Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Quick Summary

Cheongdamdong Alice episode 6 is what I called as fun. I like the way they present the show and Se Gyeong-Seung Jo unique relationship.

Seung Jo came home and check on the bunny dolls again and recalling what Se Gyeong told him about those dolls. Se Gyeong, too, a thought about how Seung Jo told her his name popped up in her mind. She shrugged it immediately.

Seung Jo sent a text with the bunny dolls showing “happy” and said “you did great.” Se Gyeong replied it saying thanks and then called Secretary Kim excitedly. Seung Jo stayed cool, but of course happy. Then Se Gyeong still worrying about his condition. She told he told him to drink much water and take a very good rest.

Seung Jo was filling out Se Gyeong’s questions list. He was imagining Se Gyeong was there asking him herself. “Your fav food?” “Crepe” “Your fav place?” “Paris. There’s a delicious crepe there.” “When was the best moment came to you?” Seung Jo recalled the moment when he shed a tear on Se Gyeong’s bank account book. “2012/12/08.”

Ah Jeong found out Se Gyeong’s secret book. She didn’t hide it from Ah Jeong that she got it from Yoon Joo. Se Gyeong shared her plan to Ah Jeong. Of course, Ah Jeong argued her and objected her plan. But Ah Jeong understood Se Gyeong’s situation.


Seung Jo showed Dong Wook about the list that he had worked on all night. Then Se Gyeong called him asking for a meeting. “Huoo, a date?” asked Dong Wook excitedly after he was hushed by Seung Jo. SJ:”It’s not.” DW:”But it’s Sunday.” SJ:”It’s work.”

Seung Jo gave Se Gyeong a mobile with camera for her to take pictures of many things as reference for her project. Meanwhile, Ah Jeong was searching Secretary Kim’s profile in employee’s database. She even called Secretary Moon to come. Se Gyeong who was informed by Ah Jeong, started to questioned Seung Jo and even asked for his business card. Seung Jo got a text from Secretary Kim: “Emergency Caseeee!!!” Seung Jo called Secretary Moon and Moon told his boss about Ah Jeong. In the same time, Ah JEong and Se Gyeong were also communicating about their investigation. But Seung Jo found a way to solve this. Each has to tell the same exact info. Seung Jo finally told Se Gyeong, “From now on, listen to me carefully. I am actually Jean Thierry’s shop’s secret agent.So i’m not Artemis employee.” Of coourse, Se Gyeong didn’t buy it. But Ah Jeong confirmed her the same info she got from the trusted person, Secretary Moon.


Tommy Hong was still investigating about Mr. Han’s son’s identity. He even investiagted through Yale Univ.’s alumni class year ’97 with Shin In Hwa’s helped. She got the graduation picture and more info about Cha Seung Jo.

Seung Jo brought Se Gyeong to his house.Then he showed her the bunny dolls and all the letters addressed for Jean Thierry Cha. Then suddenly, Seo Yoon Joo came as an uninvited guess. Se Gyeong was busy taking pictures. She heard a woman’s voice, but she decided not to interfere. Seung Jo tried hard to drag Yoon Joo out of the house. Yoon Joo noticed a girl’s shoes, but she straightly went down to business telling him about what her in-laws were trying to do with Royal Group. Seung Jo got the message and just plainly hurried went back inside. Yoon Joo told him before leaving, “This time, keep that girl well.”

Seung Jo told Se Gyeong that the first time he met Jean Thierry was in Paris when he was doing part time, cleaning up.Se Gyeong showed Seung Jo how well she knew PAris even though she’s never been there. Seung Jo shared her some places details Se Gyeong didn’t know. I like this scene.


But they’re interrupted by Secretary Moon called to Se Gyeong. He’s stuck with the drunk Ah Jeong. Seung Jo also came along. Secretary Moon got cranky to Seung Jo and for the revenge, he left Seung Jo to take Ah Jeong with Se Gyeong. Seung Jo had to carry her on his back all the way up to Se Gyeong’s place. And when he got there, Ah Jeong threw up on his back.. He got freaked out.

While Se Gyeong was cleaning his suit, he looked around Se Gyeong’s room. He almost opened the secret book when Se Gyeong’s dad suddenly got him there. This resulted Seung Jo had to introduce himself formally to Se Gyeong’s whole family. Mr.Han seemed to like him. He even asked if Seung Jo was married. Of course the answer was no. Mr.Han invited him to have a drink. Mr.Han then asked about his education history. Seung Jo said he studied art in Paris, but he was there alone and had a tough life that he even had to do part time job. “I wasn’t afraid of anything, but my own confidence,” said Seung Jo.


Saying goodbye to Seung Jo, Se Gyeong said she knew about the soy sauce incident. “You were the one who poured the soy sauce to Tommy Hong?” she asked. Seung Jo tried to explain, but Se Gyeong cut him,”You did well.” SJ:”Eh??” SG with smile:”You did well.” And then Se Gyeong offered him her hand for a high five. Seung Jo got a little more excited about it.

Yoon Joo got a big problem when her husband told her to get ready for a lunch together with Royal Group President, Seung Jo’s dad. She made herself got a traffic accident.

Seung Jo brought Se Gyeong to a French restaurant. Seung Jo introduced her all the exclusive foods. Se Gyeong had known some because she had been studying French very seriously. Then they pretended like they’re in a movie and Seung jo made a call in French. Se Gyeong had to answer it and played along. He asked where and with whom she was. Se Gyeong said she’s meeting someone, not her bf..but just a weird guy. SJ:What?? A weird guy? Why?? What does that mean?”

Going out of the restaurant, Seung Jo met his father. Their conversation led to none of good result about their father-son relationship. It seemed that Mr.Cha had abandoned Seung Jo or sort of.

Seung Jo and Se Gyeong went out for a drink together to cheer up Seung Jo’s mood.He’s sharing his burden about his relationship with his father. Se Gyeong was cheering him up and offered another high five. And while they’re high fiving, Se Gyeong was accidentally pushed by someone from behind that caused her to hug Seung jo. BUT…the real heart thumping moment was actually when Se Gyeong was trying to release herself…the moment when their faces were soooo close to each other.


They got a bit awkward saying goodbye to each other. Then Se Gyeong was making a call to Yoon Joo t ask what was the first spirit (in her teaching of 101 way to get into Cheongdamdong). Yoon Joo said, “Love.”


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