Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Quick Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice this episode started where it ended in the previous episode, at the bridal. Tommy Hong burst into the fitting room which made Seung Jo asked, “What brings you here?”

Tommy’s excuse was that he wanted to congratulate Seung Jo personally. He gave Se Gyeong a sign and Se Gyeong got it, so she distracted Seung Jo and Tommy managed to take Seung Jo’s phone then put it back to its place with another excuse.

The frustrated Yoon Joo came first to Tommy’s office, then Se Gyeong came too. Yoon Joo and Tommy explained to Se Gyeong what Shin In Hwa had been trying to do to both of them. While they’re still discussing for the solution, the devil suddenly showed up. Yoon Joo kneeled before In Hwa, but that stern woman had no mercy…for anyone.


She’s going to reveal the truth.But Se Gyeong challenged her by saying that she and them actually had no difference. In Hwa was trying to get Seung Jo also for business reason, the differences between them are just their way to get him and the fact that In Hwa was rich and Se Gyeong was poor.In Hwa showed no fear, and instead took the challenge as another way to bring Se Gyeong’s down. Yoon Joo ended up blaming Se Gyeong for everything.

Mr.Cha seemed to be very touched to what Se Gyeong had done to change Seung Jo and their father-son relationship that’s getting better. He decided to stop by the bakery and had a conversation with Mr.Han. They apologized to each other and Mr.Cha asked Mr.Han to reconsider Seung Jo.


Se Gyeong was with Seung Jo in his apartment when each of them got a call from a “switch” father. Mr.Cha summoned Se Gyeong while Mr.Han asked to meet Seung Jo. Se Gyeong and Seung Jo asked for themselves and went different ways but ended up meeting in the same place. They found their fathers were in a karaoke place, singing together, hand to shoulder. When the kids showed up, Mr.Han started to call Seung Jo “son in-law” while Mr.Cha started to call Mr.Han “In-law.”


Mr.Cha thanked Se Gyeong while watching Seung Jo and Mr.Han singing. And the big moment was when the father and son awkwardly sang together Mr.Sinatra’s “My Way.” Inside their heart, they’re happy since it’s their first time doing something like this together. Mr.Cha invited both Seung jo and Se Gyeong for dinner together.


This situation was getting harder for Se Gyeong. The more the “happiness” upon her, the more she’s burdened and unhappy. It’s only Tommy Hong whom she could talk to and who asked if she’s okay or not.

Se Gyeong was meeting Yoon Joo to ask what happend when she left Seung Jo in Paris.She told Se Gyeong to ask Dong Wook about it more.

Yoon joo came to visit her husband in the office, planning to make a confession. But it was cut by In Hwa. She cut their conversation not to help Yoon Joo of course, but it was because this way was not in her plan. In Hwa wanted to bring the two women down in her way. Yoon Joo’s worries was a little lessen by her husband’s soothing confort.

In Hwa went to Mr.Cha to show the video. Mr.Cha saw it calmly. Then he said he wanted their business partnership to get over. That really struck in Hwa in the face.


Se Gyeong and Mr.Cha came the room where Seung Jo did his hobby on animation figure and crafting. At first he talked very fatherly, but then he rised his voice as he told Se Gyeong that Shin In Hwa came to him. He asked Se Gyeong to keep everything a secret for the rest of her live for the sake of Seung Jo. Then Mr.Cha was sending Se Gyeong and he and his son were drinking together. It’s hard for him that his son’s happiness has to be shadowed by a lie foundation.


Se Gyeong shared her story to Tommy Hong. Se Gyeong said that everything now would be okay as long as she shut her mouth up for the rest of her live. But Tommy instead told her to go to Paris as his first offer to her. The costs would be on him. He did it because he was worried of Se Gyeong’s live in the future if one day a big trouble came related to this secret. Se Gyeong refused to do that because she was sure that she’s not gonna fail.

Tommy Hong shared Se gyeong’s story to Yoon Joo while Se Gyeong was coming to have a meeting with Dong Wook. Then Tommy Hong got a shocking news that Shin in hwa was on her way to a private meeting with Seung Jo, that was suppose to be attended by Yoon Joo’s husband instead. And Shin In Hwa really did show the video to Seung Jo. Surprisingly, Seung Jo made a smile on his face asking, “What is this? That two people I know in this video.”



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