Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 23 Summary

The opening of Gaksital 23 was the scene where Gaksital was trying to free the reporter and then caught in a deathly fight with Ueno’s right man. He walked away and then fell unconscious on the way. Shonji approached him and was so shock when he opened Gaksital’s mask. All his suspicion was confirmed: Gaksital was Lee Kang To. He’s furious after the shock and his memory recalled the moments when Kang To kept telling him how much he hated Gaksital too to the moments when Gaksital killed his brother and almost killed his father. Shonji cried and Ueno’s man was ready to execute Gaksital, but Shonji put back Gaksital’s mask and ordered to spare his life. Surely he had plans with it.

Mok Dan worried that noone called her yet to tell the progress. The Circus Director managed to calm her down. And then the least guest came to visit her: Chae Hong Joo aka Lara. She handed her two passport, some money, tickets and told her to flee to US. “What’s this all about?” asked Mok Dan, not letting herself off guard. “Leave Joseon with Lee Kang To,” said Lara. “What are you talking about?” asked Mok Dan. Then Lara confessed to Mok Dan that despites the facts that happened, she loved Lee KAng To, the Joseon man who had touched her heart and she couldn’t forget. Mok Dan responded her coldly. Lara was disappointed. Mok Dan said she understood Lara’s sincere feelings, but she just told her to leave. Lara was very desperate. She took back all those stuffs and went off.

Shonji visited Ueno, making a report. “Gaksital is Lee KAng To,” Shonji said. This finding put Lara in a hard position. They could sense that Lara, who had had a feeling to Lee Kang To since the incident years ago, might have known this. Shonji then told Ueno the reason why he kept Gaksital alive was because they still needed him to catch Yang Baek. Interrogating the freedom fighters wouldn’t work, so this was their best option.

Mok Dan was rush to the hospital. Shonji who was surveiling the hospital, looked at her in agony. Kang To was hospitalized there. The freedom fighter who looked after Kang To before Mok Dan came was tailed by Shonji, but he managed to flee.

In a hidden place somewhere deep in Angel Club, they treated the injured reporter. That moment, Shonji came to give himself a break. Everyone was very nervous, but tried to be as relax as possible. Thankfully Mr. Lee’s son came down too, so the tense was lessened. But unfortunately,that man pissed off Shonji that he even pointed his gun to Lee. But this incident was good for those who’re in hiding because Shonji finally left. Madam told the freedom fighters that they’re save and could leave. She told them that Mr.Lee’s son was not someone to be worried about.

Kang To gained his consciousness, but his memory didn’t go further than the moment he fought with Ueno’s man. Mok Dan told him about Lara’s visit and her proposal. She worried that Lara’s knowing his identity was a danger. But Kang To told her his and Lara’s history and tried to lessen her worry by telling her that Lara was actually a Joseon person.

Ueno interrogated Lara regarding her intention to recruit Kang To as Kishokai. Lara said it’s her own idea. Both right hand men were tense. Ueno told her about the finding that KAng To was Gaksital, but Lara made her excuse.

The freedom fighter man and reporter were visiting Dong Jin in his hiding. They’re ready when they found the moment, which seemed to be soon.

Shonji found a hard time reporting to Murayama. But he told Murayama his grand plan through Lee KAng To. Getting back to his room, he asked Goiso if Kang To was still absent. He pretended as if everything was still the same. And then KAng To showed up in his office, telling Shonji his excuse. Shonji was playing game just like Kang To did to him when they’re discussing about Gaksital. Then on morning briefing, Shonji put on a show that he against Murayama to defend Lee KAng To. Murayama played along well.

The colonial police highers were holding a meeting about their plan to Joseon. Then the small group of Kishokai also held a meeting, but Mrs.Lee ruined the mood when she offended Murayama with his failure catching Gaksital. Meanwhile the small group freedom fighter leaders also held a meeting about their plan.
Shonji was sharing his plan to Kang To about how to catch the three main villains: Dam Sari, Yang Baek and Gaksital. Those three somehow related to Mok Dan, like it or not. Shonji went to the inn to meet Mok Dan immediately. Mok Dan had gotten the warning from Kang To. Mok Dan’s reception to Shonji was cold as usual and Shonji convinced himself that Mok Dan was the key to his goal. “Should I catch him? Your old time Young Master? I want to see what kind of man he is,” said Shonji. “Do you think I will accept you by you doing this?” said Mok Dan. “I won’t give up on you even if I die,” said Shonji before leaving.

When Mok Dan was meeting Kang Ton on the tram, she lied to him when Kang To asked her what Shonji wanted from her. She just said he was asking about her father. Getting off the tram KAng To sensed someone was tailing him. He managed to go away and then went to the leaders’ base camp.

Yang Baek finally reunite with Dong Jin. The younger man gave a deep official bow to his senior. The moment was another big step for them. Meanwhile Kishokai was also ready for the big war against the freedom fighters.

Then the freedom fighter leaders discussed a more detail movement with Dong Jin joined them. He’s ready with his secret army. Kang To also shared his idea.
The next day, Shonji was surprised that when the police office got a report on the attack of Gaksital somewhere, Lee Kang To was there holding a bucket and a mop. Shonji tried to figure it out, but then asked Kang To to come along. Another Gaksital was making a scene.

On the scene, Shonji ordered KAng To to go down and catch Gaksital. The policemen were fighting him and Kang To was caught in a one on one fight with Gaksital. And then in front of Shonji’s eyes, Gaksital knocked down Kang To and then left.

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I think now I can see a positive hope of a happy ending…

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