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A Man From Nowhere Make a Hit in South Korea

As I’ve predicted and I was not surprised (because its Won Bin ), this movie top ranked local box office in its first week (debut on August 4). A Man From Nowhere succeed to attract 702.631 moviegoers until weekend, even though the rivals are quite tough, “Inception” (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and “Salt” (played by […]

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Wanna be a Client in Cyrano Dating Agency?

Cyrano Dating Agency ,100% success help its clients to get love. Confusing things happened when Byeong Hoon (Uhm Tae Woong), the owner, falling in love with Hee Joong (Lee Min Jung) as a target, and how about Sang Yong (Daniel Choi), his client? Maybe Min Yeong (Park Shin Hye), the master of love strategist can […]

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“Magic” (요술) from Goo Hye Seon

What a talented artist Goo Hye Seon is. Now she’s known not only as an actress, but also as a novelist (her novel “Tango”) and a movie director. On late June 2010, a movie “Magic” (요술 ) was released. It was a star-filled on the VIP premier. Famous names like Lee Min Ho, Choi Kang […]

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Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Drops from Their next Project

Son Ye Jin decided to withdraw from the production of “My Way” because of many changes taking place in terms of story and character that she would be played. Finally, because the feeling is different from what she expected at the beginning so she decided to drop from that production. After Son Ye Jin canceled […]


“The Man From Nowhere” Press Confrence

I hate Won Bin’s outfit when he attended “The Man From Nowhere” press confrence, held yesterday (July 8 2010) at Seoul Apgujeong-dong CGV. However, I like that he’s back to this haircut. Won Bin didn’t smile alot during the confrence, maybe they wanted to start building Tae Shik’s expresionless image on him as early as […]

Man of Vendetta

My friend recommended me this movie called “Man of Vendetta” (파괴된 사나이) or what was known as “The Destroyed Man”. On its debut release, last July 1st, in South Korean theaters nationwide, it topped all other Korean movies released on the same date. It’s the #2 box office just below “Shrek: Forever After”. It’s a […]


I Saw The Devil

Success with drama IRIS (2009) which was full of action, on 2010 Lee Byung Heon will appear in the thriller movie titled “I Saw The Devil”. Movie planned for release this summer, this movie about a secret agent who takes revenge for his fiancee’s death. In this movie, Lee Byung Heon’s acting possibility wouldn’t be […]


“Camellia” a Busan Movie Project

“Camellia” is an omnibus movie consists of three different stories the works of three different directors from three different countries: Korea, Japan, and Thailand.Besides having three distinct stories, each story takes a different setting, “Iron Pussy” directed by Wisit Sasanatieng, a Thai director, took the setting of the past around the 1970s. “Kamome”, directed by […]

Death Bell 2

The sequel from horror film “Death bell” is starring Kim Soo Ro and one of T-Ara personnel, Park Ji Yeon. Jiyeon who usually looks sweet and sexy, in this movie looks a little bit scary. It can be seen from one of the posters of “Death Bell 2”, she posed with a cold face and […]

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