Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 8 Quick Summary

Se Gyeong was following Seung Jo, but she rode another elevator. In the separate event but same moment, Secretary Moon called Seung Jo telling that he remembered what Ah jeong said while they were drunk: Se Gyeong liked Secretary Kim. Meanwhile Ah Jeong text Se Gyeong that Seung Jo (Secretary Kim) was actually The President.


When he got off the lift, Seung Jo had to ask Secretary Moon many times (“really really?” and then “really really really?”) if it’s true that Se Gyeong had a crush on him. Seung Jo couldn’t hide his happiness, he started to act lunatic again actually. “Since when she liked you?” asked Dong Wook. “Maybe since hi five?” He said comically. Then Dong Wook told him to confess to Se Gyeong about his true identity. He started to be panic.Dong Wook reminded him that him being the President is merely for fashion. His true self is Cha Seung Jo, that one thing he should remember about.

In separate place, Yoon Joo kneeled down in front of Mr.Cha, asked him to keep her secret. But Mr.Cha didn’t intend to give any mercy to Yoon Joo.


Se Gyeong met Tommy hong and Shin In Hwa. She approached Se Gyeong what she was doing there and if she knew anyone. Se Gyeong said she was invited and she knew the President personally.

Behind the stage, Seung Jo needed 2 men to calm him down. He had to give some speech, considering the party was his party. He freaked out until Secretary Moon said that he should show sincerity to the woman he liked.

So there Seung Jo going on to the stage. From outside he’s the stern and serious Artemis Korea President Jean Thierry Cha. But in his heart, Cha Seung Jo narrated, “Han S eGyeong, are you watching me now? Do you remember? Our conversation. Things we want to do together. Our journey begins now.” But Se Gyeong was no where within his sight. Se Gyeong had left earlier and she forgot her phone. Tommy Hong got it.

Se Gyeong was meeting Ah Jeong. Ah Jeong was the one who was excited. So actually, S e Gyeong is hitting her own target. But Se Gyeong cried. Though she said she was crying because she;s happy, I think the condition for her heart is more like this: Se Gyeong almost let go of her ambition and was liking Seung Jo really for who he was, Secretary Kim. So when she found out that the man she had a heart to was actually her target, she felt bad that she should deceive him.

Seung Jo tried to calm down and stayed in the party. Dong Wook actually who reminded him to stay because it’s his party. When In Hwa was trying to get his attention, Seung Jo saw Tommy Hong, approached him and  asking if he met Se Gyeong and if he apologized to her. Tommy had his excuse, but Seung Jo listened to him no more.

Se Gyeong had a time for herself, trying to convince herself that she should stop her plan (and then hurting herself and Seung Jo) before she changed her mind. But she did continue of course, there seem to have a no way back. She was packing the gown Seung Jo had given to her and also an accompanying letter, when Yoon Joo suddenly came to her house crying.


Meanwhile Seung Jo got anxious because Se Gyeong didn’t pick up his call. Dong Wook asked if he missed her. This time Seung Jo admitted that he did and he did like Se Gyeong.

Yoon Joo brought Se Gyeong to a particular suite. She’s showing Se Gyeong her tough road reaching the place she’s now and how to keep it all. “Do you really want to live this kind of life?” Yoon Joo told Se Gyeong about her first marriage and how love had ruined it all. Se Gyeong told Yoon Joo that she fell for someone whom she thought someone else but turned out to be her target. Yoon Joo said that they could not have both business and love. Se Gyeong said she understood how greedy it was to expect that she could get both love and business, but she would pursue it anyway.


Seung Jo received back the gown he had given to Se gyeong, along with a letter. In the letter Se Gyeong kind of said that she would step back from it all. She said she’s sorry and felt so grateful for what he had done all this time. This letter made Seung Jo got crazy. He rushed to GN and tried to call several times. But Se gyeong was no where to be found. Even when he came to her house, her sister and mother said they didn’t know where she was….which actually was not 100% true. The little sister worked together with Ah Jeong and Se Gyeong because she actually knew both girls were in public bath.


Meanwhile Tommy Hong who got Se Gyeong’s phone, browse it and wondered about the person called Secretary Kim. Then he saw Ah Jeong’s text history telling Se Gyeong that Secretary Kim was Jean Thierry. When Seung Jo called Se Gyeong’s phone in front of GN, Tommy actually picked it up. Hearing Seung Jo’s voice kind of confirmed that Seung Jo was Secretary Kim.


Dong Wook searched for Se Gyeong to her home address and then met her sister instead. Se Gyeong’s sister brought Dong wook to her working place and insisted him buying 7 pair of glasses to make her agree telling him where her sister was. And after Dong Wook got the info, he immediately shared it with Seung Jo and Seung Jo who was in a meeting hurriedly went to the place where Se gyeong was. Tommy’s spy who stick around Seung Jo immediately informed Tommy, and so he rushed to the location too.

Se gyeong fled as Ah Jeong called her through the information office phone. Se Gyeong tried to flee but Seung Jo was already in the parking lot. He saw Se Gyeong and ran to get her. But Se gyeong hid herself behind one of the cars in he parking lot and Seung Jo had to run here and there calling out her name.

“Okay, if I cannot see you, I will just tell you as you can hear me. Han Se Gyeong, I have something to tell you. I am actually Jean Thierry Cha.”

Se Gyeong finally showed up. She looked tense, but inside her heart, in a bitter tone she said, “Han Se Gyeong, you did well.”



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As holiday season is coming I’ve been terribly busy on weekends that I even missed episode 7. But I try to keep it up as the story is getting more interesting. I know Cheongdamdong Alice got a tough rating competition with May Queen, but I don’t really care. I like that Geung Yeong’s character, Se Gyeong, is a desperate character with high fighting spirit. She decided to continue on her plan getting herself to be part of Cheongdamdong elite life and be free from poverty even though the price is that she has to deceive the man she actually likes. I somehow agree that in life we cannot be greedy expecting that we can get business and love in one hug, but it’s not something impossible to get. And if I were Se Gyeong, I think I wouldn’t let it go either when finally I found out that both of love and business are all closer to my hands. Hehe, this makes me sound like a greedy girl, but heyyy life is a tough competition. Life teaches me that once a great opportunity comes to you, you have to grab it in the first pop up, because moment like that would never come twice. ;)

Happy holiday everyone :) :)  B)

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