Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Quick Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice episode 5 gave me a big laugh. Park Si Hoo’s acting gives it all. Can’t believe he can be that comical. But before we got there, let’s see what they offer in this episode.

After the soy sauce and punch incident, Seung Jo went out of party place with his hurt fist, meanwhile Tommy had to bear the humiliation in front of his own guests. It made him more curious about Se Gyeong. Seung Jo was looking for Se Gyeong around the neighborhood, but he couldn’t find her. Surprisingly, our Se Gyeong was going to see Tommy to apologize.

Tommy wondered why Se Gyeong acted as if a designer who needed a inside-connection for her career, but turned out she’s not. So he wondered the real reason why she’s there and obviously targeting him to introduce her to his connection. Then Tommy caught Se Gyeong’s eyes and right guessed her, “Ah, I get it now. I get it when I see your eyes. You want to get in to Cheongdamdong, right?” Then Se Gyeong with her chin was still steadily up asked back,”What is it that you see in my eyes?” Tommy spelled it clearly,”De-sire.”  Then Se Gyeong asked,”Did you also see anger and frustration, too, in my eyes?”


Se Gyeong might look tough in front of Tommy, but when she’s already out again and alone again, everyone could see she looked down and tired. Seung Jo finally found Se Gyeong and also saw that. Then he brought Se Gyeong to his own warddrobe in Artemis,but of course, he’s still acting as Secretary Kim. He introduces what actually his own taste in fashion, his own collections, to Se Gyeong: suits, shoes, shirts, his favorite fabric and color, many things. Se Gyeong wondered what his point, then Seung Jo offered her to be Jean Thierry Cha’s private stylist. Se Gyeong wondered why the President picking her for the job, and Seung Jo had to persuade her before she gave a better thought about the offer. This can be her opportunity to get her new Mr.Rabbit.


Se Gyeong took the offer the next day. She’s taking it as part time, but still very professional. Her first task was to prepare for Jean Thierry’s outfit for a xmas party. “What’s the concept?” asked Se Gyeong seriously. Seung Jo just said “Paris.” “What kind of Paris?” “Just Paris.” “How can it be just Paris?” “Just Paris, can’t it be just like that?” “Are you joking or what? I’m trying to be a good stylist for the President, so I need to know the detail of the concept.” “Then, ‘hi, Paris’?” said Seung Jo with his comical face. :rolleyes:

Then Se Gyeong asked when she can meet Jean Thierry. Seung Jo said she cannot. Ever. “How should I do styling when I cannot see him??” asked Se Gyeong. Seung Jo tried to explain himself as…pretty much anti-social, doesn’t like to meet people, which is not all a lie.  “Really really won’t be able to see him?” Se Gyeong asked. “”No. Everything you want to know, I will tell you everything,” said Seung Jo. Then Se Gyeong asked Ah jeong what kind of image her boss had. Ah Jeong said his image was like a devil.

Seung Jo came to see Dong Wook for another regular visit. After hearing his story, Dong Wook conclude: “You like that girl. You’re curous about her and want to know about her. What is it called if not a crush?” But Seung Jo said, “Not that girl I want to know, but me. I want to know myself and want to know what is in my heart.”
Se Gyeong started her job. She went out with Seung Jo for survey. Then Se gyeong  said she needed body information. So Seung Jo let her measured him for the clothes. He got nervous when Se gyeong measured his neck and their face were so close to each other.


Se Gyeong met Yoon Joo in the elevator at GN. They had a conversation and then Se Gyeong asked who Yoon Joo’s Mr.Rabbit was. It turned out to be Mr.Cha, Seung Jo’s father. But she called him as the father of her ex-lover. She requested some conditions to him, including to introduce her to his connection. Yoon Joo said the road she had taken was not an easy one. And when it was Yoon Joo’s turn to ask Se Gyeong’s Mr.Rabbit, she refused to tell her…not yet.


It’s another day out together for Se Gyeong and Secretary Kim (aka Seung Jo). She gave Seung Jo a list of questions Mr.President had to fill in. She said she wanted to make the best styling for him.

Tommy Hong investigated if Mr.Cha had a relationship with Seung Jo. He really investigated. He got info that Mr.Cha does have a son, but he was in US and his name was Cha Seung Jo. Anyhow, he was almost sure that Jean Thierry Cha was Cha Seung Jo. And he made some alliance with Seo In Hwa for something…related with Cha seung Jo and had to be kept a secret from Yoon Joo.

Se Gyeong brought Seung Jo to sneak into her studio in women’s school. She showed him her works on bunny dolls which every bunny showed different mood. They’re all for the President. Each is a representative for Jean Thierry’s mood of style he wanted Se Gyeong to make. Se Gyeong needed to finish one more doll and asked Seung Jo to wait. While he’s waiting for Se Gyeong, he took a bottle of water which turned out to be benzene. So Se Gyeong rushed him to the hospital.

The hilarious moment started when a nurse asked Se Gyeong about the patient’s identity. Se Gyeong only knew him as Secretary Kim. So she called Secretary Moon, but of course he had no idea whom she’s talking about. Meanwhile, a nurse recognized Seung Jo as Dong wook’s friend, so she told Dong wook about Seung Jo.

While waiting for Seung Jo to wake up, she saw his phone was ringing showing Tommy Hong was calling. As no pick up, he sent a text. Se Gyeong read it. She found out that Tommy also got soy sauce incident and he wanted to apologize to Jean Thierry.

When Seung Jo finally woke up, he was panic knowing he drank a benzene. Se Gyeong had to calm him down by saying that aside for stomachache, he’s fine. Then Dong Wook came in rush. Seung Jo was more panic. He stumbled down reaching Dong Wook, giving signal that he’s Secretary Kim. He introduced Dong wook as Jean Thierry’s friend. Settling with the cooperative Dong Wook, Secretary Moon showed up on the door, almost called him “Mr.President.” But of course, he gave an exaggerate approach first, making him to play along that he’s Secretary Kim. This situation made Secretary Moon confused, but awkwardly tried to play along. Settling with Secretary Moon, Driver Kim came and almost call him “Mr.President” too. Again, Seung Jo tried to make him play along too. But the innocent clueless driver had no idea and no dare to play along. It took Secretary Moon to drag him out of the ER.

After discharging from hospital that very same night, Seung Jo dragged Se Gyeong back to the school to pick up the bunny dolls. He looked so happy packing them into a box.  “Anyway, Secretary Kim, what’s your name?” asked Se Gyeong. It took a moment for Seung Jo to say, “Seung Jo, my name is Kim Seung Jo.”

Then before they separated to go home, Se Gyeong who was kind of touched knowing that Seung Jo might avenge her the soy sauce incident with Tommy Hong, Se Gyeong said, “Secretary Kim, I feel grateful. Thank you.” Seung Jo’s smile bloomed. “What is the gratitude for?” Then Se Gyeong said, “Just thank you for everything.”


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