Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 11 Quick Summary

Everyone was shock by Seung Jo’s sudden announcement. Mr.Cha was furious to his son. Shin family was blaming on Tommy’s failure on the match making.

Mr.Cha still thought that Seung Jo’s feelings to Se Gyeong was not sincere. He just did it to challenge his father. But Seung Jo defended Se Gyeong till the end. He sent Se Gyeong out side the room but the voices of father and son’s fight was too loud to ignore. Se Gyeong just waited there, had no idea what to do. Then Shin In Hwa went out and congratulated her.

Tommy got a great insult from Shin family. He was about to approach Se gyeong, but thankfully Seung Jo came out and brought her away.

Tommy was a big loser that day. But soon he got a report from his spy that the mysterious woman who stood in front of Se Gyeong’s house was Seo Yoon Joo. So he finally found out the relation betwen Yoon Joo and Seung Jo.

Seung Jo shared his childhood hard life with his father after his mother left them. He said his father taught him that there’s no such a thing as sincere love, not to believe in love. But Seung Jo has made his decision. He bent on his knees, handed out a ring and proposed her officially.At that time, a call from Tommy came in. Se Gyeong was panic. She asked for a time and ran into the toilet to take Tommy’s call. He sent a record of her and Yoon Joo’s conversation when Yoon Joo told her about she was Seung Jo’s ex-wife.
Tommy wouldn’t let Se Gyeong had a peace in her life.

Seung Jo who worried about Se Gyeong knocked the door and then talked to her from behind the door. He said Se Gyeong was his house now, the house that he thought it never existed before.

Se Gyeong went out of the toilet. She straightly said to Seung Jo, “If one day I disappear from you, please say ‘i’m gonna die’, doesn’t matter if it’s just a lie.” Seung jo was confused, but Se Gyeong continued. “But later don’t really do it. Promise me.”  Seung Jo promised her that if Se Gyeong disappeared from his life, he’d be dead. Then Se Gyeong accepted Seung Jo’s ring. She said, “I promise you too. If one day you go away from me, I would look for you. No matter what, I would never let you go.”


Se Gyeong asked Yoon Joo to come down and meet her. Se Gyeong showed her the video Tommy had sent her. Yoon Joo was so shock. She said people were making women like them live in hell. Se Gyeong said to Yoon Joo that it’s her own fault that she dump everything she had with Seung Jo. Se Gyeong said she wouldn’t be like her. She said love and business could go along with each other.
“Keeping love is business too,” said Se Gyeong. “Keeping Cha Seung Jo’s love is my business from now on. I’m gonna do it by marrying him.” Then Se Gyeong said she would walk this path with Yoon Joo beside her…a situation that is rare in this world, where the future wife is in ally with the ex-wife of her fiance.

Shin in Hwa was meeting Tommy hong. Then she was left alone for awhile because Tommy had another guest. In Hwa saw a stack of files on the table right in front of her, one of them labelled Cha Seung Jo. Then accidentally she saw the video on Tommy’s ipad. She saw Yoon Joo and Se Gyeong. She was about to play it, but thankfully Tommy’s secretary came in, so she immediately excused herself.

It was Se Gyeong who came to meet Tommy. She challenged Tommy to take side.


Seung Jo was excitedly planning their new life with Se Gyeong in Paris. Se Gyeong got a text from Mr.Cha, summoning her for an interogation. Mr.Cha of course gave her a tough time,but Se Gyeong stayed strong.


Shin In Hwa could not stop thinking about the picture she saw in Tommy’s ipad. The thought of her sister in-law and Se Gyeong had had a what seemed like a secret meeting disturbed her.

Se Gyeong came to meet Mr.Cha once again. This time her mission was to persuade Mr.Cha to soften his own heart to accept Seung Jo. She brought all her drawings from her childhood until present time and also her pictures.

Tommy hong finally decided to take se Gyeong’s side. When he came back to his office, Shin In Hwa was there. This time Tommy got a delivery package so he had to leave Shin In Hwa alone again. This time In Hwa made a quick action by switching the ipad so she could take Tommy’s and searched for the file in the toilet. And right before Tommy came back to her, she was already back and switched the ipad again.


Seung Jo came to Han family to ask for the parents’ bless for their marriage plan. Mr.Han said he couldn’t give his bless. He was worried about Se Gyeong because she had been a very tough life. It’s kind of a rush.
Se Gyeong said maybe the best way for them now is to get Mr.Cha’s blessing first.

Seung Jo decided to come to family annual service for his father’s side of family’s ancestor. His father was being nice to him. Se Gyeong waited for Seung Jo in the car and was proud of what he had done.

In Hwa finally watched the video and found out the dark secret between Yoon Joo and Se Gyeong.



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