Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 16 Summary (Final)

Se Gyeong and Tommy were wondering what was the ending of Alice in Wonderland story. Se Gyeong said it’s the dream and Alice woke up. Meanwhile Yoon Joo told Seung Jo that the person who got his paintings were his father. SEung Jo still try to deny it, but Yoon Joo said he’s the son of a chaebol, his father wouldn’t ever let him stay that long crawling at the bottom.


Seung Jo rushed to the gallery where his paintings used to be displayed. But it wasn’t there anymore because the original buyer just got it back again. Seung Jo immediately looked for his father in the office, but his father as well as the paintings weren’t there. Until he walked the corridor than he found them hanging between a big door. Suddenly Mr.Cha came and Seung Jo finally could ask the question. “Did you bought these paintings?” Mr.Cha didn’t deny it at all, so Seung Jo asked why he had done it. Seung Jo was kind of disappointed to the fact that what brought him to the position he’s now was not his own great effort,but his father made a great contribution in it. Se Gyeong’s point was so simple, for people like Seung Jo, no matter how hard his life was, he couldn’t erase the fact that his the son of a very rich father so help to climb up again and be successful would definitely come. And she’s right. Seung Jo had to understand that no matter how he had let go of his father and his fortune long ago, his father would always be a father who loved his son.


Se Gyeong got a text from Yoon Joo. In the text, Yoon joo wondered what both of their lives would be had they not met each other months ago. She said Se Gyeong would probably run a different life,but hers would likely to be like what she’s facing now. So she didn’t blame Se Gyeong for everything that happened because she kind of knew that sooner or later this kind of situation would come to her anyway. But she wouldn’t give up. She would always find a way back.

Yoon Joo came to her husband just to bravely ask for a divorce. She’s no longer the same person as she used to be. And she enjoyed it when she came across In hwa on the way telling her that she’s getting a divorce, so the business issue was then left to In Hwa’s shoulder.


Dong Wook found Seung Jo buried himself in the solitude in his room, only in the companion of a couple bottles of alcohol. Dong Wook reported the situation to Mr.Cha, so Mr.Cha text Se Gyeong to ask for help. Seung Jo woke up dizzy and with an illusion seeing the much younger him crying in the hand of a lady who’s likely to be his mother. Se Gyeong came to help him. Seung Jo admitted what Se gyeong said was right and he just told her to go. But Se Gyeong back hugged him, telling him that she came because she missed him. She said she couldn’t live in the world without him. “If this’s not love, then what is love?” Seung Jo turned around and Se gyeong said the three words, “I love you.” And they both hug and cry together.


BUT, it was also just a dream. When he woke up, Se gyeong did come. He cynically asked why she’s here,but the real Se gyeong had a different reason why she’s there. This Se Gyeong had lost her confidence in loving Seung Jo while he had thought that Se gyeong would take another way to love him. “This is our break up moment, isn’t it? So untill here. Take care of yourself.” Seung Jo was supposed to be more upset, but strangely, he felt at peace.


Everyone moved on their lives.Se Gyeong was meeting Ah Jeong, discussing what had happened with Se Gyeong.
Se Gyeong said that in this world there’s no such a thing as 100% love and people couldn’t exclude any one’s quality to just love one of them. Ah Jeong said she was true that in this world there’s no such a thing as 100% love and everyone knows it but no one every say it and just live with it. And Ah Jeong slipped her tongue telling Se gyeong that she’s now an item with Secretary Moon.

In the Artemis office, Seung jo was visited by his father. Their relationship had been much better that they could talk about business and Mr.Cha could talked comfortably about his worries as a father. Seung Jo that day was having an interview for new employers, there’re 10 candidates. She saw a familiar name: Se Gyeong, but it turned out to be a Shin, not Han. Han Se Gyeong was applying to another company, also was undergoing a job interview. Interestingly, Seung Jo found a quite similar economic situation between Shin Se Gyeong with Se Gyeong he knew. That Se gyeong also made the similar effort with Han Se gyeong in terms of showing herself in an expensive look for a job interview because the real fact is people do judge someone from their appearance and what they wear.

Meanwhile in Han Se Gyeong’s job interview, she’s almost got a D mark for her lack of abroad experience but then changed into an A mark as soon as she showed them that she used to be the personal stylist for Artemis’ Jean Thierry Cha and they recognised her as Seung Jo’s ex-fiancee.

Se Gyeong was still hanging out with Tommy. He brought her the book of ALice in Wonderland. He said Se Gyeong was wrong. Alice wasn’t fully dreaming as she woke up only halfway. In that situation, that meant ALice believed that it’s half a dream and as long as she kept it that way, she would live believing that the dream was half real.


Seung Jo was trying to move on too,but still the thought of Se gyeong lingered. And on the way, he saw Yoon Joo. she’s no more the classy Yoon Joo, just the simple woman Yoon Joo who lived in a simple apartment. She brought him to her apartment. Yoon Joo ignored Seung Jo’s question of what her last chance to keep the marriage. She just asked him back about his relationship with Se Gyeong. He told her that she ran away because she had no prove to show him that she actually loved him.
Yoon Joo said that she knew them both well. She said Se Gyeong was not the type who would run away facing any difficulty in life, while Seung jo might think he had changed but he’s actully still having doubt to other people. “It must be you who sent her away,” said Yoon Joo. “I was not. Not even in my dreamm…” Then he realized that the dream when he had Se Gyeong said “i love you” to him might not be a dream at all. What we didn’t see on the next scene after they hugged was that Seung Jo did ask Se Gyeong to prove to him that she really loved him. Se Gyeong had no idea how she should prove him that she loved him sincerely other than the fact that she liked him as Secretary Kim, even as Cha Seung jo and the fact that she felt so guilty towards him. Seung Jo remembered that he ignored the list Se Gyeong showed him which indicate her true feelings towards him.


SEung Jo rushed to Se Gyeong’s place, but she’s not there, only the sister. He went in to Se Gyeong’s room and search for the list. And he did find it and understood Se Gyeong’s true feelings.

Se Gyeong finally got a job in a design team of a design company called Huluck. In her heart she was still thankfull to Seung jo because of the fact that she still could use him even after they broke up.Se Gyeong said she finally woke up from a dream and she wouldn’t go back there but to continue living her real life. But there she found Cha Seung Jo was standing right in front of her on her way out from office.
At first Seung jo didn’t admit that he came to find her. But he immediately complained as Se gyeong didn’t try to catch him. In the mean time, Se Gyeong tried to convince herself that she’s no more dreaming nor getting back to the dream.
Seung jo said that wouldn’t let her go, nor he’s running away. He didn’t care anymore which Han Se Gyeong he liked, the Candy one or the changed one. He just liked Han Se gyeong who’s standing in front of him. And it was Seung jo who first embraced her. They both realized that there’s no such a thing as a perfect love, but they both would work hard for that.
And then Seung jo said he had something he wanted to tell her since long ago. It turned out to be a love confession in a witty way, which was quoting Winston Churchill about what immature and mature love. “I love you because I need you, Se Gyeong.” Then he kissed her, right there.


Tommy Hong finally met Yoon Joo in front of a shopping place.When they finally had a conversation, Tommy asked why she didn’t use her chance to stay at Cheongdamdong. Yoon Joo said that she got angry to those people so the only way to destruct them was through destroying their billion’s of won-worth business. Tommy hong’s life also had been in down situation, but just like Yoon Joo, his mind is a lot more at ease. And when the topic of Se Gyeong rised, they both knew that Se Gyeong was meeting Seung jo again.


Mr.Cha and Mr.Han were still having an argument trying to persuade the Han to move to a better place.

And Se Gyeong and Seung Jo were having their happy ending. They’re living the lives of half asleep and half awake.


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