Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 15 Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice this episode just straightly started from the tense in the airport after Se Gyeong said what she said in the previous episode. Seung Jo said he had seen everything. Se Gyeong said not Han Se Gyeog he had seen all this time, but the real her… her true feelings. She said she wouldn’t runaway, so Seung Jo couldn’t go. Se Gyeong said if  he went away, he would die, that’s what everyone said. “Who said so? Seo Yoon Joo?” asked Seung Jo. “Dong Wook and your father,too.” Seung Jo was upset that it meant everyone  thought he’s such a little kid. “I’m not gonna die!” he insisted. But no one would let him go. Seung Jo was almost literally dragged to the car by Dong wook and Secretary Moon. At home, Seung Jo was welcomed by his father.Seung Jo kicked everyone out of his apartement for he’s so sick that everyone worrying him like worrying a kid.

Meanwhile Se Gyeong also got a trouble coming back home. Her parents had got the news. Her mother asked if what they heard was true and Se Gyeong could only say sorry. Her mother was frustrated not believing what she heard, but her father seemed to have a little understanding.


Seung Jo tried to investigate everything further. He started by asking Secretary Moon. He asked when (what month, date, time) Ah Jeong told him that Se Gyeong had a feeling for Secretary Kim. Secretary Moon said it’s December 24th. And he also told seung Jo that on that moment, he also told Ah jeong that Secretary Kim was actually him, President Cha.

Se Gyeong was having a conversation with Ah JEong saying that she’s going to meet Seung Jo everyday to do her mission. But suddenly someone knocked on the door and it was Seung Jo. He confidently said that he got a solid proof that Se Gyeong had already known about Secretary Kim was him before the xmas party. Se Gyeong then told him that it was the time when she was going to use him as Mr.Rabbit, just use him for bringing her to Cheongdamdong society, just like Mr.Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland story. But she said the fact that she liked Secretary Kim was true.She asked why he couldn’t trust himself in accepting that he actually knew when Se gyeong’s feeling was changing from the moment he acted as Secretary Kim and then being himself. He said he didn’t know that.

In the morning, again, Seung Jo impatiently knocking at Se Gyeong’s room. He was asking about the topic of “What the heck is Mr.Rabbit?” Then he knew that it all started when she started to be the stylist. Seung Jo brought the bunny dolls. Se Gyeong was about to dump all of them to the trash when he complained that on that day she said she felt grateful for him, “Was that true?” “That’s your homework.” Se Gyeong said it’s his time to see everything by himself, since all this time he just saw what he wanted to see and heard what he wanted to hear. He needs to give himself a trust that he could see the real truth by himself.


Seung Jo remembered about the letter, he came to her again asking about it. Then Se Gyeong brought him to the spot where she broke up with Seo In Chan. She told him the reason why she wanted to go to Cheongdamdong in the first place and how the world was such a desperate place for someone like her. “So you broke up with a man who had no money and got a man who had lots of money, and use him?” Se Gyeong didn’t deny it. And then Seung Jo right guessed her that she thought she could keep both love and money at the same time. Se Gyeong admitted it.


Se Gyeong was summoned by Mr.Cha. He asked Se Gyeong to really break up with Seung Jo this time, but Se Gyeong said she wouldn’t do that. She brought up the topic of the painting Seung Jo had painted before he worked for Artemis. Se Gyeong said she wouldn’t do what Yoon Joo had done to Seung Jo, leaving him and did what Mr.Cha asked her to. “I love Seung Jo,” she said it firmly.

Coming to the office, Se Gyeong got her box ready. She was kicked out from GN. Se Gyeong told In hwa that she’s not giving up yet both in her dream and in Seung Jo.


Yoon Joo was given the last chance by her husband to stay as her wife. “Get Cha Seung Jo,”he said, that’s her condition. He said since it’s been business for her from the first time, so she had to take responsible in the ruined business. He kind of wanted her to walk the path consistently as her consequence.


Tommy got the news already about Se Gyeong’s being fired by GN and he’s on the way to pick her up. In the same time, the still-curious Seung Jo was already in front of GN to look for se Gyeong. Then he saw Tommy picked her up and tailed them to the place where Tommy brought Se Gyeong to: his office.


Se Gyeong asked if he regreted taking her side, he said surely. But he and Yoon Joo kind of touched by her self confidence and fighting spirit.

Then Seung Jo came to visit Tommy, asking “Who’s Han Se Gyeong?” What he’s actually asking was what Han Se Gyeong was for Tommy. Then Tommy told him that he’s helping Se Gyeong to enter Cheongdamdong, but not as her Mr.Rabbit. He told Seung Jo that at first he was helping Shin In Hwa,but then seeing Se Gyeong’s fightingspirit he changed his side. He probably had no idea about other things, but one thing he knew about Se Gyeong, “She was sincere.”

Tommy just called Se Gyeong that Seung Jo visited him and Se gyeong said Seung Jo would come to look fo her, and yes he was there knocking at the door. “Since when you knew that Seo Yoon Joo was my ex-wife?” Se Gyeong said the day she saw his usb, she actually had known about Yoon Joo. but at the end, she decided to accept his proposal. Se Gyeong told him that for her kind of people, there’s no such a world on their side no matter how hard she’s making an effort. But Seung Jo insisted that he’s been through a lot of pain in the past and Se Gyeong knew it. But Se Gyeong said he still got someone to trust to, but she didn’t. Se Gyeong brought up the topic about his paintings. and then she also asked if all this time he kept blaming himself for all the pain he got in this life that everything had been wrong since the beginning. Seung Jo said sort of, and Se gyeong couldn’t hold her tears and just walked back inside her room crying.

Dong Wook visited Seung Jo and asked him what whe would do with Se Gyeong. Surprisingly, Seung Jo said actually he’s thankful to her though it hurts. But there’s no way for them to get back together. Then he’s still wondering why Se Gyeong took the meaning of his paintings differently. then he wondered who had looked for him through that painting. It was true that someone, an anonymous person had bought the painting 3000 euro. He actually had someone in his mind…but he saw the probability as almost impossible: his father. In the same time, Mr.Cha was coming to visit the painting. He remembered the day when he had bought that painting but decided to give it away.


That night, Seung Jo was walking around Se Gyeong’s house while Se Gyeong was walking around SEung Jo’s apartment. They went to visit each other but they hesitated. Seung Jo even slept in the car in front of Se gyeong’s place. He tailed her that day, watching her looking for a job. He kind of understood why people wanted so much to be in Cheongdamdong society.

Yoon Joo visited Seung Jo. Seung Jo asked if she got divorced. Yoon Joo told him that she got the last chance. Seung Jo said he would help her if there’s something he could do related to her last chane. Yoon Joo hesitated and finally said nothing. She decided not to help her husband by no more making use of Seung Jo.

At the same time, Dong Wook was visiting Secretary Moon explaining to him about Seung jo and Se Gyeong’s condition, though not in detail. But actually there’s one thing he wanted to ask that secretary: if he knew who had bought the 3000 euro-worth painting. Secretary Moon found no difficulty in answering: it must be Mr.Cha.

Seung Jo also asked Yoon joo if she was the one who had bought his painting back then. Yoon Joo said of course it wasn’t her and the real person was so obvious. “It was your father,” she said.

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Dialogue in this episode is very hard to be translated, but hope you guys get the big idea. I understand that the painting is somehow important as well as Seung Jo’s relationship with his dad, but still I didn’t get the detail..



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