Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 28 Quick Summary (Final)

The wedding of Lee Kang To and Mok Dan was led by Mr. Yang Baek. It was simple and beautiful. But just a few steps from the wedding area, there Shonji came. His anger there was more of jealousy matter than family revenge. He pointedd his gun to Kang To, but Mok Dan was the one who saw him first. So Mok Dan took the bullet for him and collapsed right away. Everything turned chaotic in just a second. Kang To carried Mok Dan away. Circus Leader tried to block Shonji’s way. Shonji bruttally killed him. The woman fighter also died.

Kang To brought Mok Dan away deep into the woods until he stumbled his way. Mok Dan refused to proceed saying that she’s tired. “Don’t cry. It’s our wedding day,” said Mok Dan to Kang To seeing his face was full of streaming tears. “Being like this, how am I going to do? I really want to serve you warm food everyday, but… You have to be strong. Even when I’m gone, promise me you have to be strong.” Mok Dan took his last breath in Lee Kang To’s arm.

Shonji who was following the blood trace in the woods heard Kang To’s scream. He saw Mok Dan’s body in Kang To’s arm and started to blame KAng To. “It’s all because of you. Because of you.” He’s about to shoot Kang To when suddenly Baek Geon came from behind him and knocked him down. Kang To and Baek Geon took Mok Dan away. Waking up alone, Shonji could only kneeled before Mok Dan’s blood and wept.

So many fighters died in Dong Jin’s camp, but the two leaders were safe.

Shonji reported to the police leaders that they killed 300 people, but Yang Baek, Dong Jin and Gaksital were still fugitives.
Back to his office, Shonji ignored a phone call. Apparently it was Lara because later on she came and complained he didn’t pick it up. She was curious about what had happened. Shonji was still in shock of Mok Dan’s death. “I killed Mok Dan. I let you live when your father told me to kill you but I kill Mok Dan with my hand. It was her and Lee Kang To’s wedding. It was the first time she looked so happy.” Then Shonji put all the blame to Kang To and got much anggrier than before. He pledged to kill Lee Kang To. “You wait and see,” he said to Lara.

Lee Kang To was still lying on Mok Dan’s grave, crying. But he remembered what Mok Dan had told him. “Lee KAng To, be strong. You have promised her. Be strong,” he said to himself in his heart.Then Baek Geon came to lift up his fighting spirit by telling him that the fighters had all died. It work, Kang To woke up and went to see Dong Jin and Yang Baek.

The last few fighters proceed with their plan, though now the leaders also had to come down to the battle field. They’re entering the city in disguise. The traitor girl’s brother was the only student fighter that survive. He’s going with Dong Jin and another freedom fighter to enter the city.

Shonji, arriving at his office receive a file from his subordinates, it’s a file of pictures. Shonji opened it in his room, they are pictures of Kang To and Mok Dan’s wedding. He cried as he saw all those pictures.

Ueno mocked Lara who still dared to call him father after betraying him by not telling the truth about Lee Kang To. Then he ordered his right hand man to execute Lara. Joon Katsuyama instantly drew his sword to defend his lady. Joon was outskilled and fell back, but suddenly, Gaksital showed up.

Gaksital knocked down Ueno’s man, and Joon executed him. Ueno’s position was wide open. After a short speech, Gaksital hit Ueno’s head hard. Ueno’s life ended there.

Gaksital was already on his way out when Lara called him. “I heard about what happened to Mok Dan. I couldn’t do anything even though I know you must be feeling so hurt right now. But Kimura Shonji is also feeling down.” But Gaksital knew that no matter what, he’s facing Shonji again was the most certain faith above everything.

Lara made a call to Shonji telling about Gaksital who had killed Ueno. She asked Shonji to reconcile with Gaksital/Kang To but of course there’s no such a thing for Shonji. It’s all too late for him. “You’re not thinking of doing something stupid, are you?” asked Lara. “You’re now alone, are you?” asked Shonji back. “Yes, i’m alone. If i’m leaving alone, will you look for me?” Shonji smiled and shook his head. Then he said to Lara, “Bye. Live your life well.” She knew exactly what that means.

Lara was leaving alone, without Katsuyama. That broken hearted man had served her loyally all this time just like a shadow. He confessed his feelings to Lara once again, but she’s just feeling grateful for him and thought he deserved someone much better. She’s ready to go, but she looked back. “Katsuyama, my name is Chae Hong Joo. Chae Hong Joo,” she said with a smile on her face. “I will always remember my lady’s name,” said that man.

Gaksital came to Kimura’s house. He entered the empty funeral hall and took off his mask. He moved to another room. Shonji had been waiting for him there, seating very calmly. Shonji served them alcohol. He seemed to want to make their last meeting civilized, probably to honor their past relationship.  “Kang To-ya, shouldn’t we have a drink first as it’s gonna be our last?” he said. Kang To sat in front of him and they had a drink. Oh I love this scene when these two ex-bestfriends, these two cool guys, sitting face to face, one in white and the other on black. “Did you buried her well?” asked Shonji. “I did send her well,” said Kang To. Shonji showed him the wedding picture. Kang To tried so hard to hold his emotion. He just closed his eyes few seconds and then opened it again. “You killed Mok Dan by your hand. But do you think I come because you only killed one person, Mok Dan?” Kang To reminded him that he had killed many people, Dam Sari, the circus leader, and those fighters but he didn’t seem to have any regret for them. So Kang To came there for justice. Then they’re talking about their inevitable duel that’s about to come. Their one on one ultimate fight was coming in minute. “Of course I’m ready,” said Shonji. “Just wait for me out side. I’ll be out soon.” Kang To walked outside. Shonji took out his gun and pointed it to his own head. KAng To was only a few steps away from the room when he heard the blow. He heard the house keeper scream. KAng To just dropped a tear and then left.

The movement continued. Kang To and the remaining freedom fighters worked together for their great action. They’re producing many gaksitals (mask) and spreading the news to people.

The colonial police prepared for the people’s movement. The fighters who are armed wore black on the front row, while the people are behind wearing white, covered their face with gaksital and waving Taegukgi in their hands. Gaksital walked among those people. His fight, the Korean people’s fight didn’t stop there.

The end.

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What a great drama!! OMG, as I was writing this summary, I was still suffocated. Too many people die. And it’s a very harsh reality for Kang To. He lost most people he loved, but he has to just bear it and be strong…he has a long fight to come for his country. It’s probably a SAD ending (not BAD one, please underline), but we viewers has to remember that this drama is about Gaksital’s journey of life and his fight for his country’s freedom. The personal conflict and love life are just part of the big picture, not the main conflict itself.   Gaksital, the hero of freedom movement era, had a very tragic life…but that didn’t compromise his fighting spirit for the freedom of his beloved country.


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  1. But Goiso was still alive! Curses! Ueno could have lived as long as he died!

  2. ohhhhhhhh. .
    Heart-wrecklibg story-tragic life Yet strugglig for the nation not giving up-it not revenge but the war against injustice…Hats offf to all the casts,directors,crews..Marvelous…
    And of course thanks for recap. its midnight here and i was awake just to read this recap…
    THANkS alllooot..phew. finallly its over no more mystery

  3. ohhhhhhhh. .
    Heart-wrecklibg story-tragic life Yet strugglig for the nation not giving up-it not revenge but the war against injustice…Hats offf to all the casts,directors,crews..Marvelous…
    And of course thanks for recap. its midnight here and i was awake just to read this recap…
    THANkS alot..phew. finallly its over no more mystery

  4. opps;…my mistake.Actually there was an error..Now waiting for NICE GUy…not a guy but korean drama which is scheduled to air Sept12..I read somewhere..anyway thanks again

  5. TQ for yr recaps. Fantastic drama, loved it from episode 1 right through. I am not as sad wth Mokdan’s death, her character and the parts she potrayed did not leave much impact. Lara filled up the complex female role in this drama. What excites me most is BMask’s fighting skills. Did he do it himself or used a stuntman?

  6. OMG,,, its really harsh ending… seeing Oh Mok Dan died…

  7. Oh my! It was so heart breaking… :(
    I was hoping to see action between Kang To and Shunji, so it was quite shocking that Shunji took his life on his own.
    I was kinda expecting that this is quite a tragic story so I prepared myself for it.

    Joo Won really gave justice being Lee Kang To, Sato Hiroshi and of course Gaksital. He is an excellent actor. I hope to see him soon again in a drama. I hope he can win as the best actor because he really deserves it.

    All in all, this drama is daebak! From the start, the twist, the action scenes, and of course the actors and actresses… Everything about drama, I love it. This is one of the best I’ve seen.

    you are in my top kdrama list i’ll miss you thank you for recap

  9. Everyone died ;-(except kang to it was a very tragic but i loved every and single episode and am going to miss it best kdrama ever!:-)

  10. I guess i have cried all my tears out. Very pain full end. Kudos to Korea…

  11. hmmm…what a shocken story!

  12. i really luv dis story,seeing mok dan dead is very sad,wat a touch story ,i wish i can see dem in live ,i will b much happy,great story keep it up

  13. Interesing ……

  14. wow i love joo wor bridal mask hahaha oppa

  15. I’m short of words….but am sure f one thn…: I LOVE THE DRAMA….kudos 2 all the actors n actresses….looking forward 2 meeting u all!

  16. Korea you the best in acting i wish if nigeria can be like that (kudos) and am about to watch another movie of lee kang to could i gist you friend it name is 7 grade of civil servant

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