Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 25 Summary

Gaksital episode 25 started when the freedom fighters attacked Kishokai’s quarter. Gaksital was facing Ueno’s right hand man while the rest were facing Lara and Joon. The freedom fighters managed to knocked down their opponents, and so did Gaksital. The fighting scene was actually pretty cool. They escaped Kishokai’s quarter alive.

Mr. Lee found his son dead and then wept. His wife was more frightened than sad. Shonji also witnessed this tragedy, felt sorry, but passed through Kishokai emergency meeting. Ueno was feeling humiliated, of course, but it’s like a wake up whipping for him and Kishokai was in an alert situation to catch Gaksital and also the freedom fighters.

Kang To brought the money they robbed from Kishokai to Dong Jin. Meanwhile Mok Dan was also ready to run away wit the help of the freedom fighters. But Shonji came in the right time. He saw them leaving, but the three of them managed to flee. They brought Mok Dan to Gaksital’s shed where Kang to and Baek Geon waited for her.
Mok Dan discussed her burden heart related to Shonji’s knowing of Kang To’s identity as Gaksital. Kang To also had known about it, but he still needed to play his part as colonian policeman. He told Mok Dan not to worry.

In the police office, seeing Kang To was coming, Shonji welcomed him with a series of beating. He asked Kang To where he was last night, but of course Kang To had his excuse. But Shonji didn’t let Kang To away that easy. He kept his eyes on Kang To very closely.

Shonji held a briefing discussing strategy to catch Yang Baek and Dong Jin. He provoked Kang To by asking him what he think Yang Baek and Dong Jin’s dream was. Kang To gave his argument and Shonji took that argument for now. The operation was started, but Jongno Police station was attacked by some mysterious men. The police highers were also holding an emergency meeting discussing their alert situation because the revolt didn’t only happen in Seoul, but also in many area in Korean peninsula.

Goiso followed Kang To into the tailor. KAng To came to the meeting of freedom fighter leaders. They’re distributing their jobdesc again for the next action. Goiso reported to Shonji right away after following Kang To.
Shonji made a sudden inspection to the tailor right away and interrogate the tailor about Kang To’s regular visit. Shonji caught the nervous eyes of the tailor, but thankfully he just left without inspecting the place any farther.

Ueno dragged Mr.Lee and his wife for Kishokai interrogation. It’s related to their son’s last letter which sounded nationalist as Joseon man. Ueno was furious and the Baron and Baroness had to begged for their lives. The price was Mr.Lee had to let go of their wealth, but at the end, they’re still cold bloodly executed in place.

Shonji decided to treat his team to have some fun in Angel Club. Everyone sat outside, but Kang To and Shonji were sitting in the private room with Madam (Tasha). She looked so distress with the death of Mr.Lee’s son. Kang To just heard about Mr.Lee’s son’s tragedy right there. Shonji also looked distressed and pretended to be drunk, saying, “Me too feeling of not wanting to live anymore. I can’t have Mok Dan. I feel like I don’t want to live.”

When Kang To saw Shonji was closing his eyes, Kang To immediately made a call to the basecamp and then left. Seeing Shonji was standing in an alert expression, Goiso and some policemen suddenly gathered and were ready for some counter-action of Gaksital. KAng To and the freedom fighters bought the policemen acting and immediately attack Jongno station to rob some ammunition. They really had no idea that Shonji and his men were back. After they’re moving the ammunition, Gaksital let them go first and fought the policemen alone. Unfortunately, Shonji pointed him a gun and Kang To couldn’t do anything about.So it wasn’t only Shonji who saw he’s Gaksital, most of his co-workers also saw it.

They dragged him into the interrogation dungeon. Goiso was probably the second happiest man to be able to catch Gaksital aka Kang To after Shonji. He whipped Kang To hard and it’s just the beginning.

The rest of freedom fighters who managed to flee reported the situation to Mok Dan, Dam SAri and Yang BAek.

Back to the interrogation process. So here we are at last. Shonji was interrogating his ex-best mate. “You know that Genji killed my mother and my brother,” said Kang To. “So you killed my brother?” asked Shonji. “In front of my eyes, the person who killed my own brother was my own friend. So it’s like that?” “Yes, but my brother who had been living in a disguise as an idiot was the person I was crazily wanted to catch, Gaksital. My mother was dead in order to save my brother. I’m thankful that you finally catch me. I can’t see any other way to die, but to die in your hand.” Shonji was shaken. He left the room and looked very pale coming back to his office. He recalled the memory of the moment they both cried together on the bike, and Shonji also shed some tears because of that.

Lara got a visitor: Mok Dan. “I came because I have a favour to ask,” said Mok Dan. She told Lara to help Lee KAng To who was arrested by Shonji. But Lara just said sorry and told her to leave. She said she’s no longer involved in this matter. Mok Dan dropped on her knees, begging her literally.

The next day, Shonji reported his catching to his father, Murayama and the other police highers. The Kimuras and Murayama came down to the dungeon to see Kang To. Mr.Kimura had a personal revenge for his beloved son’s death. Shonji was trying to save KAng To from the deathly spiky box, but Mr.Kimura had given his order. Shonji asked Kang To about Yang Baek and Dong Jin, but Kang To’s mouth shut didn’t do him any good. They tortured him so bad. Kang To didn’t say any word about Yang Baek and Dong Jin, but Shonji knew Kang TO well. He brought the tailor for interrogation in front of Kang To and tortured that man as well.

In the hiding, freedom fighters knew their situation was in dangerous and they need a new strategy. They discussed about the plan to save Gaksital.

Later that night some freedom fighters, under the leading of two freedom fighter couple who attacked Kishokai with Gaksital the other night, broke into Jongno station. They broke into the dungeon to save Kang To. Shonji, who was actually there, tried to fight them all, but he’s outnumbered. They managed to bring Gaksital away.

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OMG, i think this episode is superb! The fighting scene between Gaksital and Ueno’s man was so cool, just like seeing Jacky Chan or Jet Lee’s fight, especially the part where they’re fighting with bare hands. And then the fact that we finally see Shonji and Kang To was facing one another as arch-villain instead of best friend…oh no. The torture scene was also great. Joo Won portrayed the pain so well. Oh I just love this episode.

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  1. Will be watching tonight screaming at the TV! This will be my next purchased drama!

  2. I always look forward to see BMask in action – fantastic actions. Just hope they make the ending (epi 28) as thrilling as all the rest of the other episodes. TQ for the summary..

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