Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 12 Quick Summary

As we saw in the end of previous Cheongdamdong Alice’s episode, Cha Seung Jo made a great surprise to the Cha family by showing up in the family’s annual service for the ancestor. Mr.Cha, even though he didn’t really show it nor say it, he was happy. And of course Seung Jo was also happy and Se Gyeong was proud of him.


On the side of the city, in Shin’s house, In Hwa finally watched the video she stole from Tommy ipad and found out her sister in-law’s dark secret. But she didn’t reveal it to her brother straight away.


Seung Jo and Se Gyeong decided to hold a family meeting, both side of the family. Mr.Cha and Mr.Han both agreed for the plan.  But when the two finally meet each other…hmm just like you could guess: it was a fight straight away. Mr.Han knew from Seung Jo’s story what a mess his relationship with his father. The result was Mr.Han was opposing Seung Jo and Se gyeong’s marriage plan.


Se Gyeong apologized for the inconvenient situation to Mr.Cha, as well as not telling them in advance that they actually had known each other. But she also said that both Seung Jo and Mr.Cha had made mistakes, so each of them had to apologize to each other. Seung Jo hesitated at first, but finally he could say, “S..ssss….sorry-yo.” (adding affix -yo is an honorific form of speaking). And Mr.Cha,as he was persuaded by Se Gyeong, said, “Meee tooo,” in his way.


Tommy Hong was having a meeting with Yoon Joo. He told her that he was in Se Gyeong’s side and would help her. Yoon Joo asked why he agreed to help Se Gyeong, “Do you like her?” Tommy said for whatever reason, he’s in the same boat.


Shin In Hwa started to investigate her sister in-law. Actually when Yoon Joo was in In Hwa’s office, a fax showing detail information about Yoon Joo arrived. Yoon Joo almost saw it, but unfortunately Yoon Joo came and took it.Yoon Joo finally found out that Royal Group President Mr.Cha also knew Yoon Joo.

Mr.Cha seemed to be touched by Se Gyeong. He decided to visit Tommy to find out what kind of woman Han Se gyeong was. Tommy said that Seung Jo’s feelings for Se Gyeong was sincere, as well as Se Gyeong’s.

President Shin came home from Paris.During family’s lunch together, Shin In Hwa provoked Yoon Joo by bringing the same case ipad as the one Tommy had.

Tommy Hong was trying to find out who had sent him the painting he received during Shin In Hwa’s visit.

Shin In Hwa was just about to speak in front of the family, about something that is related to one of her ipad’s files. But right at that time, Yoon Joo’s husband’s phone rang. The call was about the arrival of Mr.Robero, the owner of Artemis, I suppose.
Yoon Joo worried about the ipad, but she tried to be positive. But then In Hwa approached her and brought up the topic that made Yoon Joo shaking.


Seung Jo planned to introduce Se Gyeong to this Mr.Robero, who was just like a father for him. Se Gyeong was worried, but Seung Jo assured her not to worry about anything and he agreed to help Se Gyeong. He did give a thorough introduction about this Mr.Robero to Se Gyeong: from his hobby to the he favors.

Tommy called Se Gyeong and brought him to a bookstore. It’s part of his way to support Se Gyeong making good impression.

Yoon Joo visited Tommy and told him about the same ipad Shin In Hwa had with her. They both tried to figure out what really In Hwa’s intention.

Secretary Moon was in the middle of making a report to Seung Jo when suddenly he got a call. He’s talking to someone he addressed as “Samonim (Madam/ Company president’s wife).” Seung Jo asked whom he’s addressing “Samonim”. “It’s Han Se Gyeong,” said Secretary Moon. Seung Jo complained that Secretary Moon refused to share with him what business he had with Se Gyeong, but he lunatically like the idea of Se Gyeong became his “samonim” already. Se Gyeong prepared so well for the meeting with Mr.Robero. She tried so hard to make a good impression in front of Mr.Robero as Seung Jo’s fiance. She bought a very classy black dress that Seung Jo really approved.

Se Gyeong did a very good job introducing herself to Mr.Robero as the smart and beautiful fiance of Jean Thierry Cha. First she made a good impression with the very special wine Seung Jo had introduced her as Mr.Robero’s favorite, but Se Gyeong had drawn her own art work on the label sticker of the wine. Mr.Robero really liked it. Then Se Gyeong presented herself very well and very impressive, in front of Shin family, Mr.Cha and the reporters.Se Gyeong didn’t forget to always try to bring Mr.Cha get closer to his son. And Mr.Cha did look so proud of both his own son and Se Gyeong.

In another place, Yoon Joo found a drawing she found very familiar…the pattern drawing Tommy had. And in the same time, Tommy got a call from Yoon Joo, sounded very threatening. And his assistant also informed him that the painting was sent from GN office. Tommy called Se Gyeong to tell her that Shin In Hwa sounded strange, but Se Gyeong was busy in the bridal. Then Tommy tried to call Yoon Joo, but her husband suddenly came home, so she didn’t accept it. Her husband put his phone on the table and then went into another room. Yoon Joo saw a message arrived in her husband’s phone. She decided to pick it up and found that In hwa sent the video. She managed to erase it. But then the problem left was most critical: Se Gyeong. She was busy fitting her weddind dress so could not pick up any phone from either Tommy or Yoon Joo. Tommy decided to run to the bridal to “save” Se Gyeong.

Seung Jo was impatient waiting for Se Gyeong in her wedding dress. A new message arrived. He actually opened it, but soon ignored it as Se Gyeong showed up in front of him looked gorgeously stunning in her wedding dress. The video was playing, but he already left the phone and approached Se Gyeong. In the mean time, Tommy Hong made it to the fitting room where Se Gyeong and Seung Jo was. He saw the phone and the video, but it’s on the other side of the room. Se Gyeong finally realized Tommy’s presence and saw the look in his eyes, something was not alright.



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It’s just episode 12 but the tense was very high already that it seems like the story is about to reach climax soon…hmmm I don’t have a good feeling about it. I sense that Seung Jo finally find out about the secret anyhow…so the rest of the episodes are about this couple’s struggle to get reunite? Well, it’s just my guess…


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