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Lee Min Jung Becomes The Classy New Yorker for Marie Claire

Recently Lee Min Jung attented Theory fashion show on New York fashion week, now through  Marie Claire Lee Min Jung appears as Theory ambassador. She wears for 2012 W/F collection. On this pictorial, she looks darker and glamor. She transforms into the classy and modern new yorker. I think after she and her boyfriend, Lee […]

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BIG Episode 16 Quick Summary (Final)

Here we are finally in BIG final episode. It may be luring and seems to be brightly clear reaching the end…the writers chose “surprise”. But what kind of surprise, just wait a little while The episode starts with Da Ran declaration at the restaurant. “I love KKJ!” After that she took off her wedding ring […]

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Han Ga In Is Crowned As The Best Guest Actress on “Running Man”

Between July 2nd until 8th, one of the movie and entertainment site held a poll for the best actress who guested on “Running Man” lately. On July 9th the result revealed to the public. Han Ga In voted on the first place, shegot 484 votes from 1259 respondens or about 38,4%. Han Ga In appeared […]

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BIG Episode 2 Quick Summary

Gil Da Ran insisted Gyeong Joon to go back to the hospital to let the doctor explain what happened to him. But Gyeong Joon had his own way, simpler one, to explain to Da Ran how his soul was switched with Yoon Jae’s. He used robot toys with glasses to illustrate how it all happened. […]

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BIG Episode 1 Quick Summary

Big Episode 1 started with a girl who was running with a bouquet to someone’s wedding. She’s the florist delivery girl Gil Da Ran. Apparently the bride was her old friend and all her girl friends were there. She’s the only one who wasn’t invited to the wedding. But Da Ran didn’t take it a big […]

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The Brightly Gong Yoo on “Big” (빅) Press Conference

On May 29th was held press conference of KBS’s new rom-com “Big” (빅), the whole cast came to that event, they were Gong Yoo, Lee Min Jung, Bae Suzy, and more. For Lee Min Jung and Bae Suzy, they both are pretty and almost perfect, but this time so sorry for you girls because referring […]

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“Big” Pretty-Cocky Couple Shows Up on Poster

Actually i’m really hectic these days, drowning on my homeworks, but this is Gong Yoo guys!!!…so I willingly dropped my terrible homeworks for a while. Only Gong Yoo can distract my busy weeks…just because he is too cute to be missed. On May 28, KBS’s new rom-com drama “Big” published the main poster, which shows […]

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Gong Yoo – Lee Min Jung, The Cute Couple from Big (빅)

KBS’s up-coming drama “Big” shared the still of the main couple, Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung, they posed so cute and meaningful.  Oh my dear God, Gong Yoo is so cute, he looks adorable with that expression, the glasses, and especially the shock Life of  an ordinary teacher, Gil Da Ran (Lee Min Jung) […]

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Gong Yoo in His Teenager Body for “Big” (빅)

More photos of Gong Yoo’s character on new rom-com drama “Big” (빅) are revealed. As i wrote before, for this drama Gong Yoo takes double roles, as the 30 years old loveable doctor, Seo Yoon Jae and 18 years old reckless student high school, Kang Kyung Joon. Kyung Joon got an accident that makes his […]

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