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Screening for “Invincible”

First time I saw this photo (above), I was not really concern about their movie. Instead, I was imagining what would’ve it felt if I had been there standing between Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Heon Because there was a little space between them in that picture, so I guess it would’ve felt like […]

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Cyrano Agency Soundtrack

I like Park Shin Hye’s voice. She sings nicely and I think in a quite simple way. After “You Are Beautiful”(2009), in Cyrano she also shows her ability to sing for the soundtrack. But this time she isn’t alone. She made a duet with Lee Min Jung, a fellow female cast in the movie. Lee […]

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Cyrano’s Trailer!!!

Cyrano Dating Agency that will be released this month has released a trailer. The trailer drove my curiousity about this movie and I can’t wait to watch it… Uhm Tae Woong looks cool with his white shirt, Choi Daniel looks clumsy and comical, Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Jung get prettier with their long […]


Lee Seung Gi on Big Screen?

Although the contract hasn’t been signed, Lee Seung Gi seemed to be positive to appear in the movie “Nothing Past the Western Front”. After the success of drama “Brilliant Legacy” (2009) and “My Girlfriend Is Gumiho” (2010), Lee Seung Gi trusted to perform on the big screen. But since he’s been busy as an actor […]

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Cyrano’s Men for Vogue

Not much different from Elle magazine, Vogue magazine presents black and white photographs for Cyrano‘s men (only for men). But this time, they look more manly and hot. Uhm, although looks messy but he looks more sexy, and I think, that style suited for Choi… [info and images source]

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Petty Romance after My Sweet Seoul

Yups .. after two years ago through drama “My Sweet Seoul” (2008), Lee Seon Gyun and Choi Kang Hee together again, this time in a movie project “Petty Romance” (쩨쩨한 로맨스). In this romantic comedy movie, Lee Seon Gyun role as a naïve-comic-maker, and Choi Kang Hee as fake sex columnist. this movie will be released […]

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Uhm as Holmes and Park as Watson

I like the concept presented by Elle magazine for a photo session Cyrano Dating Agency. Cyrano tells about “love detective” takes the theme of which is not much different, Sherlock Holmes, Doyle’s private detective. The roles, Uhm Tae Woong, Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Jung, and Choi Daniel appear in black and white photo wearing […]

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The Invincible’s Poster and Teaser

Remake from “A Better Tomorrow,” “The Invincible” which will debut on September, released its official poster and teaser, and of course, Joo Jin Mo and Song Seung Heon looks really cool. Although not a mob-movie-lovers, I intend to watch this movie, because its Joo Jin Mo ! Okay Rizz?! [>>Rizz: Okay!! never thought Joo Jin […]

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Storm Shadow Did Survive

Storm Shadow’s life at the end of the movie “GI Joe The Rise of The Cobra” was still a mystery. Whether or not his role ended when he fell into the endless pit or his samurai action still continuous? Based on Lee Byeong Heon’s statement during the press conference and screening of “I Saw The […]

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