Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10 Summary

Se Gyeong burst into Tommy’s office saying that she’s not gonna give and ask him to give up instead. Seung Jo kept waiting for her by the river and it took Ah Jeong’s call for Se Gyeong to remember that Seung Jo was still there.

When Se Gyeong came back, Seung Jo couldn’t wait to ask her if she’s gonna accept his love confession or not. Se Gyeong said yes. The nervous spectators finally could cheer.


And unlike any new couple where it was the man who walked the woman to the front door of her house, it was Se Gyeong who walked Seung Jo to the front of his apartment building.

Next day, Seung Jo picked up Se Gyeong at the office as they promised. Seung Jo was going to bring her to Paris like right then, he had prepared everything and even brought her to the airport. He had texted Ah Jeong to put in Se Gyeong’s passport in her bag at night…but the problem was, Se Gyeong had none.  So they just spent the day just like any new couples: taking pictures (best photobox pics ever^^), eating out…and tea drinking in the special place.


Seung Jo brought her to the tea place and sat in front of two paintings. “They’re my graduation project, the painting,” he told Se Gyeong. Then he told Se Gyeong about his life in Paris. He told her that he met a woman there and it was not his father who abandoned him, but it was him who gave up everything. That’s when he started to live a very hard life in Paris, not being able to come back. He started to have money when his painting was bought by someone for 30,000 euro. That’s when he started to walk the path to Artemis.
Then Se Gyeong thought it was the right time for her to tell Seung Jo her true feelings and the truth of almost everything. But Seung Jo was scared,so he told her to just wait for him to show her everything he was first then she could show him everything she was. This time, it was Seung Jo who drove Se Gyeong to her house. Yoon Joo was watching the scene from a far.

At home, Seung Jo prepared the red usb he’s been hesitating to give Se Gyeong in the red envelope. I think he had put a file that would show Se Gyeong his bleak past and his real relationship with his father.

In Hwa’s hope to get Seung Jo was getting higher as Tommy became her supporter…her Mr.Rabbit. Tommy even approached Seung Jo’s father to spread the idea of getting much closer to Shin family and what it would do good for the business.

Seung Jo received an invitation to Royal Group department store charity sale event.

Then in the Artemis department store where they’s still in the opening period of the collaboration event of Artemis and GN, Mr.Cha asked Seung Jo to eat out together…in a very weirdly awkward but hilarious way. They went to a sushi place and even before they start eating, they already argue about soy sauce. Then Mr.Cha tried to bring up Han Se Gyeong topic between them,but it just ruined the event more because it led to a longer debate between him and Seung Jo.

Dong Wook asked why Seung Jo had not yet send the usb to Se Gyeong. Seung Jo was nervous and worried about the answer she might give him after she knew the real story about him.

Yoon Joo was drunk at home and then called Se Gyeong. Se Gyeong told Yoon Joo that she would confess her feeling to ‘that man’ and be honest to him about everything, but Yoon Joo insisted her not to do it if she really wanted her plan to be successful. Yoon Joo was almost screaming saying “No, you can’t do that! Don’t confess!”


Se Gyeong’s little sister gave her a post from Seung Jo. It’s a red envelope with a red usb inside.

In the same time at the apartment complex, Seung Jo got a guest…a close neighbor: Yoon Joo. She came to him with already a shaking condition. She told him that what had happened between them was all his fault, none of them was hers. It was him who decided to give up everything for the sake of love between them. Such childish action that ruined everything.  Seung Jo told Yoon Joo how the whole thing wounded him so deeply and how hard his life had been that he waited patiently to meet her again to show her that he survive. However at the end, he apologized to Yoon joo for all mistakes he had done.

In the video, Seung Jo told Se Gyeong everything about him: his hard life, his past in Paris and how he had to sign a contract with his father that he wouldn’t take any penny from the old man and how his life had been so crazily hard after that. He showed Se Gyeong that he’s so far from a perfect person. He even shared his password to Se Gyeong that no one else in this world know, but he and her now. Se Gyeong was touched and moved that she rushed to Seung Jo’s place to confess her feeling and be honest to him about everything so they could have a real relationship.

But there Yoon Joo saw her running to Seung jo’s place so she tried to catch Se Gyeong. Yoon Joo caught Se gyeong when she almost hit Seung Jo’s door bell and dragged her out of the building again. She prevented Se Gyeong from being honest to Seung Jo. Se Gyeong wondered what made Yoon Joo act like this and how she could find her this far. Yoon Joo finally told her that she’s Seung Jo’s ex-wife, the woman who lived with him in Paris. She said Seung Jo had been left by two women in his life twice that he got so depress after what she had done…I dunno, she mentioned that Seung Jo got PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). And if Seung Jo had to find the truth about what Se Gyeong had done to him in the first place, he could die because of disappointment and frustration. What he needed was a belief that women could love him sincerely…with no other intention whatsoever. So Se Gyeong had to keep her secret, ever.


Seung Jo who got the text earlier from Se Gyeong that she’s coming, waited for Se Gyeong on the street. He finally met Se Gyeong who was actually on her way back. Seung Jo excitedly asked if she could except him with whatever he was: his wounded heart, his past, his father. Se Gyeong looked down and all she could say just “Yes” and “yes” to every questions Seung Jo asked her. Seung Jo could see she’s a bit ‘not cheerful’ so he asked if she’s okay or if she’s sick or something, Se Gyeong said she’s fine. Then they make another date promise for the next day.

It was the Royal Charity Bazaar at Royal Department Store. The whole Shin family was there, except for Yoon Joo, as well as Tommy and of course Royal Group President, Mr.Cha. Other chaebol ladies start to bring up the topic that how good it would be if Mr.Cha’s son would be couple with Shin In Hwa. Shin’s family’s hope was high, and of course In Hwa too. But then suddenly Seung Jo showed up before them with Se Gyeong in his hand.

Seung Jo straightly and bravely his father without any hesitation and said to him, “I have someone to introduce to you. My girlfriend, Han Se Gyeong. Say hi, this is my father. Father, i’m gonna get married.”


Well well….yeah like i said before, this drama has too much of the typical of kdrama plot line. It’s a bit cheesy i think when a man so madly in love with a girl that he just dated a couple time but then introduced her to his father as….future wife??  Not that fast, please.

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  1. Thank u very much… for the mariage i think that in his case it’s normal to want it right away.. We musn’t forget that he was someone who had give up on “life” and especially in love so when he find it again, he can let it go and must keep it by all means…
    PS : sorry for my english i’m french

  2. Hazlina Kamaruddin

    surprise, surprise I did not anticipate the bomshell SJ drop in front of everybody concerned My assumption the plot will be more challenging I am looking forward for what is install for the next coming episodes

  3. this always happens…the guy or the girl rush into declaring their love only to find out that the other deceived them somehow. and then the other has to spend time earning back that trust they lost…but sj is adorable!! i love this drama!! =)

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