Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 24 Quick Summary

Shonji looked confuse seeing Kang To being knocked down by Gaksital marking the start of Gaksital episode 24. Going back to their office, Shonji gave Kang To a bag of ice for his injury. “I told you Gaksital was an organized move by those people (the freedom fighters),” said Kang To. “No, I believe the person who killed my brother was just one man, the others are just fake,” he argued. Surely, Shonji is not a dumb, at all.  And apparently, Shonji’s suspicion on Kang To wasn’t lessen.

In the interrogation room, Kang To beat up the freedom fighter caught by Shonji. Kang To demanded him to tell him the bastards who killed his mother and brother, or if he himself involved. He also asked about Dong Jin where about. The freedom fighter shut his mouth closely and pledged no matter what he’d never speak.

Kang To dismissed another policeman from the room. Then he showed a piece of paper with the word “unity” to the freedom fighter who instantly recognized as the same thing Gaksital showed him. Kang To said that thanks to him he could show this note to Dong Jin and then he shared a strategy with that guy to deal with Shonji. Realizing that Kang To was alone in the room, Shonji rushed to the interrogation room, suspicious on KAng To. But when he got there, he found only Kang To was cornering the man and forced him to speak.

As the situation was getting chaotic, the police highers were holding a serious meeting discussing about the freedom fighters movement. Meanwhile the freedom fighter leaders were also holding a meeting about sharing responsibility in the movement. Mok Dan of course, offered her part along with the rest of circus members.

Mr.Lee got something like an award or sort of. It seemed to relate to his airplane business, but not really sure, but his business was a big contribution for Japanese and colonial government. Anyway they held a small ceremony, and later on were holding a private dinner with the police chief and another couple.

Shonji moved the freedom fighter man into the interrogation dungeon and he tortured that poor man so badly using hot iron. The man finally gave Shonji some clues, including the fact that Dong Jin and Yang Baek was meeting each other and formed a join force.

The father and son Kimura visited Ueno to make a report and discussing the next strategy. Before leaving, Shonji had a private conversation with Chae Hong Joo aka Lara. He’s kind of pittying Lara for her love for Kang To that caused her to cover up Kang To’s identity as Gaksital. “Do you think he can protect you? If you’re thinking of running away but had no idea where, just come to me,” said Shonji.

The freedom fighters were in Dong Jin’s camp were more than ready for the battle field. And then Gaksital visited the camp to hand Dong Jin a letter from Yang Baek. They’re also discussing about the perfect timing for Dong Jin’s troops to attack to the city. KAng To informed Dong Jin about the timing that Dong Jin’s troop could make their movement. And Gaksital was trusted to lead them in this attack plan.

Kang To delivered a package that’s so called from the mother of the freedom fighter man in prison. Inside the food was a note and after that man read it, he ate the note together with the food. Shonji was still trying to make that man speak about Dong Jin’s plan that he even gave that man a nice meal. The man spoke and made a request to him in return, “please tell Kang To that I didn’t kill his mother.”

Shonji was still getting information about Kang To’s every move from his man. He asked what KAng To did when he’s not around. That police officer told Shonji that he’s meeting Mok Dan, but he couldn’t tail him well. Then Shonji summoned the informant girl from the circus. Shonji asked her if Mok Dan and Kang To recently meet often. She said no and Shonji was furious that she lied to him. He drowned that girl assuming that she had wavered to support the freedom fighters instead, but Shonji let her go with a serious warning.

Back to the inn, the girl kept crying and Mok Dan worried about her. She said she’s so scared to death. She confessed to Mok Dan that the reason she did what she did was because of money, but now everything turned bad and she’s so scared. Mok Dan went to the police office to speak with Shonji. Kang To was surprised by Mok Dan’s sudden visit and looked worry about it. She asked him to leave other people alone and just deal with her only. But she ensure him that she wouldn’t go to his side ever. Shonji was offended and made a warning to her. This warning made Mok Dan realize that Shonji had known KAng To’s identity as Gaksital.

Mr.Lee’s son, Lee Kam Dok, asked to madam if her love for him was a fake. She said she needed him. “Need…you mean to find out my father’s schedule?” Thne Lee asked why she said he’s someone not to worry about, the other. For madam, that man was an indifferent and he wasn’t the type of person who would report this kind of thing to the police.

The time for action was near, they’re making a movement that night. The freedom fighters were ready with their strategy. And the freedom fighter man was sharing Shonji the knowledge he knew about this action. So the faith between Lee Kang To/Gaksital  and Shonji would be determined that night, whether it’d be Shonji or KAng To/Gaksital that would found their victory.

In another place, the Kishokai was welcoming a new young member: Mr. Lee’s son. But surprisingly, after the dinner, Mr. Lee got a farewell letter from his son. Mr. Lee’s son shot himself on the head. this guy seemed to be secretly depress about his position. He’s a Joseon man, but he’s father was one of the great Joseon’s jerks.

And then Gaksital showed up at the Kishokai quarter. He and another freedom fighter attacked that place. The fighter was in one and one fight with Lara’s bodyguard, while Gaksital was facing his arch-villain in battle field: Ueno’s right hand man.

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Mr. Lee’s son, Lee Kam Dok’s death was another surprise. Too bad it’s not that significant with the main characters. But hopefully good-man-die-fast scenario would stop just here. And Gaksital’s fight with Ueno’s man? Better be an epic.

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