Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 3 Quick Summary

Failing to catch Gaksital, Lee Kang To got a trouble with his higher, Konno Koji. The evil father and son Kimura were in Konno’s office too, demanding Kang To’s dismissal from the case because they already had a deal. But Konno gave Kang To another chance. Then he revealed the picture which had the late Japanese higher and Kimura Taro in there.  But Taro knew how to argue well.

Kimura Kenji still planned on killing Kang To. He’s very determined on getting rid of both Gaksital and Kang To.

Somewhere in Japan, Ueno Hideki was holding an event. Apparently, someone was going to do the harakiri after he made some deals with Ueno. Then after talking to Kimura on the phone about Gaksital case, he went into this room where there’s a beautiful Japanese girl. He ordered that girl to go to joseon for a mission.

Kang To came to the guesthouse again to look for Mok Dan, but he found only empty rooms. The guesthouse man was threatened by Kang To to contact him as soon as he got the info about Mok Dan’s where about. He promies Kang To, but apparently his obedient to Kang To was just an acting. He called the circus director to ask to help Mok Dan. Then the circus boss ordered his members to start searching for Mok Dan.

Meanwhile Mok Dan woke up in the woods because it’s raining. Then the sound of an organ play from the near by school led her out of the woods. It was Shonji who was playing the music in the classroom. Mok Dan came in to the classroom and fainted in front of Shonji. He brought her to a safer place, his own house.

Shonji treated Mok Dan’s wounds and took care of her. Mok Dan gained her consciousness again and told him what happened to her. She told him that Kang To caught her and interrogated her in order to catch Gaksital. Shonji told her that Kang To was his friend and they stayed together, but he’s willing to sincerely help Mok Dan that night. Mok Dan doubt him for 2 good reasons: he’s Kang To’s best buddy and he’s a Japanese. Mok Dan was about to leave the house when Kang To’s voice came from downstairs.

Kang To shared his day with Shonji while he’s changing clothes (Joo Won’s bare chest? Even Joo Won couldn’t escape that must-have-scene of Korean Drama!). He told Shonji about catching a girl who would lead him to Gaksital. Seeing Shonji being nervous and sensed something fishy, Kang To opened his closet where Shonji seemed to hide something. Kang To found a bare girl’s back. He thought Shonji was nervous because of that, having a girl at home, not knowing that the girl was actually Mok Dan.

Shonji offered her a ride on his bike and lent her a kimono for a disguise. He took her to the circus area where Mok Dan’s friends were actually on their way looking for her. Mok Dan thanked Shonji for preventing her got caught by Kang To. Shonji had been having a crush on her, so helping her was a pleasure for him. “In this place I’ll be waiting for my father and …” Mok Dan never finished her sentence, but Shonji knew what she meant: the dagger’s owner. He told her to be careful since Kang To was still looking for her.

Kang To ordered for Gaksital’s sweeping in the market. Meanwhile Kang San was actually there playing with the kids. Kang To used a dirty way to make Gaksital out: making a mess in the market, beating people and catching some men to look for the possibility of having Gaksital among them. Kang To was beating one of the men like a lunatic. Kang San was trying to stop him but Kang To turned to beat him instead. His mother came to defend her eldest son, and cut off her relationship with Kang To that very moment because Kang To preferred to be the loyal Japanese police rather than being a Joseon man.

Kang To interrogated the man he beat in the market. It was more of a brutal torture. Kang San came to the police station to look for Kang To. But unfortunately he was kicked out by Kenji’s man. Listening to the screams of the innocent men Kang To unfairly interrogated, Kang san could only cry in silence on the ground.

Mr. Lee came to visit Doctor Woo to lure him do something. When they’re making out, Gaksital came into the room. He made Mrs. unconscious and then threatening the doctor and made him call Kang To.

Kang To came with his full team troops. Gaksital gave a show on the roof to with Doctor Woo was ready to be pushed off the roof edge. Gaksital did push the doctor off the roof edge, but he was still tightened. Gaksital fled, but Kang To immediately searched for him.

While Kang To was still looking for Gaksital on the streets, Kimura Kenji’s man was ready as a sniper. Gaksital was shot in the leg, but he managed to proceed. Seing Gaksital was not yet dead, Kimura Kenji’s man tried to catch gaksital himself, but Gaksital managed to tackle him down with only few moves. Unfortunately it didn’t stop there for Gaksital. Kang To was already there, pointing his gun towards Gaksital. In his heart, Gaksital said, “Kang To, i’m your brother…”

Then Gaksital sensed Kimura Kenji’s man was making a move behind him. That man was aiming the dagger for Kang To, but spontaneously Gaksital took it. Witnessing Gaksital who was actually saving him, Kang To was confused and asked him why he did it. “Who are you?Why did you do it?” Kang To’s hand was reaching Gaksital’s mask.

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