t around anymore. She’s more active in the freedom fighter movement.

The freedom fighters were having a meeting to discuss their next plan. Meanwhile Shonji was torturing the reporter who published the news about what happened on the parade the other day.Unfortunately when Shonji took off that reporter’s shirt, he found a secret letter hidden beneath the cloth. They use codes for communication, addressing Yang Baek as “Grandfather” and another man called Dong Jin as “Uncle”. The colonial police found out the plan of the important meeting between the two, they just didn’t know when and where. That subject was what the freedom fighters were discussing in that meeting. Kang To of course took part in the plan.

Kang To search for Dong Jin profile at the police office. Shonji watched him closely and checked on what KAng To had checked. He was pretty sure that Lee Kang To was working for Yang Baek and it’s almost certain that he’s Gaksital.

The son of Kyeong Seong Newspaper owner visited Ueno and kind of begged that man to let him be involved in Kishokai because he hated Gaksital so much for what he had done to his father. Ueno granted him.

Shonji came to Hong Joo to confirm one thing, “Lee KAng To is Gaksital, right?” Hong Joo mocked him for threatening a girl for this matter. She said she had checked on Kang To but he’s clear, he could ask Gisaeng Masako about how she checked him. Shonji was confused, considering that Chae Hong Joo was almost impossible to betray Kishokai to cover up Lee Kang To.

Kang To was discussing with Baek Geon the best way to be able to meet Dong Jin.

Shonji ordered Goiso to summon the spy of Mok Dan. That girl was with her friend and the circus man washing and speaking cheerfully about what happened at the parade. Mok Dan wondered who drew Taegukgi so well and her friend said the men called Dong jin followers, sort of. Suddenly Kang To came to ask for a private conversation with Mok Dan. He’s discussing about the way to meet this man Mr.Dong Jin which he thought was very hard because of lack of information. Mok Dan remembered that her friend was talking about Dong Jin’s follower.

Shonji was digging information from the spy girl about Mok Dan’s current activity. She told him that just few moments ago Lee Kang To came to visit her. Then Shonji ordered her to watch Mok Dan more closely, specifically to find out when and where everytime Lee Kang To visited Mok dan.

In the market, Mok Dan finally realized that she’d been followed by a familiar face. She ran after her. When she managed to catch her, she tried to tell her that she shouldn’t work for Shonji, but that traitor girl wasn’t interested to listen to Mok Dan’s lecture. After the girl left, Mok Dan went back to her friend who had found the Dong Jin follower. He’s the familiar man from the market. Mok Dan immediately informed Kang To.

After discussing with Mr.Yang, Dam Sari and other freedom fighters, Kang To was meeting Dong Jin in Gaksital identity. He met the informant at the appointed place Mok Dan had told him. That man was so excited meeting Gaksital and he finally brought Gaksital to the hidden place up in the mountain where this Dong Jin man lived.

Dong Jin had been setting up a training camp where freedom fighters got a training on martial arts and prepare for the war that soon to come. Gaksital confirmed that man’s face with the photograph he had in his hand. Gaksital spoke to Dong Jin about the plan for him to meet Mr. Yang Baek.

The police was also in alert situation dealing with Yang Baek case. Shonji was determined to get a full success in this mission. He knew that from tomorrow, Kang To’s life would be much harder.

Goiso was moving the reporter to another station when suddenly Gaksital came in the middle of the way and caused a scene. Unfortunately, Ueno’s man showed up and fought hard with Gaksital. He managed to injure Gaksital. Gaksital managed to go from the scene, but he passed out on the way. Shonji approached the unconscious Gaksital. He didn’t waste anytime to take off Gaksital’s mask. There he finally got his answer about Gaksital’s identity.

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OMG we’re finally here. We knew that sooner or later this moment would come, but I still felt the tense as it happened. I cannot imagine how Shonji will deal with it. I mean, he had sensed that Kang To and Gaksital might be the same person…but no matter how much he hated Gaksital, when this moment finally came to him, Lee Kang To was still his best friend for a long time, so he must face the dilemma too. I think even though it’s so small, but still deep in his heart he still cared for Kang To. He should’ve understood why Kang To did all this. Oooh, I’m afraid it’s gonna get uglier next week. Worse is when someone should die at the end…

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  1. Omg!!!! My heart dropped when shunji found out that Lee Kang To is bridal mask!!!! Thanks so much for the quick summary!!! Couldn’t wait for the subs to be up in the next 12 hr! Hehe..

  2. WOAH! Did not expect those last series of pictures now! I expect him to be rescued and his life as an active Imperial Policeman is now over! Gaksital still continues to amaze me!

  3. oh no! what will happen now? im very excited to know. thanks for this summary. im always looking forward to it.

  4. WOW! i’m so thrilled even just by read your summary! thanks a lot :) now i can’t imagine what will happen between those two archenemy… but i kinda hoped shonji would find out about kang to in more intense fighting scene or what, not when he’s so powerless and badly injured :(

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