Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 26 Quick Summary

Lee Kang To was finally saved by the freedom fighters who broke Jongno Police Station to rescue him. Shonji and all his subordinates were unconcsious, but Goiso was the first who woke up and quickly wake Shonji up. They shot some fires to Kang To and the freedom fighters, but the truck managed to flee. KAng To was brought to Dong Jin’s quarter.

As for the result of prison break action, the police tortured the tailor. But it’s no use anymore, he’s dead.

In Yang Baek’s hiding quarter, the leaders were discussing about the new strategy. Dam Sari asked permission to be out on the battle field in the place of Mr. Yang. Everyone looked sad, but supportive towards Dam Sari for he decided to be a martyer, more or less, even though Mok Dan asked him to promise her to come back. He told Mok Dan that the reason he fought for the country was to give Mok Dan a better, happier and free live.

Later on on the street, the patroling police suddenly alert when they thought they saw the car with Yang Baek inside was passing through the street. Shonji, Goiso and others were after it. In the same time, the rest of freedom fighters who hid in the tailor place led themselves out for a move. Everyone was on disguise, including Mr.Yang. The police finally succeeded to make the car stop. Dam Sari and his men were fighting the police, but knowing they’re outnumbered, Dam Sari told them to go and leave him alone.
Shonji was surprise seeing the man he got was Dam Sari. He told Shonji that Mr.Yang, Dong Jin and Gaksital would fight till the end and he had a fight for them. “Bye now, poor buddy,” he said to Shonji. To anyone surprise, Dam Sari shot himself on the head to death.

Mok Dan was finally be able to meet Kang To. He said he’s fine even though his body was a little hurt. Mok Dan had had a feeling about what happened to her father, but she still had no idea yet of what had happened to him.

Shonji and the policemen came to the tailor building for investigation. But they’re way too late, eventhough they could find the hidden chamber.Desperate for having no clue about the freedom fighters whereabout, the police could only expressed their anger towards that room.

Yang Baek and the rest of freedom fighters joined Dong Jin in his basecamp in the woods. When one of the man who went with Dam Sari came, Mr.Yang asked about Dam Sari. They finally knew the sad and bad news. The next hardest thing was to tell Mok Dan. But Mok Dan was actually already there with KAng To. He immediately hugged her tight as she sobbed.

In Kishokai quarter, Ueno couldn’t take Shonji’s failure anymore. Situation got tense when Ueno’s man drew his sword on Shonji’s neck. Mr.Kimura begged for his son’s life, and Shonji also fought for his life. He told Ueno his next plan regarding catching Mr.Yang and he got his chance. Ueno let him live. After the meeting, Shonji was having a private conversation with Lara. “You’re an amazing man. You even dared to go against the Chairman. Now I’ve given up, so it’s better for you to do the same, too,” said Lara. She told Shonji about Mok Dan coming to her begging for a help to save Kang To from Shonji. She told him that she refused her, but understood how she was not only in love with Lee Kang To, but Gaksital as well. They shared their hardship together. But her, “I only love Lee Kang To,” she said. Then Shonji also let out his feelings of frustration. “What if at the end I can’t catch Yang Baek, Dong Jin or Gaksital? How am I going to live? Will I still be alive?”

Mr.Kimura, Murayama and a wealthy couple from their circle was discussing about something related to education matter. And then in another place, at a eating place in the town, the traitor girl was meeting her little brother who was a student who decided to run away from school as the situation turned bad even at school.
Lee Kang To’s face was spread all over the city as wanted, sort of. People still had bad sentiment for him, and the market guy came told them that Lee KAng To was not a bad guy. And then he met Mok Dan’s friend and the her little brother. The little boy’s face got many bruises. Something was not right at school, but they couldn’t do anything about it. And then he brought Mok Dan’s friend to Dong Jin camp too,so that she could reunite with Mok Dan.

Mr.Yang and Lee KAng To was discussing about Mok Dan and about Kang To’s feelings for Mok Dan. And it’s all related to their fighting spirit for this freedom movement.

At night Mok Dan was still weeping for her late father. Kang To was trying to cheer her up with his best words. He asked her not to cover her vulnerable side to him, and she didn’t. Mok Dan wept but Kang To gave her a soothing advise. “You can brace yourself, Pooni.” And then he hugged her tight.

Poor Abe was interrogated by Goiso. He was questioned for his loyalty to Japan. Goiso said that Abe must have known KAng To’s activity all this time. Abe swore he had no idea. He just knew that Kang To often went to the mountain. But the interrogation was interrupted as Goiso got a new news about Lee Kang To whereabout. And later on the police ambushed Gaksital’s shed when Baek Geon and Duk Su, the market man, were just going to leave it. And they managed to leave safely before the police broke in. Shonji saw all the newspaper cuts taped on the wall, the news were all related to Gaksital’s action all this time.

Kang To was having a private conversation with another freedom fighter something about Mr.Kimura. And then Baek Geon arrived and gave him the news about the shed ambush. Baek Geon said he would be closer to Kang To to protect him. But KAng To said this time he had to go alone.

Mr.Yang was having a tea and conversation with Mok Dan, trying to find out if she’s already fine with her father’s death. Mok Dan embraced herself well and Mr.Yang was proud of her.

The next day, Kang To told Mok Dan that he’s going to Kyeong Seong (Seoul) for awhile and promised to come back. Mok Dan, with a smile on her face said “Go well and then come back safely. You will come back for dinner right? I will make you your favorite food, so please come back.” KAng To promised her and told her not to worry and then kissed her forehead.

As Shonji had seen the newspapers cuts on the shed wall, he could see the map of Gaksital’s attack order. The next person to be Gaksital’s target was Kimura Taro himself. Shonji informed all this to his father and Mr.Kimura decided to face Gaksital in dignity (if it’s the right word for him).

Mr.Kimura sat in his house wearing black and put on a stern face. He was having his tea, but his sword was ready with him. And just like he had expected the sudden visit of an enemy, Gaksital sneak in to his house and Mr.Kimura was more than ready to face him. These two men had personal matter and when a moment like this finally came, they’re ready for their ultimate fight.

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Dam Sari’s death is great loss for the characters in the drama, but not really for us. I mean, his character was born as a patriot, so he MUST die as one too, to honor him. The tense went so high in the previous episode but this one was a little calm down. Hope the fighting scene between Gaksital and Mr.Kimura would be as great as the one Gaksital had with Ueno’s man.

Anyway, hmmm is it possible that at the end, Shonji will develop a feelings for Chae Hong Joo aka Lara and vice versa? :)

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  1. lets hope for happy ending which shows that during war there are also some moments of togetherness or ending where both leads die without feelung of guilts….together in hell or heaven

  2. Wow, Thank you so much for your great summary.
    I really enjoy it and wish this drama has a happy ending. :*

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