Bridal Mask (Gaksital) Episode 6 Quick Summary

Kang San held his mother’s body tightly. He’s still weeping and regretting what happened with the brotherhood and their lives. Mother, please wake up. Wake up. It’s cold here.” Kang San shook his mother several times. Seeing his gaksital mask, Kang San finally accepted the bitter reality. He brought his mother inside the house.

Baek Geon was around the area and he came when Kang San laid his mother on the floor. Kang San told the uncle what caused his mother died. Recalling what Kenji had done to them. Kang San became emotional and he hurriedly left the house.

Chae Hong Joo visited Kimura Taro to discuss about Gaksital case.

Kang To came down the crime scene where there’re three dead men on the street. They’re all killed by Chae’s body guard earlier. Kenji accused Gaksital who did it. Kang To already left the crime scene when suddenly Gaksital attacked Kenji without mercy. Hearing a gun fire, Kang To ran back to the site.

Gaksital was about to hit Kenji hard, but Kang To came to fight with him. In his heart, Kang San begged for him to stop fighting him. Gaksital beat Kang To down and then he was ready to deal with Kenji again when suddenly someone shot him from behind. He was Kang To. That man was ready to fire his gun again, but thankfully Baek Geon uncle came to rescue Gaksital.

Baek Geon brought Kang San home. Kang To following the blood trace. Kang San’s condition was critical and he left a message to Baek Geon to later tell Kang To everything, including the reason why he became Gaksital. Then he sent Baek Geon away when he heard someone’s coming. Kang To pointed his gun to Gaksital. Kang San took off the Gaksital Mask.

“Brother…you are Gaksital?” Kang To couldn’t believe what he’s seeing. “How is it happening? Aren’t you an idiot? Aren’t you supposed to be an idiot??” Kang To was streaming tears. Kang San held Kang To’s face. “Our Kang To had grown up well. I’ve been missing you.” Kang San finally took his last breath. Kang To pushed Kang San’s away. He stared at his brother, crying and disbelieving the whole thing. The memories he spent with his brother and how he had been obssesed by Gaksital all burst into the surface of his mind.

He cried for his mother, “Mother, brother is dead…” Hearing no response from inside the house, he came inside. “Mom, aren’t you listening??” He took off his mother’s blanket and finally realized the real nightmare. Kang To screamed out a cry that made him sounded like he’s gonna be crazy. Kang To cried and cried on his mother’s dead bed.

He went back outside, confronting his dead brother. “Gaksital, because you’re Gaksital, mother’s dead. Get up. Get up now. Let’s go to the police.” When Kang To was very emotional, Baek Geon came introducing himself to Kang To. “I will tell you everything from the start until the end,” Baek Geon confessed. “So you saw everything from the beginning until the end??” cried Kang To. Baek Geon briefed him the incident, then Kang To figured out that Kenji was the one to get revenge to. Baek Geon tried to stop him nicely but eventually had to knocked him down and brought him somewhere else.

Then some men were setting fire into Kang To’s house. Everything was burnt, as well as the dead bodies of Kang San and their mother. Baek Geon was bringing Kang To back home when they saw the house was on fire. Kang To gained his consciousness and instantly back to hysteria as he saw his nightmare was worse than he thought had been worst.

Shonji visited the hospital to bring Kang To a lunch box. He thought of just leave it to Abe and then left, but Abe told him that Kang To hadn’t been back. Shonji sent Abe away and came in to have the lunch with Mok Dan. Abe came back with the headline in the newspaper about Gaksital and the fire incident. Shonji promised Mok Dan to find out more about the news and Gaksital.

Kang To and Baek Geon buried the departed family. Baek Geon was telling him about how Gaksital started, but Kang To asked to be alone. He was again recalling memories of his mother and brother. He cried out his brother’s name over and over again.

Konno was talking to Kimura in his office. He said he worried about Kang To. This upset Kimura that he said they’re supposed to care only for whether the mission to get Gaksital succeeded or not.

Kimura Taro gave the case of Gaksital to Kenji. Now their target was to get both Gaksital and Lee Kang To. The next day, Kenji went to the hospital but only found Abe was tightened to the chair, almost naked. Abe had released Mok Dan’s handcuff earlier after Shonji persuaded him. Kenji asked Abe about Kang To, but Abe knew nothing about him for the last two days.

Mok Dan tried to escape from the hospital first with Abe’s uniform then changed into a nurse’s uniform. Mok Dan almost succeeded until she came across the traitor girl. That girl called her name out loud. She got caught by Kenji and being tortured again. The traitor girl reported to the circus director about Mok Dan being caught Kenji. Mok Dan’s friend immediately informed Shonji. That man went in rush to the police station.

Kenji just started to feel releived hearing that KAng To’s mother was also burnt in the incident when suddenly Gaksital came to attack him. Kang To attacked Kenji without any mercy. He killed him. In the same time, Shonji came and witnessed the scene. His anger blew out and fought Gaksital. No matter how jerk your brother has been, he’s still your brother…at least that what Shonji thought.

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Joo Won looks really ugly when Kang To cried hysterically finding his mother was dead. However, that means he’s all out in his acting and I could imagine how big energy he had used for that scene. (hopefully only one take for that scene, if not, poor Joo Won). And seeing him with that mask..hmm, I don’t know if you notice it the way I do, but Joo Won has a very cute pair of lips and it’s quite distracting. (His eyes may change from puppy to scary, but his lips are cute no matter how). I mean, Gaksital’s image supposed to be perfectly manly and Shin Hyun Joon match it well, but Joo Won here…not that i’m saying he’s not good, but his lips are too good and cute to make Gaksital image as a tough mysterious character :mrgreen:

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