Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9 Quick Summary

After the New Year’s break, Cheongdamdong Alice came back with episode 9 tonight. It started where it ended.Seung Jo confessed his identity to Se Gyeong. While Seung Jo was trying to make Se gyeong believe in him and not taking him wrongly, Se Gyeong in her heart was trying to tell that she’s actually not a good girl and she felt so sorry for what she’s doing.

Se Gyeong went to church to pray. She asked God to bless her and let her do well with Seung Jo and let her love him sincerely always.
Seung Jo came to Se Gyeong’s house bringing many snacks and some drinks. He was welcomed by Se Gyeong’s family. He gave the parents the official deep bow and confessed his real identity, as well as his feelings for Se Gyeong. Seung jo asked Se Gyeong’s family to help him.


Se Gyeong was already in front of her house when Tommy Hong came to her. He showed her what he had: her phone.
Tommy kind of threatened her that he knew Se Gyeong actually already had known that Secretary Kim was President Cha, but she pretended not knowing and surprised when Seung Jo confessed. Tommy knew it’s her trick to get Seung Jo, he knows that kind of game well. Then Tommy asked her to quietely go away to attend fashion school in Paris in order to give way for Shin In Hwa.


When Se Gyeong arrived home, she found Seung Jo was drunk and singing together with the family. Se Gyeong didn’t join the crowd, but put her self in the corner of her room..crying alone.

In the office, Shin In Hwa approached Se Gyeong to ask her again how she could get the vvip invitation for the party. Se Gyeong said that she got connected with the President because of her boy friend’s issue. She said she wrote a personal letter to the President. In Hwa didn’t take any more curiosity to Se Gyeong, instead she was kind of inspired.

Seung Jo was attending the launching of Artemis and NG collaboration. Shin In Hwa was trying her best to get Seung Jo’s attention: by writing greeting cards by her own hand writing, taking Seung Jo’s hand during photo session. Seo Yoon Joo came with her husband and faced both Seung Jo and Seung Jo’s father bravely. Mr.Cha kept his word by saying nothing about Yoon Joo’s history.

Seung Jo tried to make Se Gyeong went out with him, but Se Gyeog determined to finish her work. Seung Jo left but then sent her a text. While Se Gyeong was reading the text, Seung Jo was peeking from behind, so when Se Gyeong turned around, they kissed. Seung jo started his loony dance again saying he’d never give up on her.


On her way out,Se Gyeong met Yoon Joo and they both went out for a drink. These two ladies were drinking for their tough lives. They wondered why it’s only them who had to go through such kind of lives. Then Se Gyeong was trying to persuade Tommy to spare her, but Tommy didn’t buy it. Se Gyeong drank herself out that night.

Yoon Joo left a bit sober than Se Gyeong. Then she heard a text coming for Se Gyeong. She read the text from “Secreatary Kim” for Se Gyeong. So she replied and told him that Se Gyeong was drunk. Seung Jo hurriedly to the drinking place and happily carried Se Gyeong on his back to her home. Yoon Joo saw Seung Jo came and brought Se Gyeong away. She figured out that Seung Jo was the Mr.Rabbit Se Gyeong was talking about.


Putting Se Gyeong on the bed, Seung Jo talked to the sleeping her. He hoped Se Gyeong to be able to see his sincere feelings. And as he left, Se Gyeong turned…she was not sleeping at all.

The next day, Seung Jo with the help of both of his friends and Se Gyeong’s closest girls: Ah Jeong and Se Gyeong’s sister, prepared a surprise romantic dinner for Se Gyeong. The girls kind of pretend they invited her to eat out. Meanwhile Dong wook and Secretary moon, as well as Driver Kim, helped Seung Jo preparing everything on set.

In the same time, Se Gyeong was meeting Tommy, having a final discussion about Tommy’s offer. Se Gyeong asked what if this time she said that she’s truly in love with Seung Jo. Tommy made a laugh of it. Even if she said she’s in love, it’s a wicked love. Tommy understood Se Gyeong, but it would never end happily for Se Gyeong anyway.

At the dinner place, the girls came and reported to Seung Jo that Se Gyeong was nowhere to be found. In the right time, Se Gyeong called Seung Jo. She said she knew about the plan, but she couldn’t come. “You and I cannot be together,” said Se Gyeong sadly. Seung Jo almost give up, but Dong Wook was the one who lifted up his fighting spirit again. He told Seung Jo that he should show Se Gyeong all the efforts he had been doing in order to get her heart. Then Ah Jeong said she could track Se Gyeong’s where about because she knew her mobile security number.

They looked for Se Gyeong somewhere by the river. It was Seung Jo who found her down near the water. He approached Se Gyeong and hugged her tight. Seung Jo said he didn’t want to give up on her. “I’m not a perfect person. My mother left when I was a kid. My ex-wife suddenly left me in the past. I don’t want to give up on you.”


Se Gyeong finally changed her mind. She asked SEung Jo to give her one hour. Se gyeong rushed to Tommy’s office. She throw to Tommy’s desk the contract she was supposed to sign on the previous meeting.

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Sorry to say, this drama kind of disappoints me. I don’t like why they have to make it really “drama style”…with all cheesy ideas. The two leading characters are interesting…but they should wrap it in a more classy story. Moon Goon Yeong is definitely my favorite actress and I’m kind of expecting this drama would be as good as “Cinderella’s Sister.” I don’t know if you guys are in the same opinion as me…or it just me who feel this way.

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  1. Thanks so much i realy wait for that about two weeks and i thought you were on vacation and didn’t watch this episode last week.

  2. I am getting tired from watching her keep on lying. Tell him the truth and let them both have fun. This is a bit too much of a broken record by now.

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